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MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW)– Mind over matter, or in this case, that a entirety lot of matter over mind for 13-year-old Sean McCall.

The Maple Heights teen newly pushed up 225 pounds ~ above the bench press at the world Raw Powerlifting Federation in Streetsboro. In ~ 13, that is not only impressive, but also record breaking. That lift is currently a people record because that 13 to 15 year olds and it to be the first time McCall benched 225 pounds. 

“They didn’t also tell me it was 225. Ns tried to ask them just how much it was, he just said it doesn’t matter, simply go and do it,” Sean said.

Sean began weightlifting at the age of 8 ~ begging his dad Mike come let him work-related out through him. Sean go from 90 pounds at age 8 to 196 pounds in five years.

“Every year, I want to put on around 20 pounds come him and if you carry out the breakdown, it is what it was, 20 pounds every year,” Mike McCall said.

Next year, McCall desires to complete in the deadlift competition and again in the bench press, hoping to set a record for both events.

“I desire to hit like 315 maybe. At the very least by eighth-grade summer,” the teen said.

That’s a year away. Because that now, he’ll continue to press on and also up in really hopes of adding an ext matter end his mind.

When Sean is not in the weight room lifting weights, he’s play football and also wrestling.

‘Still haven’t talked’: Baker Mayfield wishes OBJ well following big Cincinnati victory

by Laura Morrison / Nov 7, 2021

CINCINNATI (WJW) — complying with a feel-good victory in Cincinnati, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was honest with the media around the week his team had confronted with Odell Beckham Jr. Leaving.

"When adversity hits nobody flinched. It was a long week, I"d be lying if I stated otherwise," Mayfield admitted. "I"m proud that these guys for exactly how they were able to focus and also do your jobs. We have a great group, us really do."


Astroworld Festival victims: Aspiring border agent, dancer, engineer amongst concert dead

by The associated Press via Nexstar Media cable / Nov 7, 2021
HOUSTON (AP) — A teen who love dancing. An AT&T district manager. An aspiring Border Patrol agent. And also an engineering student working on a medical device to help his ailing mother.

Clearer pictures started to emerge Sunday of few of the eight human being who died after pan at the Astroworld music festival in Houston suddenly surged toward the stage throughout a performance by rapper Travis Scott.

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Rapper Roddy Ricch donating his Astroworld Festival revenue to families affected by tragedy

by Laura Morrison / Nov 7, 2021
**Stop the show!" Concertgoers describe chaos at Astroworld festival in the related video clip above.**

HOUSTON (WJW) — complying with the tragic incident at Travis Scott"s Astroworld Festival in Houston that declared multiple people"s lives, among the performers announced plan to give his income from the event to the families of the victims.




Eating disorders among young human being increased during pandemic – however the indications aren’t what parents can expect

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