42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. An address so basic to a child and also to Nemo’s father in recognize Nemo. Ever wondered what to be there? if on our following stop approximately the human being we will certainly be exploring the renowned city that Sydney.

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Photo the me last summer in front of the Sydney harbour bridge

Visiting the Sydney Opera house is something ns shouldn’t also have come say. Everyone needs to visit it and take in the iconic view. It yes, really doesn’t acquire any an ext Australian 보다 that. Approximately this well known harbour, friend will uncover an unlimited amount of restaurants and coffee shops. This is the ideal place to sip top top your flat white and take in the famous view.

Photo by Holger attach on Unsplash

For those of you who don’t mind risking their resides can try surfing in ~ the notorious Bondi Beach. Personally, there is nothing i fear much more in this human being than sharks so ns won’t be partaking in surfing but for those the you who don’t share my fear should definitely sign up because that lessons. Being able come say you surfed in ~ Bondi Beach permits for serious bragging rights. (If you want to surf, surf! Australian’s take plenty of precautions to prevent assaults so if this is miscellaneous you desire to perform don’t it is in scared. I personally just have actually a large fear. That course, there have actually been shark sightings and attacks all over Australia as well as the US. Friend can always see helicopters, shark nets, and lifeguards tracking sharks to make certain swimmers room safe).

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

Shopping roughly in different nations is my favorite things to do. Since my mother flourished up in this city, ns was presented the finest places. The Rocks industry is the place for you to stop and get handmade presents for your family and friends. Indigenous Boomerangs come artwork to clothes you can uncover a gift because that everyone. After her done shopping there are countless places to eat and take in the famous views.

Walk down Pitt Street from the harbour and you will certainly be ~ above the ideal street in the city for shopping. Because that boys, over there are places to to buy merch to support the athletic teams. Because that girls, i recommend going come Billabong. This is one Australian surfing brand that, in my opinion, renders the cutest clothes. After friend hit King street you will arrive at a tiny plaza v an entrance to the Westfield, a vast mall. It’s filled with all my favorite stores and also definitely yours.

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This photograph was take away by mine older sister simply a minute walk away from the beach inside the city

Finally, my last tip for miscellaneous to do is for the danger takers reading this. Once you endured surfing you have the right to experience my 2nd greatest fear….heights. Climb to the optimal of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Yes. It sounds specifically like the is. The political parties of those curves on the bridge have actually stairs. Girlfriend can attach yourself come the railing v a cord and also walk all the way to the top!

This is a picture my enlarge sister took of the Sydney harbour bridge which is additionally nicknamed “The Coathanger”

As I claimed in mine previous blog post, over there is a huge rivalry in between Melbourne and also Sydney. Those who live in Sydney will say they’re the best due to the fact that in what other city can friend walk native the coast to wherein you work-related in seconds? The love of the city is appropriate on the coastline which allows Sydneysiders the best of both worlds, city life and also beach life, and the most iconic monuments in Australia.

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