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Stuart Scott, a longtime anchor in ~, died Sunday morning at the period of 49.

Among the attributes of the brand-new studio in Bristol is a wall of catchphrases made well known by on-air talent over the years. An exceptional nine of lock belong come one man -- indigenous his signature "Boo-Yah!" to "As cool as the other side that the pillow" to "He must be the bus driver cuz he was takin" him to school."

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That man is Stuart Scott, and also his contributions to the sporting activities lexicon are writ large. However they are just one aspect of his legacy. As soon as he pass away, that left behind so much more. He influenced his colleagues through his thin talent, his occupational ethic and his devotion come his daughters, Taelor, 19, and Sydni, 15. The defied convention and also criticism to assist bring this network right into a brand-new century. He speak to the really athletes he was talking around with a flair and also a style that president john Skipper says, "changed everything."

"He didn"t simply push the envelope," says sports radio host and also former anchor Dan Patrick. "He bulldozed the envelope."

Scott was remembered v an outpouring the tributes by athletes, colleagues and also fans on Twitter and statements native his alma mater, the college of north Carolina, which stated that "his heritage will live on in numerous ways -- together a friend, a son, a father, a professional and forever, a Tar Heel," and also President Barack Obama.

"I will miss out on Stuart Scott. Two decades ago, Stu assisted usher in a new method to talk around our favorite teams and the day"s finest plays. For lot of those twenty years, windy service and also campaigns have actually kept me indigenous my household -- but wherever ns went, I can flip ~ above the TV and Stu and also his partner on SportsCenter were there. End the years, that entertained us, and also in the end, he inspired us -- through courage and love. Michelle and also I market our thoughts and also prayers to his family, friends, and also colleagues," the chairman said.

Moments of silence were hosted at sporting events approximately the United says on Sunday, consisting of the NFL wild-card games between the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys; the Mavericks-Cavaliers NBA game in Cleveland and also at several college basketball games.

Scott saved his best for his critical year top top the air. At the ESPYS on July 16, shortly before his 49th birthday and also following another round the cancer surgery, Stuart embraced the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance v strength, humor, grace and also these eloquent words: "When girlfriend die, it does not median that you shed to cancer. Girlfriend beat cancer by just how you live, why girlfriend live, and in the path in which friend live."

Stuart Scott made famed the catchphrases "Boo-Yah!" and "As cool together the various other side that the pillow."Rich Arden/ ImagesSo if the grief is deep in ~ end the death of Stuart Scott, so is ours gratitude. He to be as renowned on campus together he remained in the airports that passed through and also on the sidelines he operated over the last 22 years. He lugged so much to the party, and also he will proceed to carry out so, with the civilization he inspired, and the language the he liberated, and the audience that will certainly remember him.

Steve Levy, who involved shortly prior to Stuart in respectable 1993 and also served together his co-host for the an initial "SportsCenter" from the brand-new studio last June, placed it this way: "I think the audience well-known that when Stuart to be on, there to be going to be something special. And to his credit, he carried something distinct every night he to be on."

"SportsCenter" anchor Jay Harris, who grew up watching -- and also hoping to it is in -- Stuart, says, "Think around that phrase, "As cool together the various other side of the pillow." It"s a hot, stifling night. You"re having actually trouble sleeping. Yet then you think to rotate the pillow over, and, wow, it"s cool, and it feels therefore good.

"Well, that"s who Stuart is. The is "the various other side of pillow," the male who made sportscasting cool. God bless anyone it was who assumed to rearrange the bedding in ~"

Stuart was born in Chicago, but he, together with two sisters and also a brother, invested his formative years in north Carolina, whereby their father to be a postal inspector who constantly had time to play after work. Stuart saw R.J. Reynolds High in Winston-Salem and also then the college of phibìc Carolina, wherein he played vast receiver and also defensive back on the society football team, join Alpha Phi Alpha and also worked in ~ the student radio station, WXYC. After ~ graduating in 1987 with a level in speech communication, Stuart was hired by WPDE-TV in Florence, southern Carolina. He claims that"s where he an initial came up through the pillow metaphor. "People say ns stole that from a movie," the told an interviewer in 1998, "but I an initial thought of that and also said that on my first job ... I simply liked it."

