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Get Cash

Sell fruit, fish, shells, bugs, or various other unused ingredient to Nook. Hell only provide you 25% of what girlfriend paid because that the items though.

Sell stuff at the Flea industry (Fourth Sunday of every Month). You’ll be able to get twice as lot as you’d get from Nook. Friend can’t market bugs or fish in ~ the Flea industry though.

Maximize your time by not offering cheaper fish. You’re better off throw it back in the water and fishing for more expensive fish. That way you won’t need to go ago and forth in between Nook’s and also the river/sea so plenty of times.

Maximize her time by not marketing cheaper shells. Only pick increase White Scallops and Pearl Oysters. Lock the most and expensive. Friend may likewise find coconuts to wash ashore. Choose them up and plant them close to the coast to grow palm trees. Each coconut is worth 500 bells!

Send gift to the villagers in her letters and also they’ll send you furniture or various kinds of fruit that space not native to your town. They’re precious 500 bells rather of 100, yet if you tree them you will do it have countless trees with numerous fruits that room worth 500 bells! girlfriend can also get non-native fruit by visiting your friends’ towns via DS come DS connection or WiFi.

Deposit money in your financial institution account and you’ll earn interest every month. You can additionally cheat by an altering the date and get a many money in interest. However, be careful since the town will certainly be full of weeds. If you decision to do it, you might as well do it number of times to do it worthwhile.

Shake trees and also you’ll discover a few bells here and also there or even hidden furniture. If the bees come out, they will most likely sting you, however you should shot to catch them, as they’re worth 4,500 bells at Nook’s!When you see “stars” in the ground, use your shovel to destruction out a fossil, i beg your pardon you deserve to donate at the museum (for free) or offer it come Nook for huge bucks after the been established by Blathers the owl. Sometimes it won’t be a fossil, however you have the right to still sell the Gyroids. Pitfall seeds space worthless though.

You’ll receive money in a letter from your mommy on January 1st – It will contain 10,000 bells.

Fish in late July – beforehand August to capture expensive fish: Hammerhead (8,000 Bells), Napoleanfish (10,000 Bells), Red Snapper (3,000 Bells), and also Shark (15,000 Bells).

Fish in Winter to capture expensive fish: Red Snapper (3,000 bells), cable Fish (15,000 bells), and Tuna (7,000 bells).

Hit every the rocks in town when a day. Among them will certainly contain money bags. Fight it several times consecutively, and also you’ll get an ext money. You can dig three holes about yourself and also the absent so when you hit it you nothing accidentally step back. You have to do this prior to hitting each rock for the very first time though.

Find one Elegant Mushroom in the loss (one every day) and sell it for 12,000 bells.

Change the day to Dec. 24 after 8pm, and find Jingle. He’ll give you a piece of the jingle set, i beg your pardon you deserve to sell at Nook’s for 12,000 bells.

Once you have actually the golden shovel, bury money. If you lucky, it’ll thrive into a money-giving tree.

Bunny work (Easter): destruction up hare Eggs through a shovel. Open them and also eat if lock if lock candy. If it’s Bunny Foil, store it and also talk to the Bunny male in prior of the city Hall. Offer the prizes at Nook’s, save the game, pat on a various date, save, and also then play on Bunny day again!

NOTE: If you save the liquid and adjust the date to the Festivale, you can offer the liquid to Pave and also he will offer you furniture. If you gain lots the furniture, that is worth lots at Nook’s. (Thanks for the tip, Shanice M.!)

Send fruit come a Neighbor and also include words “Fruit” in the article field. Ultimately they’ll send you various other fruit or furniture.

Duplicate your Bells (Tip from Kellie A.) If you have 5,000 bells, you acquire 10,000. The only way to execute it is end Wi-Fi connection. Walk to her friend’s town and leave her bells external their gate. Climate go and talk come Cooper in the gate and tell him that you desire to go home. ~ he says “Well then… (your surname then some other stuff)” you conveniently press the home switch on her remote and also click reset. Climate go back on and also you should have the exact same amount the bells in her pocket together before, however the exact same amount is additionally in her friend’s town, so go to your friends town and get the  money and also you’ll have double the amount! girlfriend can also duplicate items, fruits, etc. (anything however fish or bugs).

