Back with a new twin album, the Caribbean Queen singer discusses Savile row suits, the joys that herb and also London residential property values


‘Get Outta my Dreams, obtain Into My auto is a really spiritual song’ … Ocean. Photograph: activity Press/REX/Shutterstock
‘Get Outta mine Dreams, acquire Into My automobile is a really spiritual song’ … Ocean. Photograph: action Press/REX/Shutterstock

Billy, her album is full of your greatest hits. How does it differ from The really Best Of, biggest Hits, The Collection, at sight Hits and Ultimate Collection?

It’s an album that’s a brand-new album, yet it no a new album (1). On Sunday ns took my family members out for a enjoy the meal – a really nice Chinese restaurant in Queensway – and I was listening to every those old monitor in the car, and also I thought: “This is all right. I’ve done part nice tracks over the years.” sometimes you’ve obtained to large up yourself.

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Surely you deserve to do much better than: “This is every right.” That’s not a quote to placed on the CD sticker, is it?

Well, i don’t desire to overdo it. Ns don’t desire to blow my own trumpet.

Do you often make your family listen to her songs in the car? “Dad’s putting his song on currently – song along!”

No! They listen to my music. Mine granddaughter gets in the car and also goes: “Grandad music! Grandad music!” She just wants to hear mine music, she’s my biggest fan.

In fairness, if you referee a song on how great it sounds at a wedding three decades later, you’ve got at least 4 solid yellow wedding bangers on this album (2).

Not simply wedding bangers, either – I’ve been told that Caribbean Queen (3) accounted because that a generation that kids! Yeah! girlfriend know! (Pumps fist) providing IT SOME! (Laughs)

Is it true friend did various versions the Caribbean Queen for different territories approximately the world?

Yes! It no my idea, it was a marketing strategy. I did afri Queen, europe Queen, Caribbean Queen and also Lithuanian Queen.

Lithuanian Queen?

Not really. The was a joke. However the funny thing is they were every successful, so it did the job.

What space your thoughts on just how Shoreditch has adjusted since you live there in the 1960s?

I think that great. I prospered up near Brick Lane, and also the fact of the issue is that whether or not civilization realise or admit it, if the hadn’t been for the injection of power – and money – from the asian community, the east End can easily have been one of the ghettos the England. And the more recent alters have given it an additional lease the life. If lock knew what it was like, world would be glad what’s happened there. As soon as I was farming up you couldn’t give away a building in eastern London – that’s how terrible it was. Now you can’t even buy one (4). It’s together a lively ar now.

When you functioned on Savile Row, what did friend learn around the secret to a great suit?

It’s about great tailoring however also great colours. In the 80s, i made all my suits myself. In the music company you’re taking care of image, and what might be the much more important thing than colour? colour will always attract. Red will certainly attract more than black.

Does a red suit not spell danger?

Well, there you go! Colour will constantly catch the eye.


Ocean in 1975. Photograph: Michael Putland/Getty ImagesIs Get Outta my Dreams, acquire Into my Car around a frustrated taxi driver? The line “get top top the ago seat” is a clear giveaway.

It’s about talking come A GIRL!

Wouldn’t you desire the girl in the former seat, alongside you? Why do her sit in the back?

Well … Also, actually, yes sir a deeper method of looking at this. “Get right into my car” is about “get into my way of thinking”.

So your brain is a engine vehicle?

Well, in a lot of methods it’s a an extremely spiritual song. Religion deserve to be an extremely taboo because that a lot of people, yet if you can disguise it and make the interesting, and make the relate come people’s lives, it is good. People might look at the exterior of a car, but the deeper meaning is inside the car. Hopefully, follow me the line, a few people might see the depth meaning.

You’re a fan of gardening, is that correct?


Great. What’s the ideal plant?

(Laughs) rotate your machine off and also I’ll tell you. (Extended chortling)

What’s the 2nd best plant?

The same thing! and the third! In the Bible, in the first chapter, the says: “I provide you herb-yielding seeds for your meat.” so that means there’s something about herb, whether it’s herb you cook with, odor the room with or the SOME human being smoke … Herb is herb! So come me the best plant is a herb plant.

Did you watch Frank Ocean once asserted (5) that he was her nephew?

One day i’m going to satisfy him and also smack his face and also say: “How dare you?” (Laughs) no really! an excellent luck come him. I don’t think i’ve heard his music, ns don’t even know what that looks like. What is he?

He’s a singer that is good.

Well, it might have to be worse – he could have said: “Billy ocean is my dad.” There had been some of that (more fist-pumping) a few years ago, right, for this reason it might have been worse! my actual, genuine nephew actually does job-related in the music service – DJ Charlesy. The works v Tinie Tempah. But listen, good luck come Frank Ocean. Let him ride on mine tide, yes nothing wrong through that.

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(1) What he method is the it’s a twin CD, one featuring old hits, the various other featuring brand-new tunes. (2) Those bangers are: obtain Outta my Dreams, acquire Into my Car, Love Really damages Without You, once The Going it s okay Tough, The difficult Get Going, and Red irradiate Spells Danger. (3) The 1984 single reached No 1 in the US. It likewise featured ~ above season 2 of Miami Vice. (4) contrary to Billy’s claims, it is in fact possible to to buy a property in Shoreditch. There’s a pretty one-bedroom flat on Rightmove because that £1.7m. (5) In the interview, open minded clarified the he to be “just fucking with” the interviewer. Simply in situation anyone to be confused.