Can dogs eat watermelon? The brief answer is yes, dogs deserve to eat watermelon.

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But prior to you feed your dog this tasty treat, there room some things you should know.

This fruit has actually plenty the vitamins and also nutrients that are useful for your dog’s health, and also they’re do of 92 percent water, for this reason they have the right to be specifically refreshing top top a hot day.

However, too lot of a great thing can be a bad thing, and the rinds and also seeds of watermelons can cause serious health and wellness problems. It’s important to know just how to serve it to her dog safely for this reason they don’t acquire sick.

As always, you need to ask her vet prior to sharing human being foods, including watermelon, with your pooch. Here’s what you must know around feeding watermelon to dogs.

How Is Watermelon good For Dogs?


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Before friend feed your dog watermelon or any kind of other person food, you must ask her veterinarian or nutritionist about how lot you must feed her dog, if any, and how often. Numerous dogs have different dietary needs, and some have medical problems that might make watermelon a bad choice.

Once you have actually the okay from her vet or nutritionist, make certain you remove any type of seeds or rind indigenous the watermelon before giving that to her dog. Cutting them up into small, chewable cubes is the simplest way to prepare watermelon because that dogs and makes because that a nice, straightforward treat.

You can likewise freeze watermelon to make an extra refreshing summer treat, but make certain your dog’s teeth space healthy enough to chew frozen food without gift damaged.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you have the right to mix watermelon with various other safe and healthy ingredients favor blueberries to do a fruit salad or smoothie for her dog.

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Follow any kind of safety tips her vet provides you because that feeding her dog safely.

Have you ever fed your dog watermelon? perform you have any kind of recipes for watermelon dog treats? allow us know in the comment below!