Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader, has been just one of the many misunderstood villains ever before created. Why go he turn to the dark side? just how did the dark forces seduce Anakin?

If he to be a bad guy, why walk Vader sacrifice his life to save his boy Luke? If he was a an excellent guy, how can Anakin have killed Jedi younglings and nearly choked the love the his life, Padme?

But that is the genius of Star wars creator George Lucas who made Anakin, and not Luke, the favored One. It was Anakin who was destined come strike a balance in between the light and dark political parties of the Force.

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In a way, Anakin was destined to revolve to the dark side so he can eventually reclaim balance. Anakin’s love for Padme continued to be forbidden every Jedi rules, so he had no an option but to revolve to the dark next for help when she life was under threat.

The Jedi observed it as Anakin’s weakness and also many fans also think the he obtained seduced by the dark side of the Force.

In fact, Palpatine had even promised come “save Padme from death” if Anakin would join the Sith. yet things were slightly more facility than that since even after Padme died, Anakin went ahead through his conversion to the dark side. Why go he do that?

1. Why was Padme & Anakin’s Love Forbidden?

As every the Jedi stimulate rules, forming any type of attachment to another human being was forbidden. children were taken away from their family members not long after your birth for the very same reason. Jedi Knights to be sworn to celibacy and could not get married. Jedis to be born for just one objective – serve the Republic by brokering peace.

Now while every one of that no-attachment shindig is great, it failed in case of exceptions. Because that instance, in Anakin’s case, things turned out really differently. The was discovered as a Force-sensitive kid just after the turned nine years the age.

By that time, he was already pretty attached come his mother. Life as slaves on a desert planet with a constant threat come their stays did not help his have to cling come his mommy for security either.

Padme | Source: main Website

In a fit of rage after being falsely convinced that Padme was trying to kill him, Anakin tries to choke her to death. Padme manages come survive also as Obi-Wan chops off all of Anakin’s continuing to be limbs and also leaves him come burn to death.

But Padme lives only as long as she delivers her twins, and Anakin is revived by the Sith mr who provides him a brand-new mechanical body.

Anakin does try to throttle Padme, believing she to be trying to death him. However she does not die at the moment. However, her eventual death may have actually been resulted in by the shock of see Anakin in a problem where the tries to kill her.

On the other hand, once Anakin wakes up after the hours-long surgical treatment that offers him a new body, the first thing that asks is, “Where is Padme?”.

Palpatine once again manipulates Anakin right into believing he eliminated her in his fit of rage. However Palpatine wants Anakin at his most vulnerable before he have the right to be turned right into Sith. Anakin has now shed everyone he ever loved, hates himself totally for it, and also has only Palpatine because that family. (It was Palpatine who had ordered because that the creation of Anakin in Shmi’s womb.)

4. Just how Did Anakin loss The Dark Side?

Anakin Skywalker to be the liked One for a reason. He helped establish the Star wars saga’s premise the there was no absolute black color nor white but merely shades that grey. Anakin might not find a home among warriors of the light side of the force – the Jedi Order. However when his kid Luke enters the scene, over there is brand-new hope because that Anakin, who had actually only been exhilaration in the name of love every along.

Anakin Skywalker | Source: Fandom

In Luke, Anakin finally finds someone to love enough to dice for and also does the same. the sacrifices his very own life while trying to save Luke. Anakin additionally kills his understand Darth Sidious, thus becoming a Sith mr at the same time the dies. In part twisted way, Anakin manages come strike a balance in between the light and dark sides.

Anakin had chosen to walk ~ above the dark course only due to the fact that he thought doing for this reason would conserve Padme’s life. The didn’t treatment for the Jedi. Once he later sees the Palpatine to be willing to death his and also Padme’s kid Luke since the latter had joined the Jedi, he ruined the Sith. All he ever before seemed to care for to be love, his love.

In the end, Anakin was only looking to find a ar for the intense love that felt in his heart. It required him down some messed up and also dark routes but also pulled him the end to towering heights as well. All in the surname of love, and only love, always. Among the most misunderstood villains I’d say.

5. About Star wars Prequel Trilogy

The Star wars prequel trilogy is the 2nd trilogy that the top Star wars franchise, one American space opera produced by George Lucas.

The prequel collection traces Darth Vader’s origins, aka Anakin Skywalker, from prior to the Galactic empire era.

It all starts in 31 BBY as soon as 9-year-old Anakin is found by Jedi masters Qui-Gon Jinn and also Obi-Wan on a remote planet of Tatooine. The boy screens a powerful raw Force and also is a gyeongju champ.

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Born there is no a father, Anakin is elevated by his mommy alone. Qui-Gon is certain that Anakin is the preferred One, who can restore the Force’s balance in the Galaxy.