What is a Pie Chart?

A pie chart is a statistical, one illustration. It is divided into segments to denote numerical proportions of various quantities. It mirrors the distribution of data that has a discrete set. 

Each segment, or slice, the a pie chart, represents a particular proportion the a total quantity. The value of each part is denoted in either percentage or in the kind of an angle.

Since the pie chart is circular, the complete angle that coincides to the entire data set is 360 degrees, i m sorry is equal to one entire circular rotation.

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In this guide, us shall teach you just how to measure up the angle of a pie graph segment from offered data to adjust or percentages to uncover out the real, numerical value of the quantity. So let’s obtain started! 

Measuring the angle of a Pie Chart: A Step-By-Step Guide

In this section, you will certainly learn exactly how to measure the angle of a pie chart through two operated examples. 

Worked instance # 1 – Beverages:

Let’s suppose there are 150 students in a college class. Castle were every surveyed and asked around their favourite beverage (non-alcoholic) that they like to drink top top a continual basis. The following are the responses that were received:

BeveragesPercentage of RespondentsCoffee30%Tea20%Soda30%Water10%Others10%

Now, if i ask friend how plenty of students like tea, girlfriend would carry out the adhering to calculation and also tell me your answer:

Number of student who like tea = 20% × 150 student = 20/100 x 150 = 30 students

Similarly, because that each beverage, you deserve to do the calculation comparable to the one given above and obtain your answer.

If you space then asked to construct a pie chart illustrating the info you have actually collected around students and also beverages, below is what you need to do:

Step 1 – calculation the Exact variety of Students Who prefer Each Beverage:


30/100 × 150 = 45 students


20/100 × 150 = 30 students


30/100 × 150 = 45 students


10/100 × 150 = 15 students


10/100 × 150 = 15 students

Step 2 – calculation the angle of each Segment/Slice of the Pie Chart utilizing a Formula:

Angle of part = frequency the data/total frequency × 360 degrees

Let's use this formula in our example of beverages. We recognize that 45 students like coffee, therefore the edge of the segment the the pie chart the denotes coffee consumers will be:

Angle of coffee segment = civilization who prefer coffee/total students surveyed × 360 degrees = 45/150 × 360° = 108 degrees

In the exact same way, you have the right to now calculate the angles in levels for every beverage before you proceed to build the pie chart:


45/150 × 360° = 108°


30/150 × 360° = 72°


45/150 × 360° = 108°


15/150 × 360° = 36°


15/150 × 360° = 36°

Step 3 – draw the Pie Chart utilizing the Angles:

Once you have actually all the angles, you deserve to then draw a pie chart. Make sure to brand all the segments v the name of the beverages and write percentages or angle in degrees inside the slices. It is it! her pie graph is ready. 

Worked instance # 2 – Transportation:

Let’s suppose that you conducted a inspection of 100 world for a school project and asked lock their preferred mode of transportation. You gave them 5 choices: car, bus, taxi, subway and also others. You gift your results in a pie graph to your friend as shown below:


Your friend has actually no various other information yet this pie chart and he has to current the data in a tabular form with discrete numerical values to her teacher. Let’s look in ~ the actions he should take:

Step 1 – measure up the edge of the Pie Chart:

Measure the edge of every segment in the pie chart. Save the right 0° line marked on the protractor on among the straight sides that a segment and also read the degrees marked on the protractor ~ above the other straight next of the segment. The prize is the edge of the segment or the slice. Repeat this step for every segment that the pie chart till you have solution in levels for each mode of transportation.

Step 2 – Calculating the Frequency that Data:

Using the formula offered below, calculate the frequency in discrete values:

Frequency the data = (angle of sector ÷ 360 degrees) × complete frequency

Use this formula because that every mode of transportation to acquire the number of people who preferred it. Let’s suppose your girlfriend calculated the segment that Subway to it is in 90 degrees:

No. Of civilization who preferred riding the bus = (angle ÷ 360°) × total people surveyed = (90° ÷ 360°) × 100 = 25 world preferred riding the SubwayStep 3 – construct a Table utilizing the Data:

Once your friend has the specific numbers of human being who wanted a specific mode the transportation, he have the right to then existing the results to your teacher in the complying with tabular form:

Mode of TransportationNo.

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Of people who preferred‍

You’re all set Now!

We hope you liked our detailed guide on just how to construct and also measure the angle of a pie chart. Visit our website for more such lectures and also become a agree at statistical illustrations today!