Usually, world use fountain to stand for numbers smaller sized than one: 3/4, 2/5 and also the like. However if the number on peak of the fraction (the numerator) is bigger than the number on the bottom that the fraction (the denominator), the portion represents a number bigger 보다 one, and also you can write that either together a totality number or as a combination of a totality number and a decimal or a fraction remainder.

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To discover the entirety number concealed in an wrong fraction, remember that the fraction represents division. So, if you have a fraction like:

There is no entirety number in the fraction, since the molecule was smaller sized than the denominator, which means the an outcome will always be much less than one. But if the numerator and also denominator to be the same, you"d obtain a totality number. Because that example:

If the molecule of a portion is a lot of of the denominator, the an outcome will always be a whole number: for example,

What if the molecule of your fraction is bigger 보다 the denominator – therefore you understand there"s a whole number in there somewhere – however it"s not precise multiple of the denominator. You still use the exact same technique: execute the division that the fraction represents. So, if your fraction is

Depending ~ above the objective behind your calculations, you might be able to leave the answer in decimal form, or you could need to express the result as a combined number, i beg your pardon is a combination of the totality number (in this case, 2) and the fountain remainder.

If you have to put the result of the above example, 11 ÷ 5 = 2.2, into mixed number form, there room two ways of going around it. If you currently have the decimal result, simply write the decimal part of the number as a fraction. The numerator of the fraction is whichever digits space to the best of the decimal point – in this case, 2 – and the denominator the the fraction is the place value the the number that"s furthest to the right of the decimal. The "2" is in the tenths spot, so the denominator that the fraction is 10, offering us 2/10. You have the right to simplify that fraction to 1/5, so her complete an outcome in blended number kind is:

You can additionally calculate the spring reminder that a mixed number there is no converting it come a decimal first. In that case, as soon as you occupational out the whole number, merely write that number as a portion with the exact same denominator together your early stage fraction, climate subtract the result from the early stage fraction. The an outcome is your fractional reminder. This provides a lot an ext sense once you see an example so, again, let"s take into consideration the instance of 11/5. Also if you work-related out the division longhand, you"ll see quickly that the answer is two-something. Composing the 2 together a fraction with the exact same denominator gives you 10/5. Subtracting that from the original portion gives you

So 1/5 is your fractional remainder. Once you compose your last answer, don"t forget to give the entirety number, too:

as you progression in math, you"ll see that fractions can likewise represent negative values. In that case you can still use this technique to uncover the "whole numbers" hidden in the fraction. But the very particular math term "whole numbers" only uses to zero and also positive numbers. So, if the an outcome is ultimately a an adverse number, friend can"t speak to it a entirety number. Instead, you must use the ideal math term for both optimistic ​and​ an adverse whole numbers: integers.

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