Elisha Nelson Manning IV is a expert football player and quarterback for the NFL’s brand-new York Giants. Lot like his enlarge brother, Peyton Manning, and his father, Archie Manning, Eli was always passionate about football and played both high institution football in ~ Isidore new School in new Orleans (Eli Manning house town) and also went on to play college sphere at Ole Miss. In 2004, just six year after brother, Peyton, join the Indianapolis Colts, Eli was drafted in the an initial overall pick by the mountain Diego Charger and then traded shortly after to the new York Giants. Ever wondered how a millionaire football player lives? We’re giving you an detailed look at Eli Manning’s career, his family, and his actual estate portfolio – consisting of Eli Manning house in Summit, NJ, and also his tremendous beachside mansion in the Hamptons.

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WhereDoes Eli Manning Live?

From his childhood residence in the large Easy (New Orleans!) come his Colonial-style digs in brand-new Jersey, we’re breaking down Eli Manning’s impressive houses both past and also present (and us may have even included some bonus info about Peyton’s location for your viewing pleasure).

Eli Manning House brand-new Orleans (Childhood Home)

Built in 1900, this French early american home, located in the garden district of brand-new Orleans, is wherein both Eli and older brothers Peyton Manning grew up. Elisha Archibald Manning III, the previous quarterback for the brand-new Orleans Saints and also father of Eli and also Peyton, to buy the residence in 1982 because that $450,000.

The home functions a spacious 5,446 square feet the living room as well together 2 fireplaces, 4 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows on both floors in ~ the front of the home permit for lots of natural lighting and a beautiful view of the street below. Archie and wife Olivia Manning quiet reside in the house as of 2019.

Chris Waits (CC by 2.0)Eli Manning house Summit new Jersey (Current)

As much as online publications go, there really hasn’t been much information regarding Eli Manning’s residence in Summit – likely because of the truth that Manning purchased the building using a limited liability company (named Mr. Chester gmbh after his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) fairly than his yes, really name. Eli to buy this brick early american style residence in might 2014 for around $4.7 million. The two-story residence sits on 1.1 acres and has 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms and a spacious tradition kitchen with cherry lumber cabinetry, a big formal dining room, a casual dining space, and also a deck out back that’s perfect because that outdoor entertaining and also summer BBQs.

According to listing photos, much of the inner of this 7,262 square foot abode was true to that aged charm early american homes own – with numerous elegant chandeliers, chimneys, and an easy color trends in each room – at the time Eli and also family purchased the home. But records present that quickly after to buy it, there were far-reaching renovation patent filed, including enhancements to the home.

A for of you have asked around Eli Manning house Westfield NJ, and the residence you’re thinking of is this one in Summit. Westfield next-door neighbors Summit, and there was a quickly dispelled rumor that he to buy in Westfield.

Eli Manning Beach residence in the Hamptons (Current)

Purchased in an off-market transaction in 2017 for $8.5 million,Manning’s spacious Hamptons beach residence is the perfect summer getaway because that Eliand fam to have actually some fun in the sun. The property sits top top a 1.21-acre plot andboasts 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and also a 1,904 square foot 2 automobile garage.

The contemporary-style residence is 3 stories and grants a total of 7,000 square feet of deluxe living space. Likewise included with the building is a huge swimming pool and a private deck turn off the second level that leads directly to the beach.

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A lot of of world ask united state for details on ‘Eli Manning residence Quogue’ which is this home.

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It’s technically no “The Hamptons,” so so close and also fancy, we’ll give it come him.