This week, Mumford & young released very first new song off their upcoming album Delta.

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Like plenty of of your previous songs, “Guiding Light” is steeped in spirituality undertones.

The child of two prominent Christian leaders, frontman and also songwriter Marcus Mumford has a facility relationship with faith. In a 2015 interview v Rolling Stone, Mumford called his spirituality a “work in progress,” and when asked if he would consider himself a Christian, he responded,

I don’t really like that word. That comes through so much baggage. So, no, ns wouldn’t call myself a Christian. Ns think the word just conjures up all these spiritual images that ns don’t yes, really like. I have actually my personal views around the human being of Jesus and who he was. Like, girlfriend ask a Muslim and they’ll say, ‘Jesus was awesome’ – they’re not Christians, yet they quiet love Jesus. I’ve sort of be separate myself indigenous the society of Christianity.

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This sense of spiritual unrest is noticeable in numerous of his songs, which sell an moral look in ~ conflicted faith, wrestling through God and searching because that meaning. Even when the subject is various other relationships (“Believe”), lyrics and themes frequently point earlier to an ethical spiritual journey that’s still a “work in progress.”

Here’s a look in ~ Mumford & Sons’ 10 best songs about spiritual wandering.

Awake my Soul

And currently my love stumbles on things I don’t know /My weakness i feel I need to finally show … awake my soul /Awake my heart /For you were made to fulfill your maker

Below mine Feet

Let me discover from wherein I have been / save my eye to serve and hands to learn / keep my eye to serve and hands to find out / and also I to be still / yet I was under her spell / as soon as I was told by Jesus every was fine / because that all must be well

Sigh No More

Serve God, love me and mend / This is no the end / Live unbruised, we are friends / and also I’m i m really sorry / I’m sorry / Sigh no more, no more / One foot in sea, one on coast / My love was never pure / you know me

Roll Away her Stone

It seems that every my bridges have been melted / But, you say that’s specifically how this grace point works / It’s not the long walk residence / that will adjust this love /But the welcome I get with the restart

Whispers in the Dark

Spare my sins for the ark, i was too slow to depart / I’m a cad, however I’m no a fraud, I’ve set out to offer the lord / and my love was chillier when you’d unable to do / and I shed my head yet found the one that i loved

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