House and also Store Upgrades

Home Upgrades

Expand your house by payment off your mortgage. This is what that will cost you, and the expansions will certainly be constructed in this order:

Normal house: 19,800 BellsFirst expansion: 120,000 Bells – Larger very first FloorSecond expansion: 248,000 Bells – Largest first FloorThird expansion: 368,000 Bells – 2nd FloorFinal expansion: 598,000 Bells – Basement

Nook’s store Upgrades

Nook will certainly make his store bigger and better the an ext you shop at it.Nook’s Cranny: accessible from the beginning.Nook ‘n Go: spend (or sell) 25,000 Bells in was (and wait one week because you began the game).Nookway: invest (or sell) 90,000 Bells in goods (and wait two weeks due to the fact that Nook ‘n Go opened up its doors).Nookingtons: invest (or sell) 250,000 Bells in was (and wait three weeks due to the fact that Nookway opened its doors).

Restock Items in ~ Nook’s Store

If the keep is acquiring empty and you want an ext items to shop today, simply save the game and also quit. Then, select “Others” before restarting it. Go earlier one day, save and also quit, then repeat the process and go forward sooner or later so you on the exact same day when you started. Nook’s keep will be full of merchandise anywhere again.

Special Objects

Golden AxeThrow a consistent axe right into the town fountain (it might turn silver or golden). READ about SERENA IN THE SPECIAL characters SECTION FOR much more INFO.

Golden pest NetYou’ll require to capture every kind of bug in the game to get the Golden an insect Net!

Golden Fishing RodYou’ll need to catch every kind of fish in the video game to get the golden Fishing Rod!

Golden ShovelIf you ask a constant shovel in the ground and also then dig it increase after 4 days, the will come to be a gold Shovel.

Golden SlingshotShoot eight balloons and also it will randomly come in one more flying balloon.

Golden Watering CanGet a Perfect city Rating for 15 days and also then go and also talk to Pelly in ~ the city Hall.

Silver AxeThrow a constant axe into the town fountain (it may turn silver or golden). READ around SERENA IN THE SPECIAL characters SECTION FOR more INFO.

Silver pest NetPurchase in ~ Nook’s.

Silver Fishing RodPurchase in ~ Nook’s.

Silver ShovelFind Resetti’s Surveillance center in the City and he’ll provide you the silver- Shovel.

Silver SlingshotPurchase at Nook’s.

Silver Watering CanPurchase 50 bags that seed in ~ Nook’s.

Mario ItemsShoot under balloons and also once in a if you’ll achieve a Mario Item: Block, Brick Block, Brick Flooring, Cannon, Coin, Fire Bar, Fire Flower, Flagpole, environment-friendly Koopa Shell, eco-friendly Pipe, Mushroom Mural, Star, at sight Mushroom, and also 1-Up Mushroom.

Mush Furniture SetPick up mushrooms during the fall, specifically after 3pm. Some may contain covert furniture.

Snowman Furniture SetWhen that snows, roll a huge snowball. Then, role a medium-sized snowball on optimal of the to create a snowman. Hell send girlfriend a random item of furniture.

Spooky Furniture SetEveryone in town will be pull up like Jack the day, but you have actually to discover the real Jack. He will certainly not follow you, however you’ll have actually to give him liquid you bought in ~ Nook’s during the month that November. He’ll provide you “Spooky” furniture. If she persistent, you’ll discover the entirety collection.

Pirate delivery ItemsGive Pascal a non-white scallop when he reflects up in town. He’ll provide you one of these items: Anchor, Barrel, Ship’s Helm, Keg, Sea-view Wallpaper, Ship’s Cannon, Ship’s Compass, or Ship’s Deck Flooring.

Holiday GiftsSome gifts will become obtainable during certain dates, depending on your region.


1 – new Year’s Day: brand-new Year’s shirts (Talk to Tortimer)

Third Saturday – Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (Win the Fishing Tourney)

Fourth Sunday – Flea Market: Various presents (Buy indigenous Neighbors)


2 – Groundhog work (North America): Resetti model (Talk come Tortimer)

3 – p Day (Japan): Red Ogre Mask, Blue Ogre Mask

14 – Valentine’s Day: coco Heart (arrives in mail). A week prior to Valentine’s Day, send someone of the opposite gender a letter asking “Will you it is in my Valentine?” (They will certainly send you a existing on Valentine’s Day).

