Bull Sharks are frequently mistaken for the sandbar shark.They are an extremely robust-bodied, have actually a large head with fairly small eyes and an extremely short blunt, rounded snout. The top side is dark dull gray fading to a white underside.They have comparable shaped dorsal fins. Bull Sharks do not have actually an interdorsal ridge (ridge the skin going down the back between the two dorsal fins).Their upper teeth are broad, triangular, and heavily serrated. The reduced teeth are narrower and serrated.

Illustration by Duane Raver, Jr.

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Season January 1 to might 14July 16 to December 31All Atlantic very Migratory types permit holders should abide through the non-offset, corrodible one hook need when targeting sharks in commonwealth waters of the Atlantic s (3 to 200 miles off shore).All Atlantic highly Migratory types (Atlantic tunas, sharks, swordfish and also billfish) not retained have to be instantly released come ensure the best probability of survival, without removing the fish native the water.*Special permit required - All exclusive vessel owners/operators recreationally fishing for and/or retaining regulation Atlantic extremely Migratory Shark varieties for an individual use in commonwealth waters the the Atlantic s (3 to 200 miles off shore) must attain an Atlantic highly Migratory types (HMS) Angling Permit. Top https://hmspermits.noaa.gov or contact toll cost-free (888) 872-8862 for details information and permits.
Size Limit 54 customs minimum (measured from the pointer of the snout to the fork that the tail)
Daily border / Person watercraft anglers - only 1 shark that any species per vessel, other than 1 added Bonnethead and also 1 added Atlantic Sharpnose per angler onboard vessels. Shore anglers - just 1 shark that any varieties per angler, other than 1 extr Bonnethead and also one extr Atlantic Sharpnose per shore angler.
Delaware Range Atlantic Ocean
Abundance in Delaware Waters Rare - this species is much more common southern of Delaware.

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General Habitat and also Food preferences The Bull Shark prefers to live in shallow seaside waters much less than 100 feet deep. Bull Sharks have actually been recognized to swim up rivers. They mostly feed top top fishes, rays, and little sharks.
Did girlfriend Know? prior to it strikes its prey, a Bull Shark head-butts the animal. This head-butting habit, in addition to its short, blunt snout and grumpy personality, led to its surname of "bull" shark.
Common Lures and Baits any kind of bloody fish will work for recording Bull Sharks. To attract sharks in, chumming is virtually a necessity.
Typical Sizes caught In general, Bull Sharks deserve to weigh increase of 500 pounds.
Citation Minimum Length and also Weight Live release AwardAdult: 66 inches minimum Youth (age 15 and also under): 56 inch minimumSport Fishing competition AwardAdult: 100 pounds minimumYouth (age 15 and also under): 75 pounds minimum Bull Sharks are eligible because that the Delaware sport Fishing Tournament and also Live relax "Shark" awards, but not currently eligible because that an individual types award.
Delaware State document 825 poundsBrent Thomas1981 Bull Sharks are eligible because that the basic "Shark" record, i beg your pardon excludes mako and also the defended shark species. Bull Sharks room not currently eligible for an separation, personal, instance Delaware record.


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