When thinking of the video game of volleyball, athletes moving roughly in tight spaces preparing to bump, set, or spike a sphere with their arms and also hands pertains to mind.

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Which leaves many players wondering:

“Can you use your feet in volleyball?”

As there have actually been many rules and additionally many rule changes, many people connected with volleyball aren’t certain whether it’s legal or illegal.

Let’s discuss…

Foot to round Contact

The rules regarding contact of the volleyball below the belt have changed over the years.

Previously, as soon as the round hits a body part below the belt it was understood out that play and a point was awarded to the the opposite team.

But no anymore…

A rule adjust now permits the usage of any body component to contact and hit the ball.

Therefore, the ball have the right to be struck by a player’s foot and still it is in in play.

The dominion even results the double contact rule, enabling for simultaneous call of the sphere with the foot and also hand ~ above a team’s an initial contact (such together serve get or protective dig).

If a volleyball player identify their just hope for a dig or getting to the ball is v his or she foot, then it is perfect acceptable to make the play and also continue the rally.


Other Foot associated Rules

Ball contact is certainly not the just volleyball ascendancy involving the feet of the athletes ~ above the court.

Foot faults deserve to be uncovered both ~ above the serve and regarding rotational rules.

A player offer the ball may not have his or her foot touch the baseline prior to contacting the ball. If the foot touch the line first, the is rule a foot fault and the round and allude are vested the various other team.

There are even rotational rules the govern the placing of a player, stating the foot of a front row player need to be closer come the facility line 보다 the feet of the corresponding back row player.

Also, someone in the left or appropriate rotation must have his or her feet closer to your sideline 보다 the player playing in the center rotation.

The rotational foot rule ensure that the floor is evenly spaced and that a team stays in the pre-determined rotation before the serve.

Beach Versus indoor Centre heat Rule

In among the rare differences in the rules in between beach and also indoor (aside indigenous the number of players and court size), the center line preeminence is quite different between the two.

In the at home game, and also athlete need to keep native letting any foot completely cross into the other team’s court.

In the outdoor beach volleyball game, a player have the right to cross entirely into the other court under the net assuming they perform not interfere with video game play.


While plenty of may think of the hands and also arms as soon as it involves volleyball, the feet beat a critical role as well.

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Whether it is digging an unreachable ball, gift in appropriate position prior to the serve, or staying on the appropriate side the the center line, the feet come into play on plenty of volleyball rallies.