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Hi,I obtained a honda shadow aero VT750C, 2011 comes with injectors and also has 31000 mi bike does no reach an ext than 70 mi/h...I take it it to the mechanic, he said that whatever looks fine..however, ns think my bike may have actually a governor. I review these sort of device either ~ above pipes, or admision...Please any kind of guidance to fix this worry will it is in appreciated, by the way, the bike is situated at 8038 masl.Thanks in advanceRegards,

Your Honda is sick. If it"s an shown 70 mph climate it"s in reality around 65 or so. A great running 125 will carry out that. All fuel injected bikes reduced the fuel in ~ a certain RPM yet the bicycle should be able to exceed 70 mph in third, vast openRun some fuel injection cleaner v the bike, prefer Chevron Techron. Examine that the waiting cleaner is clean. The gas tank may heave a fuel filter the is dirty, restricting fuel flow. Limited fuel flow acts as with a governor.Sam

I go a Google search. It appears a 750 zero does not have a peak speed. So much for Google. I should have actually looked at the horsepower numbers.45 should gain you to 90 and also maybe nudging 100 ~ above Saturday night. Windage becomes a vast factor at roughly 90. If you room light and also skinny and tuck in, you will certainly go a little bit faster. If girlfriend are large and sitting up, you will certainly go slower. The Shadows do not do a many power, however one testimonial I read had actually it act the quarter in under 13 seconds, which is reasonable.Unkle Krusty
Is this a typo, or perform you really live near the optimal of Mt. Everest? the would define the absence of power.

Is this a typo, or execute you yes, really live near the optimal of Mt. Everest? the would explain the lack of power.
I really perform wish folks would certainly tell us where lock are. And also I agree, if he yes, really is 8038 meters above sea level. Fine spotted.Unkle Krusty
Honda zero on the cloudsHi sirs,Thank you very much for her support providing me the answers ns was spring for. I will check all the points Sam suggested. I m really sorry for no stating plainly that my Honda is located in a city in SouthAmerica located at 8083 masl...I will certainly ask one more question please, i am to plan to install cobra pipes plus a power commander...I guess because the bicycle is located in a together high altitude, the enhancement of a high circulation air intake (cobra mostly) is a must, am i right?. Thank you because that your aid againRegards,Edward
Yes, if you are at such a high altitude, friend will have to do every little thing you deserve to to rise air flow to the engine. Elevation effects engines greatly.

Wait, the highest point/peak in southern America is 7000 meter in Argentina. The highest city is around 5000 meter in Peru. Your living at 8000+ meters? Anyways your most likely still high sufficient to cause power loss.

8038 feet gets him just above the height of many of the mountains in BC, i beg your pardon are roughly 7500.Breathing for civilization is a problem at greater altitudes, and it is the very same for engines. That is a problem for the bikes that gyeongju up Pikes Peak, and why the electric bike can compete so well. Supercharging, or blowers to be the answer for the WW2 fighter planes. Read around the RR Merlin engine.Fuel injection should readjust somewhat for the height over sea level. Compression as measured in pounds push at the spark plug hole, reduce a few pounds per 1000 feet. You could expect a 16 come 25 lb drop, or more. Less pressure, less power, and also slower peak speed.Unkle Krusty
Way earlier in 1970 i bought a new Honda CB-350. That bike would execute 70 easily.There is miscellaneous wrong through that Shadow.Oh yeah, 8000 masl? If that is "meters over sea level", you would certainly be dead.That would be 25000 feet above sea level, like being on height of mountain Everest.

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So much we carry out not know. Twice the OP has actually posted masl. Ns would prefer a ar name. It tends to eliminate the assumption: v work.The photograph at left to be taken at 21 Windermere Crescent, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland NZ, in the beforehand sixties. The structure colour is Tartan Red.That part of BHB is around 300 feet above sea level. Ns am at 289 feet over sea level on mine Island.Unkle Krusty
Do you acquire nosebleeds at the high altitude Krusty. I am 39-41" above sea level depending on where ns stand in the yard
I think the greatest I have ever before ridden a motorcycle at was last year v Bear tooth Pass. About 10,500 feet above sea level. The bike go fine and also ran great. (Good share EFI system)
I was just looking up the specs because that a V50 Guzzi. While i was at it i looked increase a VT750C zero Aero. 43hp in ~ 5500. 44 pounds of torque in a bike that weighs 553 pounds and also has a tower drive. 90 top IMO, down hill with a tail wind. No surprised the OP is acquiring 70. In ~ 8068 meter he is between the 11th and also 12th highest mountains in the world. I looked that up earlier. However if it is 8068 feet, then I would certainly think that should obtain maybe 80 to 85. 6000 feet is the highest I have actually been, and also it gets darn it will be cold up there. Ns think ns will remain in the lower nose bleed section at 289 feet.Unkle Krusty
My Guzzi has actually 9 much more HP, 4 much less torque and is 100 pounds lighter. I"ve had actually it as much as 95MPH happen a truck and also I think the height speed is 105MPHish, so I"m thinking 70MPH seems low, though I"m just at 1,000 feet over sea level.
8,360 feet above sea level, top top motocross bikes and streetbikes. This led road ends at the entrance to the mount Whitney trail the leads to the summit
14,505 feet.I"ve ridden and driven numerous times v the Eisenhower tunnel on federal government 70 in Colorado,
11,158 feet.I"ve also ridden and driven into fatality Valley, CA and also visited the lowest point in phibìc America
282 feet listed below sea level.85 miles separates The shortest land and the highest in CA, and also is a great ride, as soon as the weather is nice.There is a 3% drop in HP for every 1,000 feet over sea level.Sam has specs on several bikes, and or a connect to a location that does.For numerous they have actually original check notes.45 speech is around the mean of the beforehand Triumphs, BSA and also Norton. These room the bikes that the Ton up men rode. The coffee shop racer style, come from this guys, that would meet at the Ace coffee shop in London. The Triumph motor was the most hotted up. Many can do the ton, 100 mph, after ~ mods. " just For Kicks " is a tune by Mike Sarne about these guys.The waiting is a little denser in the so late evening, and often a bike would run a bit faster then. Beer additionally helped. So the answer to a common question " How quick is your bike, or car ? " the does around 95 yet will carry out the Ton on Saturday night.Fast forward and also a 400 twin choose my pair OHC Yamaha and the 450 Suzuki to be making 45hp. Lock too can do the ton. Yet be wary of the claimed numbers. Castle were excellent by young skinny men in leathers, and also tucked in. Mine XS400 go 92 WOT v a senior sitting upright, and also a most other junk bolted on.The 500 Guzzi ns was reading about claimed 103 through 43 hp. Ns doubt it. My 68 Dunstall claimed 140 mph with around 55 hp. No a chance. And also so on.Over the years the top average speed I have actually witnessed is about 90. What has changed, is currently cruisers space doing it, quite than coffee shop racer types.Unkle Krusty