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My ex provided me a brand brand-new Zoli because that Christmas ago in the 60"s.I have actually only fired 2 boxes the shells thru it and also it has actually resided in a gun instance in my closet ever before since. Just looked at it and also it quiet looks brand new to me, no rust anywhere, it is the silver Snipe model and I was wondering what that thing is worth

This one is a 12 ga. Chambered because that 3 customs Magnum. It has actually some nice engraving all roughly the steel parts that the component attached come the stock.

Bill K, it is in careful about your identification of the gun. Angelo Zoli likewise made one O/U named "Silver Snipe". In fact, the Blue publication does not even list the Antonio Zoli silver- Snipe, although they perform list a golden Snipe by Antonio and a silver- Snipe through Angelo. I don"t doubt that Antonio did make a Silver, however you should make sure yours is one Antonio rather than one Angelo.Both companies marked their weapons "A. Zoli". If you don"t watch the first name in reality spelled out, look for Antonio"s bow-and-arrow trade mark.

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My publication on Beretta 391 Disassembly is no much longer available.My pen surname is Irish, express SHAY-mus oh-KOSH-eh-deh.

That"s good advice posted by Seamus. I think both of mine Antonio Zoli"s had "Delfino" significant on them and they definitely had the Bow and also Arrow trade mark on the bottom that the receiver and the Buttplate.I think "Angelo" to be a drunk cousin or something and also obviously tried come ride the great name that Antonio by utilizing very comparable model names and also the "A Zoli" stamp. You could find an Angelo Zoli pistol that makes a an excellent shooter, however be advised that it"s worth is much much less than the Antonio Zoli guns. I"d to speak by at the very least 50%.I think the brand-new production Antonio Zoli guns start at around 2 grand which does nothing but help the worth of their older field grade guns.Weagle
This is definatly an Antonio Zoli silver Snipe. It to be bought brand-new in lengthy Island NY ago in the mid to so late 60"s, perform not rather remember when.When I first got it us took that out, fired a crate thru it at your disposal thrown clays, I newly threw away the rusted up hand launcherThe next box was at a trap variety in Miami in the at an early stage seventies, knocked down most of them, the total pointed well.It has remained in a closet ever before since. Ns was hoping to offer it or profession it because that a nice running 15-20 hp brief shaft outboard
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