Second Saturday – Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (Win the Fishing Tourney)

Fourth Sunday – Flea Market: Various presents (Buy from Neighbors)

Festivale: pave Furniture (give wrap candy) – This wake up on a different date each year:

2008: February 4 / 2009: February 23 / 2010: February 15 / 2011: in march 7 / 2012: February 20 / 2013: February 11 / 2014: march 3 / 2015: February 16 / 2016: February 8


1-3 (Japan): Hinaningyo (Buy indigenous Nook)

3 – Hinamatsuri/Girl’s work (Japan): Rice Cake (Talk come Tortimer)

19 – Father’s day (Spain, Italy): Unknown Gift

Third Saturday – Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (Win the Fishing Tourney)

Sunday prior to Easter – Mother’s job (UK): No Gift

Fourth Sunday – Flea Market: Various gifts (Buy from Neighbors)

Bunny Day: Egg Furniture and Candy (Give Bunny silver paper to Zipper T. Bunny. You’ll discover the candy and also foil within eggs hidden approximately town) This happens on a different day each year:

2008: march 23 / 2009: April 12 / 2010: April 4 / 2011: April 24 / 2012: April 8 / 2013: march 31 / 2014: April 20 / 2015: April 5 / 2016: march 27


1 – April Fool’s Day: sheet (talk come Tortimer)

Second Saturday – Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (Win the Fishing Tourney)

22 – Nature day (North America): Cool world (Talk to Tortimer)

Fourth Sunday – Flea Market: Various presents (Buy from Neighbors)


5 – Boy’s job (Japan): Newsprint Helmet

Third Saturday – Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (Win the Fishing Tourney)

Fourth Sunday – Flea Market: Various presents (Buy from Neighbors)


Third Saturday – Bug-Off: pest Trophy (win the an insect Tourney)

June 16 or 21 – Midsummer’s job (Europe): Espresso Maker

Fourth Sunday – Flea Market: Various gifts (Buy from Neighbors)


7 – Tanabata/Starcrossed work (Japan): Bamboo Grass

Third Saturday – Bug-Off: pest Trophy (Win the an insect Tourney)

Fourth Sunday – Flea Market: Various presents (Buy from Neighbors)


Every Sunday – Fireworks Show: Sparkler (Talk come Tortimer)

Third Saturday – Bug-Off: pest Trophy (Win the bug Tourney)


First Monday – labor Day (North America): Picnic Basket (Talk to Tortimer)

Third Saturday – Bug-Off: bug Trophy (Win the an insect Tourney)

Fourth Sunday – Flea Market: Various presents (Buy native Neighbors)

September come October (random) – Tsukimi (Japan): Dango

September come October (Autumn Equinox – that varies) – autumn Moon (North America): Wheat Bundle (Talk to Tortimer)

September come October (Autumn Equinox – it varies) – Harvest Moon (Europe): Veggie Basket

2009: Oct. 4 / 2010: Sept 23 / 2011: Sept 12 / 2012: Sept 30 / 2013: Sept 19 / 2014: Sept 9 / 2015: Sept 28 / 2016: Sept 16 / 2017: Oct 5 / 2018: Sept 25


Second Saturday – Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (Win the Fishing Tourney)

Second Monday – Explorer’s day (North America): Sailboat design (Talk to Tortimer)

Fourth Sunday – Flea Market: Various presents (buy indigenous neighbors)

31 – Halloween: Halloween Furniture, Accessories, and also Clothing (Furniture: offer candy come Jack once you uncover him or Buy native Tom Nook / equipment & clothing: speak to Jack, but don’t give him candy).


1 come 30 – Mushroom Hunting: Mush Furniture (Pick Mushrooms alongside trees – just one per day)

Third Saturday – Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (Win the Fishing Tourney)

Fourth Sunday – Flea Market: Various gifts (Buy native Neighbors)

Fourth Thursday – Harvest Festival: Harvest Furniture (Talk to Tortimer because that Knife and also Fork – offer them come Franklin for Furniture).


5 or 6 – Naughty-or-Nice job (Europe): Stuffed fall (Talk to solder – One present per year unless you readjust your clothes and go watch him again).

Third Saturday – Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (Win the Fishing Tourney)

21 – Midwinter’s work (Europe): Snow globe (Talk come Tortimer)

23, 26-31: Festive items (Buy indigenous Tom Nook)

24 – Christmas Eve: jingle Furniture, Stuffed fall (Talk to solder – One existing per year unless you readjust your clothes and go see him again).

