having looked v the associated for researcher and come across the following an interpretation of an investigator together a:

person that checks thoroughly

is there a word, or phrase that describes

a person who check rapidly

without implying sloppiness or inaccuracy.

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That dude"s a whiz at number research, a continuous math maven.

Oddly enough, Urban thesaurus looks to have actually a far better def for whiz than Webster online. "Whiz" can be a little slangy, however it"s to be around virtually a hundred years now.


A Librarian.

This prize is fifty percent joke, however only half. Everyone whose ever gone come a Librarian through a question have the right to tell girlfriend a good story or two around them coming earlier with a great answer in one astonishingly tiny amount of time. Knowing where to look for just around any info at all is this folks" calling, and they tend to it is in amazingly an excellent at it.

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ns agree the Librarians usually exhibit preternatural find abilities, but I have encountered part that show up to prefer the thoroughly approach, periodically bordering on exhaustive.
How around just one efficient researcher? If you desire something a little an ext artful, you can use the expression human find engine.


Resourceful - qualified or clever; able come put obtainable resources to effective or ingenious use; making use of materials available wisely or efficiently.


I can not think the a solitary word because that this. However, you can say he or she is an efficient investigator. Efficient is identified as:

Functioning or producing effectively and also with the least waste the effort; competent

Or the or she is a capable investigator. Capable is identified as:

Having the capability required for a certain task or accomplishment; qualified

Efficient and also Capable are definitely relevant adjectives, however, I wanted to change the connotation of looking exhaustively, v that that searching rapidly so reinforcing investigator is the end for me.
You added them together adjectives to improve or elevate investigator, which to me, inflates or magnifies the thoroughly part of the provided definition, whereas i was feather to change the definition all together.
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