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Hello, mine 2011 Honda Pilot has 116800 miles. I newly got brand-new spark plugs, timing belt, water pump, both prior axle. Now suddenly the examine engine light is on. I took it ago to the exact same mechanic who worked on it, ~ scanning the password (P0420) he stated its early to bad catalytic converter. Might this it is in due/related to any type of of the occupational he perform on the car? I got a quote because that $900 consisting of parts and also labor because that the issue. Is this a great price? Lastly, must I take it my pilot to the dealership? any type of other tips to deal with this issue? (I have actually tried the CATAClean additive, no luck yet) thanks for your help. Keyur
I have a post here about same difficulty 09 Pilot P0430 engine codeLet us know when friend make progress or uncover a solution
I want to re-publishing an update on mine issue. I tried the CATAClean additive i beg your pardon didn"t help so i tried 93 octane (premium) gas indigenous BP and just after driving for about a mile or so the inspect engine light is gone. Ns drove again this morning for about ~3 miles and also the check engine light is still turn off so looks favor the higher octane helped clean up the catalytic converter. I read around this on another car forum around using higher octane and looks choose it go the trick.
P0420 is likewise the code flipped for the O2 sensors. You might have had an issue with one gift contaminated. I had a similar issue through P0420 on my Subaru through 114K ~ above it. Finished up running 5 tanks v a really an excellent fuel system cleaner in each tank along with high octane fuel and also it clearing my problem. If the does come back, I"ll pull the O2 sensors and also replace them first. A lot much less money 보다 a CAT.
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