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InstructionsDrain and also Refill automatically Transmission fluid Only1

Know the to readjust the infection fluid, it have to be hot. Journey the truck for around 20 minutes before changing the fluid. Park the truck on level soil or raise it with ramps or jacks to acquire easier accessibility to the transmission. Ensure the you level and also safely assistance the truck.


Clean the area roughly the drainpipe plug completely to eliminate all dirt and grease. Eliminate the dipstick indigenous the filler tube and replace it through a funnel. Friend will most likely need a funnel with a lengthy flexible neck. During consistent maintenance, you don"t need to remove the pan or replace the filter. If girlfriend are an altering the liquid on a more recent Tacoma v a refill plug, remove it before you drain the fluid.


Place a drain pan in ~ the fluid pan, remove the drain plug v a socket wrench and enable the old transmission liquid to drain. Be mindful that the hot liquid doesn"t burn you. Wait till the flow of transmission fluid stops. Replace the drainpipe plug sealing washer or gasket, whichever your truck uses.


Add new transmission fluid through the filling pipe in an larger Tacoma under the hood. ~ above the other hand, use the refill plug on the side of the infection in a newer Tacoma. Either way, make sure the engine is off. Some liquid will stay in the transmission, so add about fifty percent of the recommend dried refill amount if filling through the filler tube.


Check the fluid level, add a little much more fluid and check again until the liquid reaches the correct level ~ above the dipstick. If girlfriend are adding through the refill plug, you need to use a fluid pump. Eliminate the refill plug, overflow plug and add fluid until liquid comes out of the overflow tube.


Replace the dipstick or refill and also overflow plugs, relying on your vehicle. Begin the engine and let the idle because that a couple of minutes, yet don"t push the gas pedal. ~ the engine has idled for a few minutes, shift your car through the gears and also then back to Park.


Inspect the liquid level ~ above the dipstick when the auto is idling. If the dipstick indicates that the transmission needs an ext fluid, include a little more until the level will the complete mark top top the dipstick.

Drain and also Refill the Automatic transmission Fluid and Replace the Filter8

Perform actions 1 through 3 as instructed in section 1. Remove the liquid pan retaining bolts through a socket wrench. Usage a Toyota Special business Tool to break the seal so the you can remove the pan native the transmission. If you use any type of other tool to remove this seal, you threat serious damage to the flange the the oil pan and also the sealing surface ar of the transmission.


Clean the transmission pan and the magnets. Pay unique attention to where the magnets are, so you can replace castle in the exact original location. You can clean everything with a solvent, but you must allow the pan and parts come air dry prior to you replace them.


Remove every traces the the old sealer native the pan and also transmission. Clean or replace the strainer in ~ this time. Do a keep in mind of the original places of the strainer retaining bolts since they are different lengths. After you get the replacement strainer in place, tighten the bolts come 84 customs pounds.


Apply a thin bead of FIPG sealant roughly the pan flange, remaining on the inner side of the boltholes. Make certain you don"t usage too much sealant so the excess doesn"t squeeze out out right into the transmission.


Ensure that the magnets space in their initial locations and also replace the infection pan. Retighten the bolts to 65 customs pounds. Refill the transmission with fluid as command in procedures 4 and also 5 in section 1.

Tips & Warnings

Check the drain plug, come ensure that isn"t leaking any fluid.

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Don"t overfill your transmission v too lot fluid. Once checking the level of transmission fluid, pay careful attention to the cool and hot markings top top the dipstick, depending on whether the truck"s engine and also transmission are cold or hot.