4.0L V-6 Engine Specs, Information

The 4.0L V-6 was presented for the 1997 model year in the Ford Explorer. The engine was manufactured by Ford Motor firm at their facility in Cologne, Germany. The engine was used broadly in the Ford Ranger, Mazda B Series, and Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer. A solitary overhead camshaft sport of the engine replaced the initial overhead valve (standard cam-in-block) architecture for the 2001 model year.

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The SOHC version of the engine attributes a unique timing chain device consisting of 3 individual timing chains and also an intermediary "jackshaft" in location of the timeless camshaft in an OHV setup. One time chain associate the crankshaft come the jackshaft in ~ the former of the engine. A 2nd timing chain connect the jackshaft to the left hand camshaft at the front of the engine. A 3rd timing chain associate the jackshaft come the best hand camshaft at the rear of the engine. The place of the right hand timing chain renders it relatively complicated to replace and the complexity of the timing system generally contributed come a distinct rattle noise during operation.

Ford 4.0L V-6 Specs


Ford 4.0L V-6

Engine Family:

Ford Cologne

Production Plant(s):

Ford Engine Plant, Cologne, Germany


• 2001 - 2011 Ford Ranger • 2001 - 2010 Mazda B series • 1997 - 2010 Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer • 2005 - 2010 Ford Mustang


60° V-6


245 CID, 4.0 liters

Deck Height:

8.858" (225 mm)

Firing Order:



Engine Block Material:

Cast iron

Cylinder Head Material:


Cylinder Bore:

3.95" (100.33 mm)

Cylinder Stroke:

3.32" (84.33 mm)

Compression Ratio:

9.0 : 1


Naturally aspirated


Overhead valve (OHV) through 2000 design year, solitary overhead camshaft (SOHC) 2001+

Fuel System:

Sequential multi-port fuel injection

Engine Oil Capacity:

5 qts w/ filter

Peak Horsepower:

Various ratings, including:

• 155 hp- 160 hp
4,200 rpm (OHV) • 210 hp
5,250 rpm (SOHC) • 207 hp
5,250 rpm (2011 Ford Ranger)

Peak Torque:

• 225 lb-ft
2,400 rpm (OHV) • 254 lb-ft

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3,000 rpm (SOHC) • 238 lb-ft
3,000 rpm (2011 Ford Ranger)