2 clinical Language Rules

Language Review

Before us begin evaluating the rule let’s finish a quick language review that will aid with pronunciation and spelling. In class, you will exercise pronunciation through your Instructor.

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Short Vowelsa, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y are shown by reduced case.

Long VowelsA, E, I, O, U are shown by upper case.

ConsonantsConsonants are every one of the other letters in the alphabet. B, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, and z.

Language rules for building Medical Terms

When combining 2 combining creates you keep the combining kind vowel.When combining a combining form with a suffix that starts with a consonant friend keep the combining form vowel.

Gastr/o/enter/o/logy – The study of the stomach and the intestines

Following rule 1, once we join combining form gastr/o (meaning stomach) with the combining type enter/o (meaning intestines) we store the combining form vowel o.Following rule 2, when we sign up with the combining kind enter/o (meaning intestines) with the suffix -logy (that starts with a suffix and method the study of) we store the combining form vowel o.
When combining a combining type with a suffix that begins with a collection you drop the combining type vowel. A prefix goes at the beginning of the word and also no combining type vowel is used.

Intra/ven/ous – related to to within the vein

Following rule 3, notification that once combining the combining kind ven/o (meaning vein) v the suffix -ous ( that starts v a vowel and method pertaining to) us drop the combining form vowel o.Following rule 4, the prefix intra- (meaning within) is at the start of the medical term with no combining type vowel used.
When defining a clinical word, start with the suffix an initial and then work-related left to right stating the word parts. You might need to add filler words. As lengthy as the filler word does not readjust the meaning of words you might use it for the objective of building a medical vocabulary. Once you start to use the indigenous in the paper definition of a sentence it will be easier to decision which filler word(s) come choose.

Intra/ven/ous – pertaining to in ~ the vein or in connection with to in ~ a vein.

Following rule 5, notice that I begin with the suffix -ous (that method pertaining to) climate we job-related left to right starting with the prefix Intra- (meaning within) and the combining type ven/o (meaning vein).Notice that we have used 2 different meanings that median the very same thing.In these instances we do not have the paper definition of a complete sentence. Because that the function of structure a medical terminology foundation either definition is accepted.

The combining kind vowel is provided to join word parts and to lull pronunciation.The most typical combining type vowel is one "o" but sometimes it is an "i" or an "e".

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