Stuart Scott was diagnosed through cancer in November 2007 and also dealt v recurring bouts of the disease.Courtesy gaianation.netHis career path took that from Florence come Raleigh, north Carolina, to Orlando, Florida, and in his clips, you can feel his energy, hear his music and sense his on-camera charisma. In ~ WESH, the NBC affiliate in Orlando, he an initial met producer Gus Ramsey, who was beginning his very own career. States Ramsey, "You knew the second he go in the door the it to be a pit stop, and that he to be gonna it is in this big star what someday. He went out and did a piece on the rodeo, and also he nailed it similar to he would nail the NBA Finals because that"

He very first met anchor chris Berman in Tampa, Florida. "He stuck the end his hand and also said, "One day ns look forward to working v you,"" Berman said. "And ns said, "Well, i tell girlfriend what, we"ll save you a seat." and I"m yes, really thrilled that he was ideal on. ns said, "Stu, perhaps you to be the Swami.""

The person most responsible because that bringing Stuart to Bristol was Al Jaffe,"s vice president for talent, who was looking for sportscasters who might appeal to a younger audience because that gaianation.net2. "One that the producers on a story we were law on the Orlando Magic said me about this young male he really liked. I complied with up and also found out that Stuart"s contract to be up soon. He sent out me a tape, and also even then, he had an amazing existence -- i felt the viewer would sit up and also take notice when he was on the air."

His very first real assignments were because that "SportsSmash," a short sportscast double an hour top top gaianation.net2"s "SportsNight" program. As soon as Keith Olbermann i graduated from "SportsNight" to"s "SportsCenter," Stuart took his ar in the anchor chair. "He was prefer a round of fire walking in the door," states an elderly vice president mark Gross, a coordinating producer in ~ the time. "I had actually never met anybody like Stuart Scott."

"I"ve referred to as him Boo-Yah forever," states Norby Williamson, the an elderly vice president that helped overview Stuart throughout those early years. "Ever due to the fact that he provided that catchphrase on the air because that the very first time, and we looked at each other and also said, "What the hell is that?""

That to be the future, and also it looked and also sounded various from the present. "There were successful African-American sportscasters at the time," claims director of news Vince Doria, who supervised the studio programming for gaianation.net2 back then. "But Stuart speak a much different language ... The appealed to a young demographic, specifically a young African-American demographic."

Suzy Kolber, the anchor who additionally began at gaianation.net2, says, "Stuart referred to as me his TV wife, yet we really were choose a family, trying to launch this brand-new network and spending every this time together. Fortunately, few of us lasted much longer than gaianation.net2 did.

"When he visited, Stuart didn"t adjust his style -- and there was some resistance. Also I encouraged him to possibly take a more traditional approach, but he had a strong conviction about who he want to be, and also the voice he wanted to project, and clearly, he was right, and we were wrong."

Stuart Scott embraced the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPYS ~ above July 16, 2014.Rich Arden/ ImagesGus Ramsey, that arrived in Bristol in 1994, remembers exactly when that knew Stuart had uncovered a brand-new audience. "In the loss of "95 ns asked that if he want to walk to my high college homecoming football game in Greenwich, Conn., and also he said, "Sure, let"s go." We gained there mid-first quarter, and also we simply kind of walked up to the sidelines, and one through one, the kids start comin" end to him. It didn"t struggle me until that moment that this man was do an impact."

But as Stuart"s star rose, therefore did the vitriol of those who resented his color, or his hip-hop style, or his generation. He obtained a lot of hate mail, many of it anonymous. If the senders did leaving a name and also address, Stuart would certainly answer and ask them come tell him what the difficulty really was.

He was disarming in other ways, together well. He may have represented new school, yet he to be decidedly old school as soon as it involved preparation. Nobody can ever speak he didn"t work hard, or job over his "SportsCenter" lead-ins. "He to be really aware of getting it right," says anchor Linda Cohn. "He had actually that an excellent balance of being entertaining and being right."

And together cocky and brash as he was, he liked nothing better than to sing a good duet every night. Because that years, he and also Rich Eisen would do just that on the 1 a.m. "SportsCenter," a display that do its way to the next day"s water cooler thanks to their chemistry -- and repeated viewings. Yes, there to be an Ebony and also Ivory theme to their show, but an ext importantly, lock were two young sporting activities nuts play off one one more for the benefit of various other young sports nuts.

