Everyone wants a new tub of the gooey, yellow-green ointment. And all have actually a story about its problem-salving - they use it top top squeaky bed springs, psoriasis, dried facial skin, cracked fingers, burns, zits, diaper rash, saddle sores, sunburn, pruned trees, rifles, shell casings, bed sores and also radiation burns.

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Everything, that seems, except for cows.

"Some, friend don"t really also want come hear, however they"re gonna tell you anyway," said accounts manager Krystina McMorrow, that is fifty percent the office staff.

"I"ve been right here 14 years," stated accounts-receivable clerk Shawna Wilkerson, the other half. "The oddest one I"ve heard was somebody that reloads his ammunition. The puts Bag enjoyment on the cartridge casing and it makes it simpler to reload "em."

Developed in 1899 to soothe the irritated udders the milking cows, the substance with the mild medicinal odor has evolved into a medicine chest must-have, with as plenty of uses together Elmer"s glue.

According come Bag balm lore, the ingredient went native barns come bedrooms as soon as dairy farmers" wives noticed just how smooth your spouses" fingers to be after utilizing it ~ above cows" udders. The wives were jealous.

Bag Balm saw the phibìc Pole with Admiral Byrd, to Allied troops in world War II, who supplied it to save weapons indigenous corroding, come Ground Zero because that the paws the cadaver-sniffing dogs looking the people Trade center rubble, and to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sold turn off pet treatment shelves and at farm stores for $8.99 every 10-oz. Green bath tub (with cow"s head ~ above the lid), it"s made of petrolatum, lanolin and an antiseptic, 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate - dramatically the exact same formula used because John L. Norris bought that from a Wells river druggist before the turn of the century.

It is made in a one-room "plant" by the household owned Dairy association Co., Inc. - 6 employees, two officers and no sales force - operating in a cluster of converted railroad structures in this tiny (pop. 1,215) northern Vermont town.

Petrolatum is shoveled from 50-gallon drums right into a large vat and blended with lanolin from Uruguay, climate heated to 95 degrees. A maker quickly squirts the goop right into metal can be ~ that space cooled, capped and packaged.

The plant is inspected yearly by the U.S. Food and also Drug Administration, despite the product is marketed for usage by animals, no humans.

Distributed by wholesalers and also sold sleeve in farm yard stores, nationwide drugstore chains and also general stores, its popularity has actually grown greatly with word-of-mouth declaring as converts becomes users and also then devotees.

Imitators v the year have consisted of Udderly Smooth Udder Cream and also Udder Balm.

The Dairy combination won"t divulge sales figures.

In a 1983 report, the late CBS News journalist Charles Kuralt stated upward that 400,000 systems were shipped annually. Norris" granddaughter, company President Barbara Norris Allen, won"t say just how today"s shipping compare.

"The cooler the weather, the far better our business," claimed Ron Bean, production manager at the plant, which is open for tours however not photographers.

To call the operation old-fashioned is one understatement.

The plant operates v one shift, Monday v Friday. The Dairy association doesn"t take credit cards ("Send united state a an excellent ol" check," states Allen). And the names of individual stores the buy straight are maintained on table of contents cards in document cabinets.

Long-distance bicyclist Andy Claflin states he began using Bag balm on a cross-country race last June, when a teammate turned the on come it because that saddle sores.

Claflin, 37, indigenous Dayton, Minn., was suffering from saddle sores as he contended in the Race throughout America. A teammate told him it was great for the sores, a bane the long-distance biking. So he slathered some on, down below.

"I to be sitting there in Arizona, it"s 110 degrees, the air air conditioning wasn"t working, the crapper in the RV wasn"t working, i gotta" cycle 100 miles in this heat and great, I"ve got to deal with this," the said. "It was nasty and filthy and also it felt monster ... Yet I didn"t have actually saddle sores from then on, talk 130 miles a day. Once you"re ~ above the bike, you"re choose "Oh, this stuff is great.""

Marge Boyle, 62, a quilter in Paducah, Ky., keeps a believe by her sewing machine.

"It"s really a wonderful product as soon as you"re sewing, because of every the pinpricks you get. The soothes and also heals your fingers. Quilters are constantly pricking their fingers. Us wash our hands constantly to keep them complimentary of dirt, and also you need something to soothe them," she said.

And it"s tho de rigeur in barns, wherein it all started.

Dairy farmer Willie Ryan has used it since the "70s, come soothe the chapped teats the cows. And more.

"The cows acquire frostbit sometime, therefore we use the Bag Balm," said Ryan, 60, the Craftsbury, Vt. "Any open up wound with swelling, you just put few of that in and also put a pack bandage top top it and it walk wonders. Don"t questioning me how, yet it does," the said.

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For every its myriad uses, there"s one ar its devices say never to use it.

"Never put Bag enjoyment in her hair, since you will certainly not acquire it out," said Wilkerson.

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