26-31 (Japan): Kadomatsu and Kagamimochi (Buy indigenous Nook)

TrophiesYou deserve to earn the Fish and pest Trophy by recording the best fish in ~ the Fishing Tourney and also the biggest pest at the Bug-Off Tourney.

Town room ModelIn the first year anniversary because you started the game, you’ll receive the town Hall model in a letter indigenous Tortimer.

Birthday CakeTalk come the next-door neighbors on your birthday.

Rewards for Saving:Save Bells in ~ the Bank and you’ll acquire Rewards follow to her amount of savings:

Shopping Card: Deposit 10,000 Bells in ~ the bank.Box of Tissues: Deposit 100,000 Bells in ~ the bank.Piggy Bank: Deposit 10,000,000 Bells in ~ the bank.Gold Card: reach “VIP” condition at the bank.

Rewards for Donating:Donate money come the Town fund at the city Hall to unlock the complying with Town Landmarks:

Bridge is built: 200,000 BellsFountain is built: 400,000 BellsWindmill or lighthouse is built: 1,000,000 Bells

Rewards because that Shopping:Shop in ~ Nook’s and also you’ll gain 1 point per 100 bells spent. You deserve to use the points in the direction of the acquisition of these items:

Bad Bro ‘Stache: 2,500 pointsBanana: 500 pointsHero’s Cap, Majora’s Mask, or Samus Mask: 6,000 pointsHero’s Clothes, Varia Suit, or Wario Hat: 5,000 pointsKart: 10,000 pointsMidna’s Mask: 6,500 pointsPeach’s Parasol: 4,000 pointsToad Hat: 3,000 pointsTriple Shells: 800 points Yoshi’s Egg: 1,000 points

Special Visitors

Blanca: (Random Day) she’s a white cat with no face. She’ll questioning you to redraw it, and also you can attract her challenge as countless times as you desire for the day, until you save and also quite. Once you very first see her, she can be wearing a challenge someone else from another remote city drew. Some designs can be rather interesting!


Chip: (6am-6pm June-November) that holds a fishing tourney every Sunday throughout the month of June and November. He’ll give you a prize if you captured the greatest bass the day (so far). In ~ the finish of the day, if you to be the winner, you’ll receive a prize on the mail.


Franklin: (3pm to 9pm top top Thanksgiving) uncover him hiding behind trees and also buildings. Give him the forks Tortimer gives you in ~ the town Hall and he’ll give you one-of-a-kind “Harvest” furniture. You can repeat this until you have the whole collection.


Gulliver: (6am come 6pm – when a week) This man is challenging to locate, and also he will certainly not come if you currently saw another special visitor in your town that day. He flies the skies on his UFO. Try to shoot him down – you’ll hear a break noise and also he’ll disappear. Uncover the only ship part somewhere in town and also keep it till the next day. You’ll view him crashed top top the beach. Talk to Gulliver, offer him the absent part, and also he’ll give you one of his distinct items.


Jack: (9pm Oct. 31 to 1am Nov. 1) everyone in town will be dressed up like Jack the day, however you have to discover the genuine Jack. He will not follow you, yet you’ll have to offer him candy you bought at Nook’s during the month of November. Store the candy within your letters until you’re certain he’s Jack. If it’s a ar you’ll have to offer up her candy and they may also turn your garments into rags or her head into a pumpkin! The genuine Jack will provide you “Spooky” furniture. If you’re persistent, you’ll discover the totality collection. Sometimes you need to refuse to provide him candy to acquire a rarely item indigenous him.


Jingle: (Dec. 24 – 8pm to Dec. 25 – 1am) uncover him around town. He could be either external or within an empty house while the next-door neighbors go for a walk! speak to him number of times and he’ll offer you pieces of the “Jingle” collection furniture. Only trick is…you have actually to change your figure (umbrellas, hats, wigs, etc. –no shirts/dresses) each time therefore he doesn’t identify you! that course, carry out this somewhere far from him.


Joan: (Sunday 6am – Noon) buy turnips from her and also sell them come Nook any kind of day of the week except Sundays. The price vary favor the stock market, for this reason you might make extra money or lose some. Also, you can buy red turnips indigenous her, i beg your pardon you can plant because that a special surprise. Turnips rot after a week, so market them prior to that!