Eisen, currently the lead anchor because that the NFL Network, says, "Who would have actually thought the perfect man for me, a Jewish child from Staten Island, would be an African-American man with phibìc Carolina roots? periodically neither among us knew who the other was talk about, yet it worked. That was always a expedition doing a "SportsCenter" with Stuart." anchor man Anderson likens the talent tide at the network come NASA"s astronaut programs. "There to be the Mercury program, which provided us chris Berman and Bob Ley, an excellent pilots who went up over there without teleprompters or whatever. Climate along come the Apollo astronauts, choose Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick, affluent Eisen and Stuart. Lock took united state to the moon ... And also left the rest of us to fly the room shuttle."

The boundaries of a studio can not host Stuart. Before the millennium arrived, he was covering the MLB playoffs, the final Four and also the NBA Finals. He composed for The Magazine and went one-on-one in interviews through Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. When the century rolled over, that did pretty lot everything, hosting game shows and new Year"s night specials, sit down through President Obama, and also becoming the guiding light for NBA and NFL coverage. There to be a couple of downs mixed in through the ups, though. He suffered an eye injury if trying to record a pass at a brand-new York jets mini-camp, necessitating surgical procedure that put him the end of work for a couple of months. His marital relationship to Kimberly Scott, the mother of their daughters, involved an end. And on Nov. 26, 2007, while covering a "Monday Night Football" game between the Steelers and also Dolphins, Stuart had to have an emergency appendectomy the revealed a malignancy requiring additional surgery.

Stuart Scott joined in 1993 because that the start of gaianation.net2.gaianation.netThrough that all, Stuart remained upbeat and defiant. "That"s what ns love about him," says Kolber. "No matter how large he got, no issue how negative it got, he never ever changed. He loved his work, he loved his daughters, he loved being Stu."

And he ongoing to carry out "SportsCenter." "Nobody, v the feasible exception of chris Berman, does highlights and Stu," claims Kolber.

So, v that in mind, and with the help of his colleagues, here are the height 10 roles Stuart played for

Competitor. "He wasn"t as good an athlete together he assumed he was," claims Harris, a frequent golfing partner. "But he was the best-dressed man on the course."

Patrick remembers an epos basketball video game at the YMCA. "Stuart to be playing like it to be the seventh game of the NBA Finals, and also he"s guarding me like I"m Michael Jordan. ... Ns drive come the hoop, that undercuts me, I fall on my back and nearly pass out. Ns go ago out top top the floor, say, "Give me the cursed ball," Stuart D"s me up, do the shot, walk off the floor and go to the emergency room because I chipped a vertebrae.

"I newly told the story ~ above the air. And also Stuart tweets, "You may have scored, yet I sent out you come the hospital." That"s mine Stuart."

That compete nature always made for a better show. According to anchor Scott van Pelt, "Stuart would constantly say to me, "Game recognizes game." You shot to bring out the ideal in you yourself so girlfriend can bring out the best in the human being next come you."

Friend. For all his fame, Stuart was buds v everybody in Bristol, it is in they production assistants or co-hosts or executives. "He to be Stu to everybody in the halls," states Anderson, "but Stuart on the air. I uncovered him come be among the few people in this organization who is actually much nicer turn off TV than he is on. The was just one that the very first guys to say, "Hey, I"m going to play golf, wanna come through me?""

His market of friendship took on a deeper definition for vice chairman Tim Scanlan: "When he uncovered out the my wife had actually the same kind of cancer he had, he was among the first people to reach the end to me and offer help. The started offering me advice ... And I subsequently would talk to my wife. And every time she observed him top top the air, you can see a remarkable pick-up in her spirit and energy and also in her ambition come fight an additional day."

"NBA Countdown" anchor Sage Steele remembers the day last year when her family members moved from Connecticut to Arizona to be closer come her display in Los Angeles: "The relocating trucks were at mine house, and Stuart was there through his girl friend Kristin to say goodbye to us, and also my 10-year-old child Nicholas had actually to say goodbye come his finest friend across the street, and he came back sobbing, sobbing, leaving his best friend in the world. ... Stuart said, "I acquired it." and also he take it Nicholas aside and also just satellite down v him and also described his relocating away as a kid, shedding his finest friend as a 10-year-old boy and also how he tackled it. He invested 20 minutes sitting there through Nicholas, helping him feel better.

"Stuart invested three hrs at our residence that day, in pain and also hardly able to stand, but he walk it. And also he sat there for my kid."

