A step By Step overview To Unlock your Honda Accord Stereo

Major car producers like Honda presented an magnified security feature, the Honda accord stereo password to defend the automobile radio native theft.

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It was initially a good feature but with time the big issues of inconvenience began to end up being a typical customer complaint.
Although, the adjust has safeguarded the radios, however it is now causing a many of issues for the owners themselves.

If You uncover The Honda Radio Code

When you currently have the Honda accord stereo code, you perform not need to obtain into the troubles of generating it. Every you need to do is to learn just how to enter the password to the stereo unit. That is recommended to go v the Honda code entry instructions to ensure you perform not make any type of mistakes when entering the code.

If friend Don’t uncover Your Radio Code

In case you don’t have the code, friend don’t have to problem much. That is possible to create the Honda accord code from the radio serial number. So first you require to find the radio unit serial number then use it to calculation the accord stereotype code.Unlike many manufacturers, Honda offers an easy means to get the stereotype unit serial number there is no pulling that out. Right here is exactly how you will obtain it :


Turn ~ above the power of the stereo by either turning the secrets to ACC or on mode. Over there is no should turn top top the engine.When the radio gets the power, push the 2 digits buttons 1 and also 6 and hold them. Because that 2003 – 2007 Accord with navigating System, press and hold the peak of the SEEK/SKIP and CH/DISC buttonsPress the ~ above buttonThere will be eight digits presented in two groups of four digits. Ex: U7592 L3084 overlook the U and L and note down the eight digits v the digits appearing an initial at the beginning. Ex: 75923084 

If this method is not working for you, climate you need to pull the stereo unit and look for the serial number top top the next or the rear, its probably on a sticker somewhere on it. Please examine the Honda radio removal guide for much more details ( video tutorial! ).

Step 2: exactly how To calculation The password From The Radio Serial Number?

With the serial number in hand, that becomes an extremely easy to gain the Honda accord navi code. One alternative is to call dealerships for the code. There space some certified dealer who provide codes very easily and for free. But there space some that will need you to reach the dealership for the code.If you room lucky, girlfriend will get your stereo code on a solitary call, but if you room not so happy with any Honda dealer, you deserve to use a Honda radio password calculator to acquire the code. This software application is may be to generate Honda codes from serial variety of the radio unit. To get code instantly, just do this :

Download the software program that operation on your home windows PC.Run The Software.Enter the radio serial number, the VIN number…Hit Generate!!! and also voila, her stereo code is calculated. Every you need to do currently is to go into it come the radio.

Step 3: Honda Accord password Entry Instructions

The password entry prosses is an extremely easy, however you need to be careful!!

Be sure you have the ideal code.If you enter wrong digits, the stereotype unit will freeze because that a details amount that time.If you acquire a Honda Accord radio password error, there will certainly be other procedures to do!

Visit the Honda Accord password Entry tutorial to understand the precise steps you will must follow to avoid making typical mistakes.


Whether friend buy a pre-owned automobile or one aftermarket radio you will most probably not have the Honda Accord code for radio. This action by step overview makes it a simple procedure that actually takes less than 5 minutes come generate and also enter the code.

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If friend need aid and if you get Honda Accord radio code error, you can short article comments right here or email me and also I will be an ext then happy come help. Nothing forget to like, share and sign up for the news to stay updated with the recent Honda automotive technology.