Square clip calculator is one easy tool that permits you to calculate an area in square feet and perform conversions, such together finding out how many square feet space in an acre. In this article, we room going to explain how come calculate square footage and understand the square footage formula.

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Moreover, we will instruct girlfriend on just how to find the square footage from the area provided in some other units; that includes converting sq into sq ft (square inches to square feet), sq m come sq ft (square meter to square feet) and acres come sq ft (acres to square feet). In fact, we're feeling so generous us will also talk about how to measure up the square clip of a house.

What is a square foot?

A square foot or sq ft is an imperial unit of area the is widely used in the joined States, Canada, China, and the unified Kingdom. Its symbol is a straightforward square with a vertical line bisecting the (), typically used in countless branches, such as architecture, genuine estate, and interior an are plans. That may also be occasionally written as a square v a slash with it. Its abbreviation is commonly written as sqft or sq ft.


As a unit that area, it has a magnitude indistinguishable to the area that a square v sides the 1 foot. This size makes it useful to talk about the area of day-to-day objects such together a residence (typically 500-1000 sq ft), a room (~100 sq ft) and also even one A4 piece of record (0.65 sq ft) without having actually to usage either very huge or very little numbers. There exist, obviously, other systems of area that can express the same magnitude together the sq ft and might also be more suitable for very little objects (like the square inch), very large objects (like the acre), or to just to connect with the remainder of the civilization by utilizing the standardized SI/Metric units (whose default unit the area is the square meter).

You will see soon exactly how to transform from square meters to square feet, from square inches to square feet, etc... Yet for now, let's talk around some instances in which you might want to calculation the square footage the something making use of a an easy square clip formula. These cases include selling, leasing, renting, or purchase a home or a room; structure a melted or a garage for her car; or maybe also when paint a room. In every these situations, our square footage calculator will aid you. Although, for the critical three, us recommend looking in ~ our repaint calculator.

Calculate square clip (sq ft) from other units.

Let's currently see exactly how to calculation square footage when you currently know the area in various units. This is the most simple use that the square clip calculator. To use this counter feature, you could use the area conversion device on this website or simply follow the following steps:

In the square footage calculator discover the Area tab and select systems you desire to convert from,You deserve to now go into the value of the area in those units,Click again ~ above the unit switcher and also select square feet (sq ft),Automatically, the calculator will display the value in sq ft. It is also feasible to transform in the various other direction by using this method, i.e., from a various unit, favor square meters to square feet. We will now show some examples of switch to and also from square footage.

How to transform square meter to square feet?

For example, we might want to recognize how big a 100 m2 (sqm) express in sq ft. In other words, us would want to convert native sq m to sq ft and find the end the square footage of the house, i beg your pardon is:

100 sqm * 10.764 sq ft/sqm = 1076.391 sq ft

How to transform acres come sq ft?

 The procedure of convert square inches come square feet or from acres to sq ft is the very same as converting from square meters to square feet. In the complying with examples, you will uncover the most usual of this conversions: how plenty of square feet are in an acre.

1 acre * 43 560 sq ft/acre = 43 560 sq ft30 sq in * 0.00694 sq ft/sqin = 0.208333 sq ft

Intuitively, this procedure can also be excellent in reverse. Therefore, we can not only find square footage when we know its worth expressed in the various other units but additionally find an area in any units from a provided square footage.

How to use the square clip calculator

Before we acquire into the nitty-gritty of how the calculator works and what is the square footage formula, it's advantageous to know how to use the calculator, and also what every of the contents mean. With the "One room/area" choice selected, the square footage calculator is created of the adhering to fields:

Shape - select the room/area shape from rectangle, square, circle, triangle, hexagon or octagonMeasurements - Various dimensions of the room, which readjust depending top top the form selectedQuantity - enter the number of rooms/areas that have the exact same shape and also measurementsArea - combined square footage of all the spaces as input aboveUnit price - Price (in the neighborhood currency) per square footTotal cost - combined monetary worth of the spaces defined above

To usage the calculator is as an easy as setting the recognized values and also letting the device calculate the rest. This method that you can use this calculator to compute the price per square foot the a residential or commercial property if you recognize the total price and total square footage.

If you pick the option "Multiple rooms/areas" in ~ the height of the calculate, friend can get in the measurements for up to ten rooms or areas and get a grand full at the bottom that the calculator of the square footage. For complicated room layouts, division up the room into basic shapes, such together rectangles, squares, etc., and enter each one as a different room/area. If you've entered a unit price, you'll also get the complete cost.

How to calculation areas and also what is the square clip formula?

Technically, the is no correct come talk about the square footage formula; we must rather talk around area formula. However, as long as we understand that a square clip formula is simply another way to say that we will certainly take an area formula and also apply it using square feet, ns think we deserve to all agree the precise technical term doesn't matter much here.

