“A tiny team of a+ players have the right to run circles around a large team that b and c players.”

Steve Jobs

– cooperates with other people

– coordinates well with others

– is one that communicates well with others

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“Competition has actually been displayed to be valuable up come a particular point and also no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we need to strive because that today, begins where competition leaves off.”
– is a specialized team member

– is a team-oriented worker

Entrust your job to our dedicated team members and enjoy the results of this cooperation.




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How to express the same definition for “Work Well with Others” 

Examples from the Web:

“Try to preserve a positive attitude and be supportive” <1>“Offer to assist someone who is overwhelmed”<1>“Taking time to listen to someone who is having a negative day”<1>“Have never ever an problem when it involves getting along with others in ~ work” <1>“Work with pretty much anyone” <1>“Work to find typical ground”<1>“Enjoy the world you occupational with and also can get in addition to anyone”<1>“Be able to make several of your closest girlfriend from different workplaces“<1>“Know how crucial relationships in the office are for not only camaraderie but also for accomplishing tasks within her team” <1>“People human being who can find a method to obtain along with practically anyone” <1>“Ability to manage most anyone because that working hours length that time” <1>“Trying to it is in supportive, and a team player”<1>“More than anything, you want constantly to be positive and respectful, nevertheless of our differences or something else”<1>“Your job is to find usual ground no issue what, so I constantly look for the best”<1>“Even when there space folks who disagree through your to teach style, to look to watch it from their perspective and, especially if it’s a student”<1>“To love working v people. Being flexible and approachable in the workplace”<1>

Teamwork as a synonym because that “Work Well with Others”


Quotations examples from the Web:

“There’s a tremendous motivation for supervisors to create a culture of teamwork and emotional support at the office”“ the was all teamwork, everybody working with each other doing what they had to do and also not giving up, just keep going forward”<2>

“Sunday claimed the compensation is a remarkable honor because it acknowledges law enforcement embracing teamwork, which the district attorney stated his office fosters daily” <3>

Teamwork help goals become accomplished an ext quickly and effectively, that creates brand-new ideas, and also it solves issues” <4>“The number speak because that themselves: effective teamwork can rise innovation by approximately 15% and also reduce the moment it take away to release a product by 20%.” <5>“Simply acknowledging the importance of teamwork isn’t enough: you must incorporate team-building strategies into your corporate culture.” <6>“The bottom heat is the an company thrives as soon as teamwork is in ~ its best.”<7>“Over the past two decades working through thousands of varied teams across various industries, led me come conclude the the ideal teamwork is a group of world working together for the greater good of the team – meaning, the each person is ready to forgo their own ego, and also make decision that space truly in the ideal interest the the team vs their own best interest.”<8>“Effective teamwork is great for business. Stronger relationships in between team members, better job satisfaction, energized employees and also a more engaged labor force are just a couple of of the benefits.” <9>“Companies who worth teamwork understand that their organizational success is bound to just how well their team members work-related collaboratively to achieve the as whole goals.” <10>“Therefore, the prestige of teamwork is emphasized more and more, with carriers spending millions top top team structure strategies.”<11>“Talent wins games, but teamwork and knowledge win championships.”<12>

Team Player is another means to speak “Work Well v Others”

Quotations examples from the Web:

Team players are completely different. When others fail, these room the people who step forward to lift the team ago instead of play the blame game. They space persistent to obtain it done and also get that right. Team players room admired by many and also envied through those who space not.”<13>“A good team player is straightforward. He or she speak frankly and also bring reality to conversations. Someone you have the right to count on and also will tell friend everything, regardless of even if it is it is great news or negative news.” <13>“We regularly hear players and also coaches praising members that the team together a team players. The a quality extremely regarded since it is so beneficial to the team effort.” <14>“You seem prefer a team player due to the fact that you volunteer to do things! however if you’re honest, it’s partly due to the fact that you know that other civilization will carry out it wrong.” <15>“A an excellent team player cooperates through others without conquering the group and also doing everything their way.” <16>

Cooperates With various other People

Quotations examples from the Web:

“Secondly, once a manager cooperates with various other people in a team, the inspires and motivates them to demonstrate and also exploit their abilities and also be fertile in the workplace. Come be an ext specific, civilization who are enabled to present their strengths and also present innovative, practical and pragmatic solutions for the troubles that the project faces usually feel an ext satisfied and their senses that self-esteem and also self-gratitude improve. “<17>This is the factor in the very first civilized nations, individuals determined to cooperate so that fighting enemies and also securing food could be easier; for this reason in this instance, male cooperates with various other people, in stimulate to fulfill the selfish engine of me preservation. <18>





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