Katie and also Kaitlin: (When friend Play v Friends via Wi-Fi) This mom and baby will be discovered when friend play through a girlfriend online. The baby cat will be crying because she can’t uncover her mom. The mom will be all desperate since she can’t discover her daughter. The only method to fix this problem is to re-connect through your girlfriend online and also reunite this pair of lost souls. Once you execute this, you’ll gain a current from the mother on the mail. If you don’t re-connect with your friend, the cats will stay in your communities for a week and no other special tourists will come in the meantime.


K.K. Slider (aka Totakeke) (Saturday 8pm to Midnight) clock him pat music at the Rooster cafeteria. He’ll give you a document after the tune is excellent so you have the right to play the music at home. Uncover the tune list at the bottom of the page.


Mr. Resetti: (8pm in the city, or once you nothing save) You have to be familiar with that by now, yet he reflects up every time you forget to save your game before quitting. He’ll be really annoying and will talk and also talk, however he quiet likes you. You’ll number this out if you to the city after 8pm and look because that him ~ above the rightmost side of the screen, after the bus drops girlfriend off. He works at the Surveillance facility with his brother. If you’re lucky, that will give you a silver shovel!


Nat: (3rd Saturday in June, July, August, and also September) Nat hosts the bug Catching Contest. He’ll reward girlfriend with presents each time you bring him the rarest bug. Also, he’ll send friend the bug Trophy if you to be able to catch the rarest an insect that day.


Pascal: (6am-Midnight, ~ above a random day) you may discover him near one of the bridges in her town. Give him a continuous scallop (not a white one) and also he’ll offer you rarely furniture, wallpaper, or carpet. Friend can’t acquire these item elsewhere.


Pave the Peacock: (February 23) This visitor likes come organize fun occasions for the citizens throughout “Los Festivales.” If you success random events and challenges choose “Hide & Seek,” you’ll gain colored candy as a reward. You deserve to trade this with Pave for special furniture. The record is if you provide him the exact same color, you’ll get the very same furniture piece, for this reason you have actually to offer him differed colored candy and even combine them.


Pete the Postman: (after 9am or after 5pm ~ above a random day). He’ll simply be outside your residence after that delivers the mail. The doesn’t offer you anything, so don’t suppose anything “special” the end of this “special” character.


Phineas: (In the city, on clear Days) he’s a happy man you’ll see at the city square on clear days. He’ll provide you a balloon, a pinwheel, or a bubble wand if you speak to him.


Sahara: (6am come 6am – 24 hrs on a arbitrarily day) She trades rare and exotic carpets because that an old carpet. This “old carpet” is a details one you’ll attain by asking each of her neighbors. If you provide her three or more carpets, she’ll provide you a rare wallpaper or carpet. If you give her much less than three, she’ll just offer you a typical carpet.


Serena: (6am come 6am – 24 hrs on a arbitrarily day) she’s a fairy that shows up in your town’s fountain. Over there won’t it is in a fractional in your town till you donate 700,000 bells come the city Hall. ~ the 1st 200,000 bells, a bridge will be built, and also after girlfriend donate other 500,000, you’ll obtain the fountain, yet you’ll have to talk to Pelly for this to happen. When it’s there, you have the right to go and throw an axe in the fountain. She’ll show up and ask girlfriend a couple of questions. The “correct” answer will certainly be random, so if you gain lucky, you’ll obtain a silver or a gold axe.


Snowman: (Dec. 6 to Mid-February) If you an alert small balls of eye in the soil you must roll them around to do them bigger. Find another ball and also roll the on height of the various other to make a snowman. If he’s well proportioned, he’ll send you one-of-a-kind furniture.


Wendell: (6am to Midnight) when you find him, you’ll have actually the chance to provide him food. He’ll offer you patterns, gyroids, money, or unique furniture in exchange.


Wisp: (Stores Closing-4am – just one random day per week) once you hear his whispers, Wisp will certainly materialize and also ask you to discover his shed lamp. Find it (can’t it is in one friend purchase) and also run to her house’s attic. Wisp will give you a wish: remove all her cockroaches, picking all the weeds, or receiving one item.


Zipper T-Bunny: (April 14) He will hide eggs almost everywhere town and you will have to dig lock out through the shovel. Egg are often hidden approximately houses and trees, but there won’t be a note so you have the right to see wherein they’re buried, for this reason you’ll have actually to shot to guess. As soon as you uncover them, eat the candy and trade the bunny foil v Zipper for special furniture.


