Rosy Red minnows are largely sold as feeder fish in fish stores. Rose Red Minnows space the fish the you"ll watch 500+ packed into a tiny tank. Due to the fact that of these conditions, they room often disease ridden - fungal infections, bacter infections, and also parasites. Lock come in different color variations - rose reds gift pink, and the organic fat head color of brown.

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The masculine Rosy Red Minnow will care for your eggs and also fry. Their breeding actions is somewhat comparable to cichlids.Overall this is a very underappreciated fish that would certainly make a good addition to just about any aquaria. The is a good fish because that someone wanting to try their hand at breeding egg layers for the very first time.

Rosy Red Minnow Care

Scientific surname : Pimephales promelas

Common surname : rose Red Minnow, Fathead minnow, Tuffies, Rosies, Red height Minnows, Blackhead Minnow, Bait Fish, Feeder Fish

Care Level : easy and very hardy fish, great for beginners.

Size : 2 - 3 inches (8 cm)

pH : 7.0 to 8.0

Temperature : 50 - 78 °F

Lifespan : 1 come 3 years, maybe longer

Origin / Habitat : Mostly anywhere North America with introduced varieties in various other parts the the human being with sometimes adverse consequences.

Temperament / actions : Peaceful. Does good in a community tank of cool water fish. It is in wary when housing with larger fish, together the rose reds will certainly be eaten. Males will become protective end egg site, therefore be careful if reproduction in a community aquarium.

Breeding : Egg layer. An extremely easy to each other in house aquaria. Males often tend to be bigger than females. Although they mature at roughly 6 months of age, they generally do no breed till they room 1 -2 yrs old.Females will certainly lay egg in the clues the male has actually found, usually a flat/hard surface of a log, rock, or leaves. Eggs will certainly hatch in about 5 days, depending on temperature. Males maintain the nest and eggs, fanning and also protecting them. The males will also protect gravid females. After fry become free swimming (2-3 days), they deserve to be fed infusoria and newly flower brine shrimp.

Aquarium dimension : minimum that 10 gallons. This is a social types that should be preserved in a group of at least 3. This fish are really popular in the end ponds, and also will thrive in this environment.

Rosy Red Minnow Tank Mates : any cool water types that space not a risk to eat them. White cloud Minnows, hillstream loaches, dojo loaches, goldfish.

Fish condition : Freshwater Fish disease Often have actually internal helminth from cramped problems in fish stores.

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Diet / Fish Food : Omnivorous. Will certainly eat goldfish flakes and also pellets. Additionally enjoys veggie greens and live food such as insect larvae.