Convert in between micrograms (mcg) and also milligrams (mg) utilizing this basic calculator tool. Counter tables and also formulae space also accessible further down.

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How countless mcg room there in 1 mg?

1 milligram (mg) is equal to 1000 micrograms (mcg). To transform mg to mcg, multiply your mg figure by 1000.

How countless mg space there in 1 mcg?

1 microgram (mcg) is same to 0.001 milligrams (mg). To convert mcg come mg, division your mcg figure by 1000.

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Micrograms to milligrams chart

MicrogramMilligram Microgram Milligram
10 mcg0.01 mg100 mcg0.1 mg
20 mcg0.02 mg200 mcg0.2 mg
30 mcg0.03 mg300 mcg0.3 mg
40 mcg0.04 mg400 mcg0.4 mg
50 mcg0.05 mg500 mcg0.5 mg
60 mcg0.06 mg600 mcg0.6 mg
70 mcg0.07 mg700 mcg0.7 mg
80 mcg0.08 mg800 mcg0.8 mg
90 mcg0.09 mg900 mcg0.9 mg
100 mcg0.1 mg1000 mcg1 mg

Milligram MicrogramMilligram Microgram
1 mg1000 mcg10 mg10000 mcg
2 mg2000 mcg20 mg20000 mcg
3 mg3000 mcg30 mg30000 mcg
4 mg4000 mcg40 mg40000 mcg
5 mg5000 mcg50 mg50000 mcg
6 mg6000 mcg60 mg60000 mcg
7 mg7000 mcg70 mg70000 mcg
8 mg8000 mcg80 mg80000 mcg
9 mg9000 mcg90 mg90000 mcg
10 mg10000 mcg100 mg100000 mcg


You have the right to use the converter device at the optimal of the web page to work-related out response for your individual calculation.

If you wish to convert in between milligrams and grams, you deserve to do so through the mg come g converter. Alternatively, you have the right to convert in between micrograms and also grams here.

What is the symbol because that micrograms?

Microgram is a unit in the metric system and also its price is μg. To type the symbol μ ~ above a Mac, press the ⌥ option + m secrets together. Top top Windows, save the Alt vital depressed whilst you kind the number 2 3 0.

Within medical reports and also communication micrograms are commonly referred to v the prize mcg.

If you have any type of suggestions or queries v this conversion tool, please contact me.

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