The Year the the Water Dragon

Those born between January 27, 1952 and also February 13, 1953 room members that the Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born prior to January 27th, you re welcome consult the 1951 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year the the steel Rabbit.


Water Dragon Element

The influence of the Water element makes the Water Dragon the most calm of all the Dragon types. While still driven, the Water Dragon has actually a more reflective and also emotionally intuitive personality. This qualities permit the Water Dragon to be less self-centered than others born under the Dragon sign. With much more of an open-mind and ability to understand others opinions, the Water Dragon has actually the capacity to it is in team oriented and cooperative. V these social skills, Water dragons are well-known to have more friends and also close companions. With their pairing that passion, communication and intelligence, the Water Dragon has a fluid path come success.


Water Dragon Career

The cooperative and also driven Water Dragon is destined for success, so in this sense, your only difficulty may be selecting which career path to follow. With presents for communication and also leadership, the Water Dragon might do fine in management, service or owning their own business. SImilarly, their intelligence and also perseverance might lead the Water Dragon to demanding areas like law, medicine or science. Members the the Water Dragon sign have been recognized to well in the people of entertainment. This deserve to be checked out in the long and varied careers of gibbs Patrick Swayze and also Dan Aykroyd, who were both born in 1952.

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Water Dragon Warning

While the personality of the Water Dragon is full of positive aspects, members that the sign likewise have their downfalls. The Water Dragon can end up being too outwardly concerned and also as result, can come to be to thinly spread. In this times, that is important for the Water Dragon to discover balance between their personal needs and the understand of others. The best success because that the Water Dragon have the right to be discovered with clear, defined priorities and goals.

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Water Dragon Organs

The offal of the Water Dragon are the kidneys. The Water Dragon can safeguard their crucial organ by limiting excess alcohol intake, and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.