Everything you have to know around visiting Penn station (234 W 31st St, new York, 10001).

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Although it’s taken into consideration the ugly stepchild of Grand central Terminal, there’s no denying penn Station’s necessity to new York City. Located underneath Madison Square Garden in the heart of midtown Manhattan, pen Station—named after the Pennsylvania Railroad—serves end 650,000 rail passengers via Amtrak, LIRR, NJ Transit, PATH and also NYC subway each day. Operating on 21 tracks via 7 tunnels, it’s the busiest passenger transportation facility in the country. However this cramped, subterranean transit nave wasn’t constantly the catacomb of regulated chaos new Yorkers love come hate. Motivated by the roman inn Baths that Caracalla and also shaped from the same stone as theColosseum, the initial 1910 pen was related to as one of the many noble buildings in Manhattan. Sadly, the cool facade was destroyed in 1963, and also in 1969, the city erected the fluorescent-lit battleship gray concourse you tolerate today.

Find a mealthat"s actuallygreatAdmittedly, Penn station isn’t every doom and also gloom. The station does have its merits, among which is the food. Sure, there room some decent quick bites in ~ the station (falafel plate at Chickpea, California wrap at Zaro’s), but if you’ve got some time come kill, head on end to the Pennsy—the 8,000-square-foot food hall located simply one level above Penn Station. Open seven job a week from 11am to 2am, the Pennsy dwellings six fast-casual restaurants serving everything from sushi burritos come vegan BBQ. Highlights encompass Pat LaFrieda’s sluggish roasted pork shoulder through broccoli rabe and provolone top top ciabatta, Ribalta’s quattro formaggi Neapolitan pizza and also spice-rubbed cauliflower tacos by Taco Dumbo.

Drink your concerns awayIf you fancy a liquid lunch, you’re in luck, because Penn Station has no shortage the boozy offerings. Forego the Amtrak bar and also save a couple of bucks through purchasing chill beer and also wine in development at one of several sellers prominently displaying update alms ~ above ice. Because that a more sophisticated tipple, there’s penn Wine & Spirits—the station’s resides liquor store which boasts one impressive an option of local and international wines together a dependable array of gin, vodka, whiskey and Scotch. And also thanks come the 2016 opening of the Pennsy, girlfriend won’t have to settle for a pre-made sour-mix–laden TGI Friday’s margarita—the Pennsy Bar offer bespoke cocktails, draft beers and eclectic wines daily from 11am to 2am.

Imagine a brighter futureRejuvenation is ~ above the horizon together plans to expand Penn Station right into the surrounding James A. Farley article Office take shape. In June 2017, the brand brand-new West finish Concourse and also entrance opened on Eighth Avenue, providing a new line of access to 17 that Penn’s 21 tracks. By 2020, the Farley structure will residence a modern 255,000-square-foot train hall, come be named Moynihan Train Hall, and also 700,000 square feet of brand-new commercial space brightened by modern-day amenities and also a massive, arched glass ceiling. It may not rival the voluminous Roman architecture of yesteryear, however it is a action in the right (and better-lit) direction.

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