Other Hints and also Secrets

Use the DS suitcase mode to transfer your personality to the Wii game and all the objects you unlocked in the DS version will be available for acquisition in Nook’s magazine on the Wii version.

Present Balloons will certainly be watched every day in ~ 10:05am, 10:15 am, 10:25 am, 10:35 am, 10:45 am, 10:55 am, 3:05pm, 3:15pm, 3:25pm, 3:35pm, 3:45pm, and 3:55pm. Run North and shoot them. When you shoot eight, the golden Slingshot will randomly appear on an additional flying balloon. The golden Slingshot shoots three pellets.

Alternate shoe Color:In the city, you’ll discover Kicks the Skunk. Ask him to shine her shoes to make them enhance your clothes. If friend ask the to readjust the style, hell return them come their original look.

Zap Suit changes Background MusicWear one of the Zap Suits and you’ll hear a various background tune.

Valentine’s day CocoaVisit the Roost cafe on Feb. 14th. Stimulate a coffee and also Brewster will certainly surprise you with a warm cocoa and will wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

New post SignLook for the yellow canary perching on height of the article Board. If he is there, it way you have an unread message.

Hidden ingredient in RocksIf a ar is looking in ~ a rock, there might be miscellaneous in it. Fight it through a shovel and something will come the end of it, probably a Pill Bug.

Free FurnitureGo to the city Hall and open the recycling container. It may have actually furniture or other cool stuff. Girlfriend can likewise go come the Gate and talk to Booker (dog ~ above the left) to view if the has any kind of objects in the “Lost & Found.”

Keep the neighbors at HomeIf you have trouble finding neighbors when you require them, just go to the gate, ask Copper to develop a link so you have the right to have visitors, and also then every neighbor will be home. Nothing forget come close the gate as soon as you’re excellent so you don’t usage too much battery!

Make your next-door neighbors AngryWalk right into the neighbors and also push them around or hit them v the shovel or pest net. They’ll end up being mad and steam will come the end of your heads.

Cure bee Stings there is no MedicineIf you acquire stung and also don’t desire to spend money on medicine or the save is closed, just go to her attic and also sleep, conserve the game, and restart it. When it reloads, your confront will it is in perfect again!

Nature’s PunishmentPlay your video game at least once a week, or the next time girlfriend go earlier to it, the town will be full of weeds and your flowers may be unable to do or dying. Same thing will happen if you begin cheating by transforming the day radically.

Crazy Redd’s secret Store: Redd now has actually a shop in the city whereby he sells furniture and also sometimes rare items. Careful with his price though! Oftentimes he’s much more expensive 보다 Nook. He likewise sells paintings, periodically original and also sometimes counterfeit.

Finding out if a paint is a Counterfeit (Before you Buy)Walk towards the item and press A. Stunner Redd will tell girlfriend the price.

The items is a fake if there’s a assumed bubble end his head and he says among the adhering to things:“It’s a very nice item” / “It take it ol’ Redd a long time to obtain his hand on that!” / “It took a most wheeling and also dealing” / “When it pertains to items because that Crazy Redd’s family, ns won’t avoid ’til I gain it!” / “I’m gonna offer it come you for only — Bells!”

If the article is really cheap, it’s more than likely fake too.

Finding out if a paint is a Counterfeit (After you Buy)Once you buy a painting, you can go come Nook’s and also see if the paint you bought is component of the catalog. If that not, climate it’s a forgery and also you need to sell it come Nook rather of having actually Blathers appraise the (lowers the price). If the is top top the catalog, then it’s one original and also you can go donate it in ~ the museum.

