Who is Dana Tyler?

Dana Tyler was born ~ above 24 November 1958, in ft Lauderdale, Florida USA, and also is a news anchor and a reporter, finest known for her occupational with the brand-new York City-based news station WCBS-TV. She is regularly seen together the anchor of the 6PM newscast.

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The network Worth of Dana Tyler

How rich is Dana Tyler? as of late-2018, resources estimate a network worth the is over $2 million, earned through a effective career in broadcast journalism. She’s also anchored many other programs end the food of she career, and as she proceeds her endeavors, that is supposed that her wide range will also continue come increase.

Early Life, Education, and also Career Beginnings

While Dana to be born on ft Lauderdale, she thrived up in Worthington, Ohio where she attend Worthington High School, and also after matriculating, enrolled right into Boston University. While few details space known around how she emerged an aspiration because that the journalism field, it is recognized that after ~ graduating, she started her career through the Columbus, Ohio-based station WBNS-TV. She continued to be there for a couple of years, and also then moved to WCBS-TV in 1990 to work-related as a reporter and a weekend anchor. She to be a component of the first African-American team in brand-new York to anchor a newscast, alongside Reggie Harris. She initially worked the afternoon and also late night newscasts, frequently the 5 afternoon airing prior to moving come the 11 afternoon newscasts in 1993. Over the next couple of years, she operated with many popular news anchors from brand-new York City, becoming the critical anchor workdesk partner for reporter Jim Jensen before his passing in 1999.

WCBS Career

Other anchors and reporters Tyler has functioned with include Roz Abrams, Michele Marsh, Ira Joe Fisher, Ernie Anastos and Brian Williams. She had additionally worked with Chris Wragge and also Don Dahler, possibly why she made it through the huge cut the network make in 1996, when a significant number of weather reporters, anchors and also field reporters were made redundant. She’s showed up on countless programs during her tenure, initially taking care of weekend reports and anchoring duties. Eventually, she would hold shows such as “Tunnel to Towers Run”, “CBS 2 in ~ the Met” and “CBS 2 at Tonys”, and frequently reporting on annual local events.

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DanaTylerTV) October 10, 2018In recent years, Tyler hosted the half-hour display entitled “Eye on new York”, which focuses on weekly ar affairs. She also became the consistent anchors of the 6PM newscast of the network, and was additionally assigned to be a constant anchor because that the 11PM newscast alongside Jim Rosenfield. The new assignments started during a shake-up in 2006, when all employee members were assigned to various projects through no one remaining in their old jobs. She changed anchor Roz Abrams, however her run through the 11PM newscast would be quick lived, as she was changed by Kristine Johnson a year later.


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