You don"t have to change the automatically transmission liquid on your Ford Explorers if you journey it under typical driving conditions, but regular transforms will expand the life that the transmission. Explorers moved under severe conditions need continuous transmission liquid changes. Consult your owner"s hand-operated for a schedule. The adhering to covers Ford Explorers models indigenous 1991 with 1999.

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Raise the vehicle with ramps or a floor jack and support it through jack stands. Find the reduced cover the the talk converter housing. Revolve the talk converter till you discover the drain plug. Place a drainpipe pan beneath the drain hole, eliminate the plug and also drain the fluid.

Remove the cooler lines in ~ the transmission and flush them v compressed, low press air. Be mindful during this step; liquid may shoot indigenous the other cooler line.

Place a huge drain pan in ~ the transmission. Ease the retaining bolts on the oil pan through a socket wrench until they room within a couple of turns that removal. If the seal doesn"t rest on that is own, tenderness tap it through a rubber hammer. Liquid will drainpipe from the edges of the pan.

Remove the pan retaining bolts once the liquid stops draining. There is still transmission fluid in the pan. Hold the pan carefully and drain as lot as you deserve to into the drainpipe pan.

Scape the old gasket product from the adjustment surfaces on the oil pan and the transmission. Discard the old gasket. Clean the magnet in the pan. Clean the pan and the adjustment surfaces through a solvent and a clean, lint-free cloth. Replace the magnet and enable the pan come air dry.

Employ a socket wrench to eliminate the bolt the holds the filter onto the transmission. Part models may have two bolts. Pull the filter and also any old seals or gaskets from the transmission. Download a new filter assembly, including any required seals or gaskets.

Put a brand-new gasket on the oil pan and reinstall it on the transmission. Tighten the retaining bolts to 79- come 119-inch pounds v a talk wrench. Change the cooler present on the transmission and also the drain plug ~ above the torque converter.

Return the explorer to level ground. Remove the dipstick from the filler tube and also replace it through a funnel. Add about 6 quarts of automatic transmission liquid to the transmission through the filler tube.

Start the engine, relocate the gear selector v the gears and also let it rest in "Park" or "Neutral." If friend let it rest in "Neutral," connect the emergency brakes. Allow the engine operation for 15 come 20 minute to enable the engine and transmission to reach regular operating temperature.

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describe the dipstick to find the recommended form of transmission fluid for your vehicle. If you deserve to measure the amount of transmission fluid that drained native the transmission pan and torque converter, you"ll know exactly how much new fluid friend need.
Ramps or a floor jack Jack was standing 2 drain pans Compressed low push air Socket wrench Rubber hammer Solvent Clean lint-free cloth brand-new filter assembly new gasket torque wrench Funnel new transmission fluid (see Tips)

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