The Midwest Grape and Wine market Institute gives resources, conducts research, and also connects neighborhood wine enthusiasts to beneficial information around enology and viticulture in the Midwest. In order to serve the Midwest wine and also grape industry, we offer education and also outreach programming with publications, workshops, seminars, training, and also direct communication.

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Our research into the scientific research of winemaking, also known together enology, permits winemakers to enhance their wine quality and make education decisions during wine production. The Midwest Grape and Wine market Institute provides education to neighborhood winemakers, indigenous winemaking ideal practices to helping you uncover resources to meet your winery’s needs.



Local grape growers can advancement their understanding on cold-hardy grape varieties, farming practices, and much more through the Midwest Grape and also Wine market Institute’s viticulture resources. Discover a variety of details on grape growing and also vineyard management strategies or discover vineyards and wineries close to you.

About the Industry

Discover the economic affect of winemaking and viticulture in the Midwest. We’ve compiled industry research and also industry details to help local grape growers and also winemakers much better understand their field of interest, consisting of connecting them to local wine associations and also membership information, enology and viticulture research, and more.



Midwest winemakers can submit alcohol samples come the Midwest Grape and also Wine sector Institute’s activities for chemical evaluation or sensory evaluation. Whether security grape ripeness, tracking basic winemaking parameters, or addressing quality concerns, our laboratory supplies analytical devices to help arm winemakers through information about their wines. View our fee-for-service activities offerings, inspect out some current research, and also learn more about our laboratory.

The Midwest Grape and Wine sector Institute’s fee-for-service laboratory is open from 8am come 5pm Monday with Friday. Hrs may vary depending upon University Holidays or Winter Break.

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Stay in Touch

Keep up through the Midwest Grape and Wine industry Institute by complying with us on society media and signing up because that our newsletter. If you’re interested in catching up on past concerns of the newsletter, you have the right to visit our archive the all previous issues.