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A couple of folks asked because that a sticky on this so below it is. If you just want to jump to just how without the why look because that the blue part of this short article below! Several service providers are offering sodium tetraborate pentahydrate together a pool additive under together names together Proteam"s Supreme, Bioguard"s Optimizer Plus, Poollife Endure, Guardex Maximizer, and also others. Several claims have been created these products when offered in a 30-50 ppm concentration such as:1) an ext stable pH2) Algaestatic properties3) diminished chlorine usage4) silkier feeling water--less skin and eye irritation5) clearer, "sparkling" waterDo these assets live approximately the claims made because that them?A definite YES!Remember the all pools are different so you might see dramatic results or simply a slight improvement. There space a the majority of other components that come into play. Do borates assist simplify pool maintenace? an additional definite YES!Are there any type of downsides to including borates?I have the right to only think the two.1) castle are second expense2) There has been some problem of toxicity if dog drink large quantities the water native the pool.I do have to say the most world find the their pools become much simpler to keep once the borates room in and also several people on the PoolForum board have actually reported the since adding borates they have not had any mustard algae outbreaks.As far as dogs (or people) ingesting tiny amounts of swimming pool water, that"s not going come hurt then but if friend dog things the swimming pool is their own private huge water dish the is no a great thing, borates or not! there are might chemicals in our pools that space not really an excellent for our pets come consume in large quantities! administer fresh drinking water exterior and readjust it regularly and it"s pretty basic to teach your pets no to drink indigenous the pool! (I recognize a bit about this, I have three dogs and also a cat!)Do ns feel the services of borates outweigh the downsides?A RESOUNDING yes!Just remember that adding borates room not going come magically cure her pH difficulties or algae problems and they room NOT going to relax you of having to test and balance your water!They will just assist make these work easier!You can likewise use sodium tetraborate decahydrate (20 Mule Team Borax) to achieve the same results for a much reduced price. Here is how to execute it:You will require a bunch that 20 Mule Team Borax and 31.45% Muriatic Acid. Don"t forget part borate check strips! The LaMotte Borate test strips space the finest ones I have actually come across.1. First, adjust your TA to your target value. (This is in reality the hardest part of this whole procedure.) This should be approximately 70-80 ppm because that SWGs and liquid chlorine (or bleach), roughly 100 ppm if you space using trichlor. The borates will reason a very slight boost in the TA when you space done. 2. After ~ TA is in ~ target value adjust pH to in between 7.4-7.6 (This is the 2nd hardest part!)3. Figure out exactly how much borax and also acid you need. One easy method to do this is come remember that 12 oz. BY weight of borax raises 1000 gallons 10 ppm and also requires 6 liquid oz. Of acid to neutralize the pH rise. This is no exact however it"s close enough. Remember, we room talking about a pool, we"re no making rocket fuel here! So, if 12 oz. That borax raises 1000 gallons 10 ppm and also we desire 50 ppm we require 60 oz. Of borax for every 1000 gallons in our pool. Likewise, we would need to include 30 oz. Of acid for every 60 oz. Of borax! right here is an example: Let"s to speak we have actually a 15000 gal. Pool, then we would need 15 X the borax needed for 1000 gallons i m sorry is 15 X 60 = 900 oz. By weight. Let"s transform that into pounds by dividing by 16 (16 oz. Per lb. Or we can write the 16 oz./lb.) That would certainly be 56.25 lbs. Each box of borax weights 4.75 lbs. Or 76 oz. So below is a faster way to figure out how many boxes you need:number that oz. Required / 76 oz. In a box = variety of boxes required so in our example we would have:900 oz. Borax / 76 oz. Per box = 11.8 boxes. Remember it"s not rocket scientific research so use around 11 and 3/4 boxes or simply use 11 or usage 12. You will finish up close sufficient to 50 ppm!Now for the acid. We require 30 oz. Per 1000 gallons to neutralize the pH increase of 50 ppm borates and we need to multiply the amount of acid by 15 due to the fact that we have a 15000 gallon pool. That concerns 15 X 30 = 450 fluid (liquid measure) oz. That muriatic acid. There are 128 oz. In a gallon so we division our amount essential in oz. By 128 to find out how numerous gallons of muriatic acid we will need.For our example this is 450 oz. / 128 oz. Every gallon = 3.5 gallons the muriatic acid. If girlfriend follow along on a calculator you have the right to see just how I am rounding off come the nearest straightforward measurement. Once again, REMEMBER, it"s a pool, you"re not functioning in a chemistry lab!!!!!!!! We will certainly balance out any type of slight inaccuracies a bit later on so don"t worry. It"s all good!Now take it a deep breath, the worst is over!
4. V YOUR PUMP RUNNING add 1/2 the compelled acid to her pool. You deserve to pour it gradually into the present of one of your returns or dilute about 1/2 gal in ~ a time in a 5 festival bucket of swimming pool water and also broadcast it around the pool. As soon as the mountain is in placed in 1/2 the borax. Simply dump the in the water or to water it in her skimmer.5. Brush down the sides of your swimming pool all the way around. This will create currents the mix everything. You are "stirring" your swimming pool water by act this. This is a great procedure to follow when you add any chemicals to your water and also want come mix them. Anyway, none of us really brush our pools enough, do we?
6. Include the rest of the acid and also the rest of the borax and also brush similar to you did for the first batch. Friend don"t need to wait, simply put that in once you complete brushing.7. Brush again!8. Let the pump run repeatedly for 24-48 hours.9. ~ 48 hrs (not sooner please!) test your borates. You must be right approximately 50 ppm. Now test her pH, if the is over 7.6 add a bit more acid to lug it under to around 7.6. If you pH is below 7.4 you have the right to start aerating to bring it up uneven it"s listed below 7.0, climate you have to add an ext borax.10. Test her borate levels monthly. If you backwash a lot you can need to test a bit much more often. As soon as your borates autumn to about 30 ppm boost them an additional 20 ppm to bring them back up come 50 ppm by including the acid and borax. This time you don"t need to divide it right into two batches. Just make certain your TA and also pH are in variety then include the needed acid and borax and also brush. Examine your level in 48 hours and also make any type of minor adjustments that might be needed. If you have a cartridge filter girlfriend will find that you borate levels stay pretty stable (unless you have actually a leak somewhere! )11. Enjoy the sparkling water, the reduced chlorine demand, the pH stability, and the algaestatic properties that the borates have added to her water. The "sparkle" has been commented on by just around everyone who has done this. The water looks practically jewel like!
If that is too much work and also you don"t psychic spending the money climate Proteam has Supreme Plus and Haviland has actually Salt Support. These space both pH neutral assets that execute not require the addition of acid together with them. They are the just two pH neutral borate assets I recognize of. The Salt Support also contains part CYA I believe but I have actually not to be able to check this. Castle are more expensive than the consistent borate products and MUCH much more expensive than 20 Mule Team Borax but only you can decide if the convenience is precious the extra expense to you.