To get a Special project in the City (Tip indigenous Oscar P. From the U.K.) Go to stunner Red and also get the mare paper. Then compose a very long letter to the mayor about how lot you choose him, climate go reduced down every tree in the town. ~ that, send money come 5 people and another letter come the mayor about how lot you adore him. Girlfriend will obtain a letter earlier saying:

“Dear ___,You have actually been preferred for mine extra one-of-a-kind job! You will certainly be working as a ___ at ____for ________ bells a day! mayor ____,”

Item Lists


Angelfish: 3,000 Bells; river (rare) may to October, morning, evening, night.Arapaima: 10,000 Bells; river (rare) July come September, morning, evening, night.Arowana: 10,000 Bells; flow (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.Barbel Steed: 200 Bells; river all year, all day.Barred Knifejaw: 5,000 Bells; ocean (rare) March to November, every day.Bitterling: 900 Bells; river November to February, all day.Black Bass: 300 Bells; river all year, every day.Blue Gill: 120 Bells; flow all year, noon.Blue Marlin: 10,000 Bells; ocean (rare) July come Sept, all day.Crucian Carp: 120 bells; river all year, all dayCarp: 300 Bells; river all year, all day.Cat Fish: 800 Bells; pond may to October, morning, evening, night.Char: 3,800 Bells; waterfall Mar to June and September come November, morning, evening.Cherry Salmon: 1,000 Bells; flow March to June and also September come November, morning, evening.Clownfish: 650 Bells; ocean April to September, every day and May to August, noon.Coelacanth: 15,000 Bells; ocean throughout rain or eye (rare) every year, morning , evening, night.Craw Fish: 250 Bells; holding pond April to Sept, all day.Crucian Carp: 120 Bells; flow all year, every day.Dab: 300 Bells; ocean October come April, all day.Dace: 200 Bells; river all year, morning, evening, night.Dorado: 15,000 Bells; river (rare) June to September, morning, noon, evening.Eel: 2,000 Bells; flow June to Sept, morning, evening, night.Football Fish: 2,500 Bells; ocean (rare) November to March, morning, evening, night.Freshwater Goby: 300 Bells; flow (rare) every year, morning, evening, night.Frog: 120 Bells; holding pond might to August, all day.Gar: 6,000 Bells; pond (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.Giant Snakehead: 5,500 Bells; pond July to August, noon.Gold Fish: 1,300 Bells; flow (rare) every year, every day.Guppy: 1,300 Bells; flow (rare) April to November, noon.Hammerhead Shark: 8,000 Bells; s (rare) June to September, all day.Horse Mackeral: 150 Bells; ocean all year, all day.Jelly Fish: 100 Bells; ocean August, every day.Killifish: 300 Bells; stop pond (rare) April to August, every day.King Salmon: 1,800 Bells; flow (rare) September, every day.Koi: 2,000 Bells; river (rare) every year, morning, evening, night.Loach: 300 Bells; flow March to May, every day.Ocean Sunfish: 4,000 Bells; s (rare) April to September, morning noon, evening.Octopus: 500 Bells; s September come January and March come July, every day.Olive Flounder: 800 Bells; s (rare) all year, every day.Pale Chub: 200 Bells; flow all year, noon.Piranha: 2,500 Bells; flow (rare) June to September, noon, night.Pond Smelt: 300 Bells; pond December to February, every day.Popeyed Goldfish: 1,300 Bells; flow (rare) every year, every day.Puffer Fish: 240 Bells; ocean July come September, all day and also August, all day.Rainbow Trout: 800 Bells; river March come June and September come November, morning, evening.Red Snapper: 3,000 Bells; ocean all year, all day.Salmon: 700 Bells; river September, every day.Sea Bass: 160 Bells; s all year, every day.Sea Butterfly: 1,000 Bells; ocean December come February, every day.Seahorse: 1,100 Bells; ocean April come November, every day and May come September, noon.Shark: 15,000 Bells; ocean (rare) June come September, morning, evening, night.Squid: 400 Bells; ocean December to Aug, every day.Stringfish: 15,000 Bells; flow (rare) December come February, morning, evening, night.Sweetfish: 900 Bells; river July to September, every day.Tuna: 7,000 Bells; ocean (rare) November come March, all day.Yellow Perch: 240 Bells; flow October to March or November come February, every day.Zebra Turkey Fish: 400 Bells; s April to November, every day and also May come September, noon.

