Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and also assignment that fuses and also relays Lincoln LS (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006).

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Checking and also Replacing Fuses

Fuses and also circuit breakers protect your vehicle’s electric system native overloading. If electrical contents in the auto are not working, a fuse may have blown. Examine the ideal fuses prior to replacing any type of electrical components.

Look very closely at the fuse – a broken wire in ~ the fuse identify blown fuses. If you room not certain or if the is too dark come see, try replacing the doubt fuse with among the exact same value that you know is good.

In instance if you carry out not have a preventive fuse, in an emergency you have the right to pull the end fuses, which might be dispensable for regular driving (for example, audio system, cigarette lighter, OBD, seat heater, and the like), and use that if the amperage rating is the same.


Always switch turn off the ignition system and also the influenced electrical circuit prior to replacing a fuse.Always disconnect the battery prior to servicing high existing fuses.Never use a fuse that a higher amperage rating 보다 that indicated, or use any kind of other thing in ar of a fuse, even as a momentary fix. This can reason extensive damages or even fire.If the replaced fuses blows again – contact a qualified and also equipped business center.
Passenger Compartment Fuse box Diagram

The fuse dashboard is situated on the right-hand side absent panel. Remove the panel cover to accessibility the fuses. To eliminate a fuse use the fuse puller tool provided on the fuse dashboard cover.



There is a 60A maxi fuse because that the electric cooling fan located in a wiring harness behind the prior passenger next trim panel under the dash panel. The trim panel need to be removed and also the carpet on the front passenger side should be lifted to access this fuse. View a qualified technician to have this fuse replaced, if necessary.

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

The prior power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. The power distribution box contains high-current fuses that protect your vehicle’s main electrical systems indigenous overloads.



№ACircuit Protected
110A/C clutch, Coolant regulate valve (2003-2006), assistant coolant pump (2003-2006)
2102000: Windshield washer pump
315Fog lamp
4202003-2006: Horn
152000-2002: Horn
5152003-2006: Fuel injectors, electric cooling fan, mass Air flow (MAF) sensor
202000-2002: Fuel injectors
615Transmission solenoid, EGR (2003-2006)
7Not used
8Not used
952002: PCM KAPWR
1052002: IAC Solenoid
12152003-2006: Coil-on-plug
102000-2002: Coil-on-plug
1330Heated wiper park
1430ABS module
15Not used
1630Blower motor
17202000-2002: Thermactor wait pump (low emission vehicles only)
18402000-2002: PCM
19302003-2006: Electric park brake
2030Wiper motor
2130Starter solenoid
22402003-2006: ABS motor
302000-2002: ABS motor
23Not used
24Not used
R012000-2002: Wiper Hi/Lo
R022000-2002: Wiper park
R03Coil-on-plug and also HEGOs
R042003-2006: Right-hand HID headlamps
2000: Windshield washer
R05Auxiliary coolant pump
R062003-2006: Left-hand HID headlamps
2000-2002: Horn
R07Fog lamps
R08A/C clutch
R092000-2002: Wiper Run/Acc
R10Blower motor
R11Not used
R12Heated wiper park
R132003-2006: Horn
R14PCM power
R15Starter motor

Luggage Compartment Fuse Box

The rear power distribution box is located in the luggage compartment under the spare tire well cover. The power distribution box includes high-current fuses that defend your vehicle’s main electric systems native overloads.



№ACircuit Protected
115Decklid relax solenoid, Passenger door lock motors (2002-2006), Steering pillar lock (2003)
210Right rear turn lamp, license plate desk lamp (2002-2006)
35Left behind stop/tail lamp
410Fuel door relax solenoid, Decklid lamp (2003-2006)
510Courtesy and map lamps, Radio antenna module (2003-2006)
610Left rear turn and also back-up lamps
75Right behind stop/tail lamp
852003-2006: Center high-mounted stop lamp
102000-2002: Center high-mounted prevent lamp
95Heated mirror
10202001-2006: Power allude - console
11202003-2006: Rear boil seats
152000-2002: Heated seats
12202003-2006: Power suggest - ashtray
52000-2002: Transit relay
13Not used
14102003-2006: Navigation unit
52000-2002: Phone, CD, VEMS
155Alternator sense
1715Fuel pump
18202000-2006: Subwoofer amp
302004-2006: THX amp, Subwoofer amp
1920REM - Left rear window
20302003-2006: Front home window motors
202000-2002: DDM - Driver window
2120Driver lumbar, strength seats
2220Ignition switch
26302003-2006: Climate regulate seat module
202000-2002: FEM - former passenger window
2820Passenger lumbar, power seats
29402003-2006: Rear defroster
302000-2002: Rear defroster
3020REM - best rear window
31302003-2006: Powertrain main power
202001-2002: Ignition switch (V6 hands-on trans)
D01Not used
D02Fuel pump motor
R003Rear defroster
R006Not used
R007Fuel pump

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