What is hare Day?

Bunny job is a holiday occasion in pet Crossing: City individual that works prefer an Easter egg hunt. Many bunny eggs will certainly be hidden all over town. Usage your shovel to dig them up, and also then open up the eggs from her inventory screen. Most of them will just contain candy, however 12 bunny egg will have actually bunny foils inside. Rabbit foils room prize tickets that you can give to the Easter bunny (Zipper T. Bunny), who deserve to be found outside of town hall. In exchange, that will administer you with exclusive egg furniture. (Need the new Leaf overview instead?)


Having problem Finding every the Eggs?

Because the bunny eggs are hidden randomly roughly town, some will inevitably finish up in hard-to-spot places, behind a tree or building for example. Fortunately, there is an easy means to re-scramble (oops, poor an option of words) their locations. Just save and quit your game, and also start again. Any type of eggs the were still hidden will be randomly distributed, and also most of castle will likely be in a better spot. If necessary, you have the right to do this many times till you find all twelve bunny foils.

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What about the Candy?

The liquid doesn"t really have a purpose throughout Bunny Day, other than to make the festival seem much more like Easter. You have the right to eat the candy, market it, or save it for Halloween or Festivale instead.

Who is Zipper T. Bunny?

Zipper T. Bunny will certainly make comments indicating that Zipper is just a rabbit suit. And also in fact, a literal meaning zipper have the right to be viewed on the back of the costume.

But that is inside? Many civilization speculate the it might be Phyllis because of her comparable demeanor (and hating her job prefer Zipper appears to hate being in the suit). However, Phyllis have the right to still be seen inside of city hall in ~ night, even as Zipper stands outside. Various other theories exist, but Nintendo provides no main answers.

When Is hare Day?

The exact date of Bunny day will vary from year come year, however it will always be top top Easter Sunday. The occasion lasts the whole day (from 6 a.m. Sunday till 6 a.m. Monday). This chart mirrors the dates for Bunny work from 2018-2026:
2018:April 1
2019:April 21
2020:April 12
2021:April 4
2022:April 17
2023:April 9
2024:March 31
2025:April 20
2026:April 5


Egg Furniture

Aside from candy, there room a total of 12 items you have the right to collect on bunny Day: Ten continuous egg furniture items, a carpet, and a wallpaper. Every player will have actually his/her own collection of bunny eggs, so everyone has actually a opportunity to complete their very own set. Below is a perform of every the furniture you have the right to obtain, along with the selling price because that each. If you sell it all, you"ll score a full of 107,776 bells.

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egg bed9,000 bells
egg bench9,000 bells
egg chair9,000 bells
egg clock9,000 bells
egg dresser9,000 bells
egg lamp9,000 bells
egg stereo9,000 bells
egg table9,000 bells
egg toy set9,000 bells
egg wardrobe9,000 bells
egg floor8,888 bells
egg wall8,888 bells


Note: The egg TV is not accessible from Zipper in City Folk. Instead, it to be released together DLC in march 2012, and also you execute not need it to get credit because that a complete set.

Are over there Duplicates?

No. Each player will have actually his/her very own separate set of rabbit eggs, with enough bunny foils because that a complete set. You will certainly only obtain duplicates if you play as an ext than one character.Good luck and Happy Easter!
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