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Amber: 1,200 BellsAmmonite: 1,100 BellsAnkylo Skull: 3,500 BellsAnkylo Tail: 2,500 BellsAnkylo Torso: 3,000 BellsApato Skull: 5,000 BellsApato Tail: 4,000 BellsApato Torso: 4,500 BellsArchaeopteryx: 1,300 BellsCoprolite: 1,100 BellsDimetrodon Skull: 5,500 BellsDimetrodon Tail: 4,500 BellsDimetrodon Torso: 5,000 BellsDinosaur Egg: 1,400 BellsDinosaur Track: 1,000 BellsFern Fossil: 1,000 BellsIcthyo Skull: 2,500 BellsIcthyo Torso: 2,000 BellsIguanodon Skull: 4,000 BellsIguanodon Tail: 3,000 BellsIguanodon Torso: 3,500 BellsMammoth Skull: 3,000 BellsMammoth Torso: 2,500 BellsPachy Tail: 3,000 BellsPachy Torso: 3,500 BellsPachy Skull: 4,000 BellsParasaur Tail: 2,500 BellsParasaur Torso: 3,000 BellsParasaur Skull: 3,500 BellsPecking Man: 1,100 BellsPlesio Torso: 4,500 BellsPlesio Neck: 4,500 BellsPlesio Skull: 4,500 BellsPtera appropriate Wing: 4,500 BellsPtera Left Wing: 4,500 BellsPtera Skull: 4,000 BellsRapter Torso: 2,500 BellsRapter Skull: 3,000 BellsSabertooth Skull: 2,500 BellsSabertooth Torso: 2,000 BellsSeismo Chest: 4,500 BellsSeismo Hip: 4,000 BellsSeismo Skull: 5,000 BellsSeismo Tail: 4,500 BellsShark Tooth: 1,000 BellsStego Skull: 5,000 BellsStego Tail: 4,000 BellsStego Torso: 4,500 BellsStyraco Skull: 3,500 BellsStyraco Tail: 2,500 BellsStyraco Torso: 3,000 BellsT. Rex Skull: 6,000 BellsT. Rex Tail: 5,000 BellsT. Rex Torso: 5,500 BellsTricera Skull: 5,500 BellsTricera Tail: 4,500 BellsTricera Torso: 5,000 BellsTrilobite: 1,300 Bells

Lucky Items for a 7,777 HRA Score

Arwing (Star Fox): Spotlight item in ~ Nook’sDracaena: Spotlight item in ~ Nook’sIvory Piano: Spotlight item in ~ Nook’sJack in the Box: have Jack play three tricks on girlfriend on HalloweenLafty happy Cat: Buy native ReddLovely Phone: Gift native Katie and KaitliLucky black Cat: Buy native ReddLucky Cat: Buy native Tom NookLucky yellow Cat: Spotlight item in ~ Nook’sMaster knife (The Legend of Zelda): Spotlight item in ~ Nook’sMusic Box: Gift native Katie and KaitliPiggy Bank: put 100,000 Bells in the bankRaccoon Figure: Buy from ReddSamurai Suit: Spotlight item in ~ Nook’sTreasure Chest: Spotlight item at Nook’sTriforce (The Legend that Zelda): Buy native ReddWasher/Dryer: Buy indigenous Tom Nook

K.K. Slider Songs

You’ll acquire these every time you walk to a concert in ~ the coffee shop (Saturday native 8pm come 12am). You’ll have the ability to put the various music tracks in your stereo at home and play castle whenever you want.

K.K. ChoraleK.K. MarchK.K. WaltzK.K. SwingK.K. JazzK.K. FusionK.K. EtudeK.K. LullabyK.K. AriaK.K. SambaK.K. BossaK.K. CalypsoK.K. SalsaK.K. MamboK.K. ReggaeK.K. SkaK.K. TangoK.K. FaireAloha K.K.Lucky K.K.K.K. CondorK.K. SteppeImperial K.K.K.K. CasbahK.K. SafariK.K. FolkK.K. RockRockin’ K.K.K.K. RagtimeK.K. GumboThe K. FunkK.K. BluesSoulful K.K.K.K. SoulK.K. Cruisin’K.K. Love SongK.K. D & BSpring BlossomsK.K. TechnopopDJ K.K.Only MeK.K. CountrySurfin’ K.K.K.K. BalladComrade K.K.K.K. LamentGo K.K. Rider!K.K. DirgeK.K. WesternMr. K.K.Caf‚ K.K.K.K. ParadeSe¤or K.K.K.K. SongI Love YouTwo job AgoMy PlaceForest LifeTo the EdgePonderingK.K. DixieK.K. MarathonKing K.K.Mountain SongMarine track 2001NeapolitanSteep HillK.K. RockabillyAgent K.K.K.K. RallyK.K. MetalStale CupcakesWanderingK.K. HouseK.K. Sonata