SMITH COUNTY, TX ( - Cougars, pumas, mountain lions, all different names yet the same large cat. Game wardens have said much more of them are here in east Texas.

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We tracked under some professionals at Tiger Creek come share what precautions you may need to take.

William Ward of Mixon took a snapshot of a bobcat top top his game camera. Reklaw residents Chery Luna compared her size 7 foot come a large paw publish in she yard. It appears there have been more and much more sightings.

Terri Werner at Tiger Creek has actually taken in numerous cougars and bobcats. She says since of boosted construction and clear-cutting wild cats are relocating closer come us.

"You"re walk to watch that v bobcats, cougars also rabbits, deer, whatever," said Werner. "I mean, if we destroy their habitats, they need to go somewhere."

Diana Johnson had actually her first run-in as soon as she to be grilling steaks.

"I had left the top open up on the grill and also when ns came back out, the bobcat to be on my grill about to take a steak," claimed Johnson.

But now, she is tracking even bigger prints choose the one she found that makes her think a cougar is stalking she animals. In fact, among their infant goats went missing, other animals have been injured, and, now, she is waking up in ~ night established to capture it.

"I heard the cat," stated Johnson. "It to be a genuine raspy growl and I come out with my gun and my flashlight and I guess I scared him off."

"If a ranch has actually a most chickens and also it"s basic for lock to gain - especially bobcats - bobcats will come in and take them," said Werner. "Your cougars room going to go for enlarge animals."

Game wardens say there space no legislations protecting wild cats so you do have the best to defend your property. But, Werner really hopes they room not hunted because they play vital role in our ecosystem.

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"If we can really live amongst these animals and just take your precautions," said Werner. "They were here many years ago before we were they have to be in the area. Unfortunately, we"re acquisition their habitats. We"re destroying their habitats...I would certainly say let"s shot to find a calm co-existence through them first."

She to add they also cut under on ours overabundance that wild hogs and deer. If you"re having problems, she recommends buying a video game camera first, that way you can show game wardens what pet it is, and also they will know just how to get rid of it.



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