1. (A) members of the carbon family members have four valance electrons2. (A) Fluorine is the most reactive facet in that group3. (C) non-metals are an ext likely to brittle than metals4. (D) Carbon is the most usual element

1. Answer;


Mendeleev i ordered it the well-known chemical facets in a table follow to enhancing mass.

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Explanation;Mendeleev arranged the elements in rows in bespeak of raising mass so that facets with similar properties to be in the very same column. He noted an arranging principle that worked for every off the known elements.The nearby match between Mendeleev’s predictions and the actual nature of brand-new elements showed how useful his routine table can be. He additionally left spaces for undiscovered facets in order come place elements with similar properties in the exact same column.Mendeleev"s periodic table to be useful because it allowed scientists come predict nature of unknown elements.2. Answer;

Atomic mass unit.

One twelfth the mass of a carbon-12 atom is offered to specify an atomic mass unit

Explanation;An atomic mass unit (AMU) ad to precisely 1/12 the fixed of an atom of carbon-12. The carbon-12 atom has six protons and six neutron in the nucleus. One AMU is the mean of the proton rest mass and also the neutron rest mass.The mass of an atom in atom mass unit is around equal come the amount of the variety of protons and neutrons in the nucleus.The atomic mass unit expresses the relative masses of various isotopes that elements. 3. Answer;

Five electron

A member of the boron household has three valence electrons, while a member the the nitrogen household has five electrons.

Explanation;The variety of valence electrons is the number of electrons in the outermost energy level of an atom. Nitrogen family includes, non-metals, metalloids, and also metals. The atoms of these facets in the nitrogen family members have a 5 valence electrons. The family incorporate elements, phosphorus, bismuth, arsenic and antimony. They form bonds with sharing that electrons.4. Answer;


Explanation;Ionic compounds room compounds the are consisted of of ions. Castle are formed as a an outcome of transport of electron from one atom come another. One atom loses electrons while the various other atom benefit electrons, resulting to development of negatively fee ion (anion) and also positively charged ion (cation) which sign up with via ionic link to form an ionic compound.Lithium oxide is an instance of ionic compound developed from lithium and oxygen atoms. Lithium has actually a valency of one while oxygen has a valency the two, therefore, the chemical formula the lithium oxide will certainly be Li2O. 5. Answer;

Of the strong attractions between polar water molecules

Water has a higher boiling point than expected because of the solid attractions in between polar molecules.

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Explanation; Water has actually a high boiling allude because of intermolecular forces of attraction dubbed hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonding is a type of dipole-dipole interaction, wherein a molecule the is partially optimistic is attractive to one more molecule the is partially negative. Hydrogen bond gift a an effective intermolecular force, it renders water to have actually a high boiling point, due to the fact that they require more energy to rest the bond.