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hello there. Ns don"t right now golf however am an extremely interested in starting and am in the sector for a new set of clubs. Ns "inherited" a set of MacGregor Jack Nicklaus gold Bear 2-9 Irons, Reg.088. They space in fantastic condition, the grips show tiny to no stay and, overall, they look choose they have barely to be used. Gift a woman, I"m suspect I need to stick with a woman"s set but I would certainly love to usage these together trading material or sell them to put towards a brand-new set because that me. I have seen numbers almost everywhere the board virtual in terms of value yet have not seen any type of in this pristine that condition. Any type of thoughts on worth for these or if there is any market for these? i wanted part idea the what these are prior to I encountered anyone directly. Many thanks much!

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The MacGregor Nicklaus "Golden Bear" irons fight the market about 1986. Ralph Maltby, that analyzes playability (user-friendliness) of irons, ranks them together Classic. This way they were OK irons back when they were made, but are lot harder come hit 보다 most contemporary irons.

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at an early stage versions to be a blade style with extra load on the single area, when the later MV model shows early on perimeter-weighting (to make it much easier to acquire the ball right into the air).

top top eBay, ns see golden Bear irons selling from $40 to $120. Virtual sales would certainly be finest - just see what civilization will pay.

The golden Bear irons i remember were cheap clubs offered in department stores choose K-Mart. They were forged blades and nothing special. If these are the type you have, castle won"t be worth much as a trade-in, no issue how an excellent a condition they may be in. You would certainly be lucky if they take them in ~ all. Not negative clubs (I had a collection once), friend might also play them until you are all set for a modern-day technology set.

Does anyone understand anything about the Reg. 088 set of irons and woods? i picked up a mint set recently because that nothing and also I can"t seem to find any information about them at every online. Any info would be great, space they forged? i hit them and they didn"t feel that great.... 

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