The square clip formula is different relying on the form of the thing we desire to calculation the area for. The simplest and most common case is the square, or, an ext generally, the rectangle. For these polygons, the formula is as an easy as acquisition the size of two adjacent sides in feet and also multiplying castle together. Due to the fact that we room working through a rectangle, we know that acquisition two following sides is the same as taking the height and the width of it. If us name these 2 sides A and also B, the other two necessarily must have the very same dimensions together A and B, respectively.


square_footage = length_A * length_B

This could sound prefer a simple mathematics formula, but it is exactly how to measure up the square clip of a rectangle-shaped room in actual life. We just need to measure 2 consecutive sides in feet and multiply the worths together. This square clip formula is, in fact, the very same as the one supplied in the area the a rectangle calculator, but, in situation of this calculator, provided to uncover square footage rather of calculating polygons.

Not every rooms space perfect squares or rectangles, and also it becomes more tricky to calculation square footage in together a situation. If the room is virtually rectangular, one can acquire a pretty an excellent approximation simply by considering it as a rectangular and also performing a comparable calculation as we have seen before. However when the shape of the room (or everything you desire to measure) is far from rectangular, we absolutely recommend using the matching Omni calculator for the shape,e.g., it might be a triangle area calculator, the area that a one calculator, or any other shape. Note that these calculators for geometrical shapes deserve to calculate areas in nearly any unit you would wish for. This way that friend can transform from acre to sq ft, to square meters, come square feet, and so on, making use of the same procedure that we have defined in the previous section.  ## exactly how to calculate square clip pricing Once again, us tackle a widespread problem that, regardless of the complications which could arise in actual life, has actually some rather simple maths in ~ it. The calculations the square footage pricing are, mathematically, the simple department of the price that a certain property by its total square footage. In everyday life, this value alters significantly depending upon such factors as a ar of the property, intended or potential use, and so on. That is nevertheless a useful amount to evaluate the value the a details house or property.


 Before we speak a bit an ext about the usefulness that this measurement, let's take a watch at exactly how we can use this calculator as soon as square footage pricing comes into play. First, make certain that the "One room/area" alternative is selected at the height of the calculator. The area can be calculated in the previous actions or can likewise be inputted by the user. Then either the price per sq ft or the complete cost need to be noted to obtain the various other value. Let's look at a finish example:Input the dimension of the property's (or residential or commercial property chunk's) width and also length in your wanted units,Input the variety of properties/chunks of the residential property with the size input above, intake the total area in your wanted units,Input the total pricing that the property,Obtain the square footage pricing together dollars (or your local currency) per sq ft.

This is an instance of one of the many straightforward scenarios, but it is really representative that the usual uses the this square footage calculator. We think that it is essential not just to know just how to calculation square clip or just how to measure square footage but also to understand what you have the right to do with those values as soon as you gain them.

When it involves square clip pricing, that usefulness relies on the fact that it allows comparing properties (mostly houses) of different sizes and prices. It's the equivalent of performance per dollar charts of computer system parts, for example. In this manner, one could compare a 1500 sq ft v a 500 sq ft and also know i beg your pardon one represents a far better real state option, looking beyond just the price or the size of them. In fact, this have the right to be supplied with any type of other area unit through or there is no converting indigenous square meter to square feet or acres to square feet - every time we desire to do a same comparison.

How to measure up the square footage of a residence or property

We have actually touched previously on exactly how to calculate and also measure square clip in a basic situation favor a rectangle-shaped room/house or a circular and triangular... Yet there are situations in which the form of the property we want to measure up square clip from, is a bit much more complicated 보다 that. In those situations there are two options: (1) using the area that a polygon calculator and other comparable calculators through Omni (we deserve to recommend the hexagon / octagon area calculators or (2) acquire creative, as we're gonna carry out now.


For very facility and rarely often rare shapes, over there is no simple recipe for exactly how to measure the square footage of a house using just one tool. However, we deserve to use a simple trick to accomplish the ideal result. We can shot to decompose the area into several small pieces that have actually a consistent shape, for which we have the right to calculate square footage. To each of those pieces, we apply the square footage formula equivalent to that polygonal form (different Omni Calculators will prove useful here). If we then add up the result from every piece, us will acquire the complete square clip of the house, no issue its shape.

There is a possibility that the house will have rounded corners the curvy shapes (they are an extremely popular nowadays), and also this can seem difficult to do. Yet in reality, one can acquire a very great approximation using a right line that goes to the middle of the bent ones or, if we want to be an ext precise, many tiny polygons. It can be time-consuming, however it simultaneously can be as specific as one needs.

Final remarks about square footage

If you live in north America or one of the other couple of countries that still use the royal system, talking around square footage might be natural. Nevertheless, that is necessary to remember that many of the countries in the human being use the metric system, which actions area in square meters. Having actually a basic, almost right idea of what the conversion indigenous square meters to square feet is, can be an important in the communications throughout different countries. A great "ballpark" worth that's straightforward to mental is the 10 sq ft ~ sqm - to convert from sq m come sq ft, we simply need to add a zero in ~ the end of the number.

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Another important thing come remember is that a board foot is not a unit of area, although it sounds very similar. In fact, the is a unit the volume. Therefore, over there is no conversion feasible between them, and they are not identical by any type of means. So even though how countless acres space in square feet? is a valid inquiry to ask, questioning how numerous board feet are in a square foot? is favor saying how many tables room in a swim pool. But, if you great to know more about plank feet or girlfriend feel favor calculating some volumes for funny (we don't judge, human being have various hobbies), climate feel free to check the board foot calculator.