The feat the hitting 50 home runs in a significant league season has been accomplished 43 times by 27 different players. Babe Ruth, note McGwire and also Sammy Sosa have completed the feat the most times (4). Sosa and McGwire achieved their 4 seasons consecutively.

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Barry binding 200173
Mark McGwire 199870
Sammy Sosa 199866
Mark McGwire 199965
Sammy Sosa 200164
Sammy Sosa 199963
Roger Maris 196161
Babe Ruth 192760
Babe Ruth 192159
Giancarlo Stanton 201759
Mark McGwire 199758
Ryan Howard 200658
Hank Greenberg193858
Jimmie Foxx 193258
Alex Rodriguez200257
Luis Gonzalez 200157
Hack Wilson 193056
Ken Griffey Jr.199756
Ken Griffey Jr.199856
Mickey Mantle 196154
Ralph Kiner 194954
Alex Rodriguez 200754
Babe Ruth192054
Babe Ruth 192854
Jose Bautista 201054
David Ortiz 200654
Pete Alonso 201953
Chris Davis 201353
Aaron judge 201752
Mark McGwire 199652
Willie Mays 196552
Mickey Mantle 195652
Alex Rodriguez200152
Jim Thome 200252
George Foster 197752
Ralph Kiner 194751
Willie Mays 195551
Johnny Mize 194751
Andruw Jones 200551
Cecil Fielder 199051
Sammy Sosa 200050
Greg Vaughn 199850
Albert Belle199550
Brady Anderson199650
Jimmie Foxx193850
Prince Fielder200750

Just let go the Cut


Throughout MLB history, there have actually been 19 periods where a player fell just one quick of 50 home runs - the 49 home run club.

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Babe Ruth 193049
Lou Gehrig 193449
Lou Gehrig 193649
Ted Kluszewski 195449
Willie Mays 196249
Harmon Killebrew 196449
Frank Robinson 196649
Harmon Killebrew 196949
Mark McGwire 198749
Andre Dawson 198749
Ken Griffey Jr. 199649
Larry walker 199749
Albert Belle 199849
Barry bonds 200049
Todd Helton 200149
Jim Thome 200149
Shawn eco-friendly 200149
Sammy Sosa 200249
Albert Pujols 200649
Eugenio Suarez 201949

60 house Runs in a Season


When Babe Ruth struggle 60 house runs in 1927, the was thought of as a once-in-a-lifetime achievement and it practically was. It take it 34 years because that anyone come match, permit alone surpass Babe Ruth together the residence run king. In 1961, i get it Maris and Mickey Mantle that the brand-new York Yankees had a legendary battle to uncrown the Babe as home run champ. They an unified to hit 115 house runs; the most of any type of teammates in major league history. Roger Maris finished up setup a new record with 61 house runs the season.

It would certainly be one more 37 years before anyone would technique 60 house runs again. In 1998, there to be another great home run race. This time around, that was in between Mark McGwire of the St. Luigi Cardinals and Sammy Sosa that the Chicago Cubs. They both exceeded Roger Maris"s home run record and also the race came under to the last week-end of the season. McGwire reigned as house run king by hitting 70 home runs that season, Sosa perfect the year through 66 homers. Many think that the excitement bordering the house run race in 1998 to be what saved baseball from lack of interest after the 1994 strike. In 1999, McGwire and Sosa when again got to the 60 house run mark yet neither got to their totals from the previous year.

Contrary to traditional wisdom at the time, 70 did no last really long together the house run record. In 2001, Barry Bonds collection a new home run record with 73 homers. There was much less fanfare over the residence run chase 보다 there remained in previous years. Sosa struggle 64 residence runs that year, that is the only player come hit 60 house runs 3 times in his career. Plenty of baseball fans and also journalists have actually questioned the validity of the home run documents post-1998 as result of all 3 players being affiliated in the PEDs scandal the the 1990s.

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