The 2014 lamb 1500 have the right to be a powerful vehicle with the capability to manage some that the toughest situations. To role like this, this van usually has actually a larger engine in it. To save it functioning at the best, owners need to invest in the right kind and lot of engine oil and readjust it frequently.

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How much and what form of oil go the 2014 ram 1500 require?

The dodge Ram has actually several engine options. As a result, it demands a different kind and lot of oil based on the engine type. 2 engines, the 3.6L (219.9 ci), and the 5.7L (345 ci), call for 5W-20 engine oil. The 6.4L (392 ci) engine needs 0W-40 oil. The amount ranges from 6 quarts because that the 3.6L engine as much as 7 quarts for the 6.4L and 5.7L engines. 

Knowing the quantity and form of oil you need is important, but it also helps to recognize a few more things around engine oil maintenance. We’ll administer you through a failure here to offer you much more insight. You’ll likewise want to examine out an ext maintenance help by check the 2014 ram 1500’s car History.

What You should Know about Your 2014 Dodge ram 1500 Vehicle

The 2014 lamb 1500 is recognized for the reliability and also solid function. This vehicle has quite interior an are and provides a solid ride even though it deserve to handle some challenging road problems with ease. Depending upon the trim choice you choose, it likewise provides up to 10,450 pounds of towing capacity.

The lamb 1500’s engine options for this year are something to love together well. There were three engine choices available, v a powerful V-6 top top them, through upgradable options. The turbodiesel engine choice was very first released this year. It aided the truck reach a better level that fuel efficiency, something that’s to be a traction on full-size pickup trucks for years.

Check out this video on the turbodiesel engine.

The ram 1500 is a auto you have the right to rely on, if you keep the engine in good working condition. The 3 engine options offered included:

3.6L V6 engine qualified of 305 horsepower at 6350 rpms and 269 lb-ft. In ~ 4,800 rpms5.7L V8 hem MDS engine qualified of 395 horsepower at 5,600 rpms and also 410 lb-ft. At 3950 rpms3.0L (182 ci) V6 EcoDiesel engine qualified of 240 horsepower at 360 rpms and 420 lb-ft. At 2,000 rpms

The finest fuel economy originates from that 3.0-L EcoDiesel engine. The EPA estimates ~ above it to be 19 city and 26 highway, for a combined 22 miles per gallon. That’s slightly much better than the other trucks getting between 17 and 19 combined miles every gallon.

What type of Oil walk the 2014 Dodge lamb 1500 Take?


It’s constantly a an excellent idea come invest in the right form of oil for any kind of vehicle. In the powerhouse engines ~ above the lamb 1500, you yes, really do should ensure you acquire the appropriate amount of oil in place. No doing so could end increase costing you in the lengthy run, consisting of leading to damages to the engine and transmission.

The best place to uncover your vehicle’s maintenance and also upkeep needs is in her owner’s manual. There’s an important reason for discussing this. If girlfriend fail to adjust your oil typically enough or friend don’t placed in the right type of oil, it can impact the power of the engine. It can additionally mean your warranty for repairs concerned these components may not be honored. It is a costly mistake.

The 2014 lamb 1500’s owner’s hand-operated states the vehicle’s needs. Be sure to select the owner’s hands-on for her trim and engine type. Every engine potentially has actually a different type of requirement.

Here’s a malfunction of what type of oil the 2014 ram 1500 needs:

3.6L engine requires 5W-20 oil5.7L engine needs 5W-20 man-made motor oil3.0L engine calls for 5W-40 oil

The viscosity of the oil help it relocate through the engine and also provides just the right amount the lubrication. If this is no the best oil, it can lead come the components in the engine rubbing together. It may also clog crucial components if the load of the oil is as well heavy.

How much Oil walk the 2014 Dodge ram 1500 Need?

The quantity of oil girlfriend put into the car will change based on the van engine together well. You need just sufficient oil to relocate through the engine and transmission to store the right activity present.

Here’s what the owner’s hands-on for the car says about the lot of oil necessary:

3.6L engine needs 5.9 quarts of oil5.7L engine needs 7 quarts the oil3.0L engine needs 10.6 quarts the oil

Avoid overfilling the oil. Doing so could cause your vehicle’s engine to pour out oil, raising the threat of a fire.

How to examine the Engine Oil on the 2014 Dodge lamb 1500

The 2014 lamb 1500 requires oil changes once every 5,000 mile if girlfriend use conventional oil. If friend use synthetic oil, you might not need to change the oil until 7,500 mile or more. Your automobile will monitor the oil life and administer an indicator on her dash when the oil demands to be changed.

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In in between oil changes, girlfriend should inspect the oil level. Law so guarantee the engine is no burning turn off oil and that yes sir no leak. This is a video to assist you inspect the oil:

The procedure involves removed the dipstick situated under the hood. Wipe that clean and also then look in ~ the bottom couple of inches. There room two dots present. Her oil level need to be between this area. Replace the dipstick, pushing it every the method in. Climate pull it the end again. This displays the current level that oil. If the is low, you might need come add more to it.