Alex Wassabi is no a brand-new name in the streets of Hollywood. That is one American actor and also internet personality. He was nominated for a Shorty Award and three Streamy Awards.


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Alex Wassabi biography

The YouTuber was born on 28th march 1990 in great Falls, Montana, in the joined States. What is Alex Wassabi's real name? He was born Alex Burriss. He has actually not offered any kind of information around his parents.

The net personality has two siblings, one brother and one sister. Alex Wassabi's brothers is dubbed Aaron, while his sister is recognized as Mariah.


Alex Wassabi attends the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards - gaianation.nete at Barker Hangar. Photo: David CrottySource: Getty Images

Alex started his career together a society media personality through Vine. He uploaded his very first video ~ above this application on 1st May 2013. He additionally had a YouTube channel that was produced on 26th January 2006.

He quit vine to focus on his channel. He joined hands with his high-school ideal friend Roi Fabito in making video clips for the channel that was later renamed Wassabi Productions. The duo developed various parody music videos and skits, which regularly featured the fictional characters known as Richard and also Rolanda.


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The Wassabi Productions got international acknowledgment in 2012 after ~ uploading a music parody of contact Me probably by Carly Rae Jepsen. Towards December 2020, the video was their many viewed clip. The parody video clip has over 141 million views as of march 2021.

The duo worked together because that 10 years, after i beg your pardon Roi Fabito made decision to leave the Wassabi productions.

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After ten years of make videos together, Roi pertained to me and said that was dissatisfied at Wassabi Productions and also wanted to leave for factors we’re not gonna disclose. Ns was sad to hear it, however everybody knows the the very first most vital thing in life is happiness. I will certainly be posting top top the main channel every week, top top Wassabi Wednesday, like we’ve to be doing because that years and also years.

After leave Wassabi Productions, Roi created a channel well-known as Guava Juice which has actually garnered over 16.5 million subscribers. Due to the fact that then, the Wassabi Productions YouTube channel is specifically run through Burris under the name, Wassabi.


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The channel has actually over 11.6 million subscribers and also 4,505,021,555 views. Room Alex and also Roi Wassabi still friends? correct they space still finest friends even after opting to operation their personal YouTube channels.

Alex has likewise ventured right into the movie industry. He made his debut in 2017, play Allen's role in the gaianation.netedy-horror movie, Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. In the exact same year, he was featured in escape the Night. That starred together The Novelist in season two of the show.

Alex Wassabi's movies and TV mirrors include:

2008 gaianation.nete 2016 - Wassabi Productions 2011 - DashieGames 2016 - 7 Bucks Digital Studios2017 - Boo 2! A Madea Halloween 2017 - Anime Crimes division 2019 - Light together a Feather 2019 - plane Mode 2017 to 2019 - escape the Night 2019 - middle School Moguls

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The gibbs has additionally tried his luck in the music industry. He has actually released several music videos together as:

My Side taking My baby Night shirt What It it is in What it Is

Alex Wassabi's girl friend dating background

Alex Wassabi and also Lexy Panterra in Los Angeles, California. Photo:
GPSource: Getty Images

The YouTube contents creator is dating fellow YouTuber Lexy Panterra. Lexy’s channel has actually over 2.16 million subscribers. She is additionally a recording artist, dancer and the founder the LexTwetrkOut, an exercise regimen that helps people lose weight and also keep fit by twerking. Alex and Lexy began dating in 2020.

Previously, he was in a partnership with Lauren Riihimaki, gaianation.netmonly known together LaurDIY. Lauren is a Canadian YouTube content creator. She specializes in developing DIY accuse videos. In 2019, she to be the host and also executive producer the the HBO Max gaianation.netpetition known as Craftopia.

The duo started dating in 2015 but damaged up in September 2018. The duo announced the shocking and also sad separation in an emotional YouTube video. This was part of Lauren's remarks regarding the break up:


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Basically, we simply feel like we both need particular things, and also we're not totally on the very same page, and also we should take time apart. gaianation.nete gaianation.nete back better and stronger, we have to take time and focus on ourselves. I want you guys to hear that from us, us don't hate each other, and it's no the finish of the world.

He has also dated:

Becky indigenous 2012 gaianation.nete 2014Caeli Santa Olalla Lopez in 2019

Alex Wassabi's network worth

How much money go Alex Wassabi make? The YouTuber makes around $3,000 per day indigenous YouTube and social media. The is the owner and also manager of Wassabi Productions. His net worth is around $10 million as of 2021.

What taken place to Alex Wassabi?

He took a break from YouTube. After being an active YouTube contents creator for 15 years, Alex recently announced that he would be acquisition a rest from the platform. In a video clip, he proclaimed his plans to take prolonged break to emphasis on himself and also re-evaluate his channel's direction. He also planned to focus on his connection with his new girlfriend, Lexy.

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I feel much less creative. Ns don’t have the very same urge to produce that I supplied to. I desire to take it a break to simply be myself and also figure out who I am and also what I want to perform with this channel, and even if I want to be a YouTube creator anymore.

Alex Wassabi has been amongst the couple of YouTube content creators who have always created a laugh or hearty laughter ~ above his fans' faces. However, he newly opted gaianation.nete take one more direction in his career, hence taking a YouTube break. featured the life of D-Black. D-Black is a Ghanaian many award-winning Hip-Hop and also Afrobeat musician. Interestingly, the wears countless hats; he is likewise a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. The renowned Ghanaian entertainer owns the black Avenue Muzik document label.

In 2012, the musician exit an album title The Revelation, which assisted him cement his name as a service mogul and rapper. The has operated with giant artists such as, Sarkodie among others. The artist is a serial entrepreneur. That runs successful businesses such together Club Onyx, a clothes line, black Avenue Films. That is additionally the brand ambassador because that Ciroc in Ghana.