I desire to add a washer & dryer to my garage, yet breaker box is on the wrong next of house. No matter which method I run the wire, that is 110 feet of wire required.

Will 8-3 with ground work?

Or is the run as well long and I require to have actually 6-3 with ground?




Typically a 220v/30 amp Dryer circuit would utilize 10/3 v ground.

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According come this voltage autumn table, it looks like for 100" operation you would want to up-size the cable to #8 copper, to keep voltage drop less than 3%.

So you have arrived in ~ the correct conclusion in ~ your inquiry to use 8/3 v ground.


Depending on whether you have an electrical dryer or a gas dryer, the answer will certainly be different. I am going to assume you are in the US, and also using an electrical dryer. Climate the calculation goes favor this:

Assuming you have actually an electric dryer, typical power use could be all over from 1800 W to 5000 W source. But let"s i think the dryer you have is ideal at the limit of your electric circuit - that is a 30 A, 240 V committed circuit. I will certainly compute the voltage and also power drop resulting from using different gages the wire, presume that existing (which is high... More likely the existing is somewhere in between 8 or 22 A).

Resistance the 220 (round trip!) feet that wire resource and connected voltage drop and also power lose (assuming 30 A current):

According come the National electrical Code, you should use 10 AWG or better to lug 30 A safely::


But just since it"s code doesn"t average your dryer will be functioning well. All that strength going into heating the wire and not drying the apparel - that"s probably not what friend want.

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Do it is in careful about making sure that her wire "can breathe". If you bury it under carpets etc, that will gain MUCH hotter because the warmth won"t have the ability to get away. To be safe, ns would probably go v the 8 AWG wire and also make certain all the strength ends up drying clothes, not heating the wires.