​Ambrosia and also Nectar to be the food and drink the the gods in Greek mythology, and the names of these 2 food building materials live top top today, as does the principle of “food that the gods”, meaning any divine meal.

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​Ambrosia and also Nectar to be commonly talked of in ancient texts, with the general agreement being that Ambrosia to be a food, whilst Nectar to be the drink, however it was not uncommon to watch Nectar called as the food and also Ambrosia the drink.Now regarding where Ambrosia and Nectar come from, or how they were produced, is no elaborated upon, with it simply being stated that both were yielded to Mount Olympus each morning through doves.On mountain Olympus, the Ambrosia and also Nectar would certainly then be served to the other residents by firstly Hebe, the daughter that Zeus and Hera, and also then later on by Ganymede, the abducted Trojan prince.

​Partaking the Ambrosia and also Nectar offered to the Greek gods and goddesses your immortality, and also it was said that by some that the usage of Ambrosia and Nectar turn the blood the the Greek divine beings into the an ext heavenly life force, Ichor.There to be a downside though to having actually consumed Ambrosia and Nectar for the gods and also goddesses would have to continue to partake that the food and also drink of the gods, or else would have their life force fade away.This fading the powers and immortality was said to have arisen to Demeter once the Olympian goddess searched the planet for her absent daughter Persephone.
​There to be an underlying id that if a mortal partook of Ambrosia and also Nectar climate they as well would become immortal like the gods; and also certainly induced Tantalus to shot and stealing the food and drink from the gods.Although the Greek king did no succeed in his attempt, he did obtain an immortality the sorts, for he was afterwards punished for eternity in Tartarus.
​Tales from classical times though, also give examples of mortals eat Ambrosia and also not coming to be immortal, because that it was claimed by some that Athena gave to every of the heroes surprise within the Wooden steed of trojan Ambrosia come eat as soon as they prospered hungry.
​Amongst the Greek gods and goddesses Ambrosia and Nectar were provided as restoratives, because that the goddess Aphrodite was given some to regain her strength, and also to cleanse her wounds, ~ she was hurt by the Achaean hero, Diomedes.Zeus additionally Ambrosia and Nectar together restoratives, providing the food and drink come the Cyclopes and Hecatonchires, after ~ Zeus had freed the giants indigenous their lengthy imprisonment in Tartarus.
​Ambrosia and also Nectar though were not simply food and drink, for people could additionally be anointed in the substances.During the Trojan War, once Sarpedon, the boy of Zeus was killed by Patroclus, Apollo would cleanse the body v Ambrosia. Similarly, as soon as Patroclus himself died, Thetis would certainly cleanse the body through Ambrosia come ensure the human body did no decompose before its placement upon the funeral pyre.The many famous situation of Ambrosia being used as one anointing fluid occurs when Achilles was just a baby. Achilles’ mother, Thetis, would look for to make her child immortal by spanning him in Ambrosia, prior to the mortal facets of Achilles were burnt away. Thetis though, never acquired to finish her work, for she was found by she husband Peleus, who believed his mam intended to do their child harm.

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​Ambrosia and Nectar can have been the food and also drink the the gods, but it was additionally not the only things consumed by the Greek deities.Famously, the baby Zeus, covert away in a cave upon mount Ida drank milk indigenous a goat, and also ate honey.Some would say the Ambrosia and Nectar were in reality honey, for honey deserve to be eaten, drunk as a wine, and likewise used in anointing bodies; but at the same time, some old writers particularly tell the Ambrosia and also Nectar gift eight or ripe times sweeter than honey.There is likewise tales the Greek gods and goddesses drinking wine at assorted banquets, consisting of the renowned wedding banquet of Peleus and Thetis, and also at this banquets other foods were gift served. Food which have to have had meat dishes, for throughout the banquet of Tantalus, the king offered up his own son Pelops together a key course, so there must have been occasion once the god ate of other meat dishes.