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So I lugged my automobile into my local honda dealership this morning for an oil change. Castle told me the there was an unusual leak through my transmission fluid and to examine it every mainly - and that I must be OK till the following visit and that"s when they"ll probably adjust it out for me. Since I"m a female and also know nothing about cars, has that taken place to anyone rather on here? ns am no sure just how to even check my transmission liquid to be honest. Don"t judge!! Haha aranoid:aranoid:aranoid:

So I lugged my car into my regional honda dealership this morning for an oil change. Castle told me that there was an unexplained leak with my infection fluid and also to check it every mainly - and that I need to be OK until the following visit and that"s as soon as they"ll probably adjust it the end for me. Since I"m a female and know nothing around cars, has actually that taken place to anyone else on here? ns am no sure how to even inspect my transmission liquid to it is in honest. Don"t judge!! Haha aranoid:aranoid:aranoid:
One native of advice first: placed some an ext info top top your automobile in your signature. At least put under the year, the transmission type, the engine configuration, and also the trim level. Helps united state narrow down troubles greatly.Two or 3 pedals? i am guessing two pedals here as you declared you "know nothing around cars". Exactly me if i am wrong.First thing first: carry out you see any red liquid(that"s the automatic infection fluid) at any type of parking point out you leave your vehicle at? If not, ns doubt if there is a leak. It"s not really like ATF deserve to go anywhere else(like right into the engine) if it"s leaking. Some stealerships/shops love scaring world like the for more $$$.:furious:On one AT, just check the dipstick. Just inspect your Owner"s Manual, need to look favor a yellow loop close to the engine, although it may be covered in dust and hard come see.Run your vehicle until that warms up(5 minutes have to do it), shut that off, pull the dipstick out, wipe that off with a towel, insert into ago into the hole again, then view if the level on your dipstick is in ~ or close to the peak hole. If the level is at or reduced than the midpoint that top and bottom hole, fill it yourself through a little funnel if you have the I4 engine(assuming that"s the one you have actually - need to be less than $15 if you simply need to acquire the funnel and also a bottle of ATF), or ask who to to fill it for you if you have the V6(it"s a little trickier - the dipstick hole is also small, and also the fill bolt deserve to be really tight). The Owner"s Manual explains it all. Another thing worth looking at is the colour. Even if the level is good, if the colour of the liquid is brown or black, adjust it(that way drain the infection out, then fill it up with brand-new fluid again). Healthy and balanced ATF should have actually a pinkish red colour. Friend don"t desire burnt/oxidized fluid running in there.

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On a MT, i think there is a little bottle you need to check. The info"s in the Owner"s Manual. If the shade is dark, adjust it.(Someone with a MT fill me in)I walk it once at the stealership and they charged me CAN$120. I later changed it again myself. Just rented a floor jack, a pair the jack stands, a talk ratchet wrench, part extenders, and also a pair of sockets. Quiet cheaper v all the rentals, and hell lot of fun for me. It"s similar to an oil change, pretty much. You might find friends who have the right to do this for a an excellent dinner. Or ask her bf/husband if you have one. The process is honestly no that hard.
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