Holding two strands of yarn together can make some beautiful projects. Ns came across several blogs and also lovely fads on Ravelry which show some spectacular outcomes of holding two yarns that the very same weight together.

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I’ve gained it in mine head to execute a gradient sweater v a collection of miss Babs Fingering weight yarn and also I’m not as well keen on knit it in ~ a fingering weight. I as soon as knit a sports weight and also it took me end a year to complete it (of course no knitting monogamously). And yet, patterns choose the Happily pullover by Katy Banks, the progressive Pullover by Faina Goberstein and the Gradient Pullover by Amy Miller space calling mine name!


I’ve been looking for a crucial to holding two strands together and also couldn’t discover a definitive source. This won’t be one either, as this is not specific science. Yet after researching and also testing I came up through what you might use together a good rule that thumb. After that, swatching should get you the rest of the way.

First to the handmade Yarn council to acquire the “standard weight” categories, consisting of a “new” knitted yarn weight referred to as Jumbo—which I regularly get by organize three worsted weight strands together. The table listed below is a modified version of what you’ll discover at their site.

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I encourage you come look there because that the complete table.

CategoryFingering 10-count threadSock, Fingering, BabySport, BabyDK, irradiate WorstedWorsted, Afghan, AranChunky, Craft, RugSuper Bulky, RovingJumbo, Roving
Gauge range Over 4”33–40 stitches27–32 stitches23–26 stitches21–24 stitches16–20 stitches12–15 stitches7–11 stitches6 bland or less

In general, from conventional yarn resources (e.g., Quince and Co, Lion Brand or Cascade Yarns, in general I discover the adhering to is true:

2 strands of thread weight = Lace weight to fingering2 strands that lace load = fingering to amount say to sport weight2 strands of amount say = sports weight come DK2 strands of sports = DK or irradiate worsted2 strands of DK = Worsted or Aran2 strands that Worsted = Chunky2 strands of Aran = Chunky come Super Bulky2 strands the Chunky = super bulky come Jumbo

Always inspect your gauge, due to the fact that your mileage may vary. I’m selfishly sharing so I could put the perform in a place I can find it.