HI all,I have to know just how do ns go around checking my transmission liquid level or add fluid or readjust fluid?Sometimes my automobile jerks as soon as shifting into gear and most of the moment there is no problem. This worry usually just happens one a month or so. I have a good feeling that the transmission fluid issue. Currently I have actually 51k miles. Please help. Thank you.

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Is over there a write up on just how to change the transmission fluid for 2002 325ci or close to it model? you re welcome send me a attach or something. Give thanks to you
Is there a compose up on just how to change the transmission liquid for 2002 325ci or close come it model? you re welcome send me a connect or something. Say thanks to you
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I walk some research in this forum and also spoke with few mechanics. Right here is what I discovered out:1. I must not readjust ATF since it will certainly wash out all the gunk/protection coating in the tranny i beg your pardon can reason damages to the transmission.2. Yes change the ATF because its a BS life time fluid. So this particular day I brought my vehicle to a BMW shop and also have them examine the ATF level. Ns need much more opinions... Please shine me part light...should I readjust the ATF or not? I have 51K appropriate now.
cant be done on one auto, states its associated needs come be excellent at dealer? have to be some secret cuz a pair of hand is a pair that hands
cant be done on one auto, claims its connected needs to be excellent at dealer? must be some mystery cuz a pair of hands is a pair the hands
Oh, I"m unfamiliar through auto bmw"s liquid level check. If there is warranty quiet on the vehicle, i would take the worry up v them.
Changing it for the an initial time in ~ 100k is way too late. There has been tons of study done ~ above E46fanatics. Many failures (besides reverse cutting the end which has nothing to carry out with the fluid) are because of people changing them as well late. Simply beware
I adjusted mine as shortly as I obtained it, favor 68K, and also will continue at 90K and every 30K after, v AMSOIL man-made ATF. I was told by my bmw mechanic after a when you obtain so lot junk in the trans, that when you replace the fluid with brand-new detergents it cleans it up again but the clogs the filter up. This will reason issues for sure, and the most likely cause of failure quickly after people adjust their ATF fluid. SO, ns did a change, and also like 1K later did it again, and also hope that v the regular alters from now on ns won"t have any problems. Great luck.

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mmmmm i dont know, ns think im gonna leave it be, ive read where guys took care of auto and also it failed at 50k and also guys that never did a point to it and still to run 200k , auto trannys space an iffy point , i just as shortly leave a resting bear be..............if a adjust is gonna stir ingredient up, why f with it ns say
I acquired the car earlier yesterday and the mechanic claimed that the ATF is full. Anyone recognize what else may reason my tranny to jerk sometimes? right now its to run super smooth.
You deserve to not "change" the fluid yourself; the is not a DIY process. The torque converter stop a many of liquid which have the right to not be drained by the DIY route; you require a professional, pressurized flush machine to perform this. Think the the torque converter choose a lamp base on the side. The liquid only it s okay out v where the lamp pole would go into in the facility so this leaves fifty percent the torque converter fluid capacity unchanged by just gravity draining the trans. Acquiring it flushed professionally (not simply drained and refilled through a professional but FLUSHED!!) will get all the old liquid out the the speak converter and help to keep deposits and metal bits from obtaining into and also staying in the valve body. Just draining the fluid then enduring a trans failure soon there ~ is a common occurance becuase the liquid is drained through gravity and also not pressure, dislodging debris yet not removing that which offers it a chance to clog the valve body. Also shot and discover a shop with a BG brand maker as we have found these to work well. Ns am to buy a high mile e46 auto wagon following week and this will be among the very very first items on my "to do" list. Hope this help clarify things for you. Would also recommend this be excellent at 60K mile intervals. -Matt