Celebrity. in ~ a details point, Stuart ended up being as well known as the athletes the covered. That"s partially why the starred in so numerous "This is "SportsCenter"" commercials, together Tiger, Kobe, Keyshawn, LeBron, Mr. Met ... And also Chad Johnson, who rejected Stuart"s idea for a touchdown celebration with "Boo-No!"

Eisen was there at the birth of his fame. "The Saturday night prior to the NBA All-Star game in brand-new York City. Stuart and I had actually to carry out the 11 o"clock "SportsCenter," so v a command foot, we gained to times Square at around 2 in the morning, and the party in ~ the All-Star Cafe with Gretzky and also Shaq and also Tiger is letting out. A cop gives us the works with for the afterparty, and also now we"re walking to 33rd and also 10th avenue ... Stuart walking down the street was choose Elvis start the building. People were protecting against us every 2 feet. I"ll never forget as soon as one human went up to Stuart and also me and said, "Hey, wow, Stuart Scott!" then the guy looks at me and goes, "And the white guy. I love you, the white guy!" and Stuart laughed so hard due to the fact that it kind of shown his belief that he listed me with street cred."

African-American. knew enough to have sportscasters who stood for 45 million Americans, no to point out 80 percent of the players in the NBA and 70 percent the those in the NFL. What us didn"t know, until Stuart obtained here, was how essential it to be to have actually someone who can relate come them.

"He was a trailblazer," claims anchor Stan Verrett, "not only since he was black color -- obviously black color -- but because of his style, his demeanor, his presentation. He did not shy far from the reality that he to be a black man, and that allowed the remainder of united state who come along to simply be ourselves."

"Yes, he carried hip-hop right into the conversation," claims Harris, "but I would go further than that. He lugged in the barber shop, the church, R&B, heart music. Soul, period."

Some that his best moments top top the air came as soon as he embraced the persona the a preacher: "Can I acquire a witness from the congregation?!" and one that his best moments off the wait came as soon as a producer argued he change a reference on his NBA present from Omega Psi Phi, the fraternity the Michael Jordan and Shaquille O"Neal, come something an ext universal, like pet House.

"I have actually friends who have actually no idea what that movie is about," Stuart called him. "That movie was made two decades ago, and also black fraternities have actually been around since 1906."

Worker. "I never uncovered him without a statistic to back up what he to be saying," states Patrick. "He wanted you to understand that the knew what he was talk about, and also he never ever failed."

There to be times in the last couple of years once his friends worried the he to be working as well hard. "He"d be tired," states anchor man Buccigross. "But as soon as he sat under in the chair ... He would simply start to click in and get that zero emphasis ... "Where"s this male from?" ... "Who has actually the many triples of all time?" once he gained into the show, you just forgot around everything, and it was simply Stuart Scott doin" "SportsCenter," havin" fun."

Poet. "Listen to his lead-ins," claims Buccigross. "They"re thoughtful and precise, really well-constructed lead-ins to a news story or huge game or moment."

Yes, that would recommendation Tupac, yet he also would quote Shakespeare: "full that sound and also fury, signifying nothing."

And occasionally, he would bust out his own poetry, together he did for this jam top top Michael Jordan"s 50th birthday on Feb. 17, 2013:

the best ever ... A CLEVER expression we OVERuse ...when only greatness i do not care our MUSE ...or artistic inspiration ... Yet the actual celebrationof "best ever" is one ENDEAVORinto an ext than GREAT! WAIT ...didn"t you check out the tongue wagging ...shorts baggy ...practically DRAGGING team members to 1-nc2a ... 2-gold ...brotha i was sold as soon as he won 6-NBA rings ...but the point that renders "best ever" sing ...not scoring title and-MVPs,the dual nickel that sliced the knicks at your knees ...the 63 he put on Bird ... Larry Legend sayin" please that GOD?

As because that Stuart"s most well known line, Eisen uncovered one night that it was not what"s up on the wall in the new studio. Recalls Eisen: "He would write under the catchphrases on the specific part of the highlight, so I would watch him execute this, and also it wasn"t "Boo-Yah," it was "Boo-Yow." He would certainly spell it out B-O-O dash Y-O-W. He was a technician once it involved that sort of thing. Ns remember gift jarred, and also when ns asked him around it, he assumed I to be making fun of him. However I wasn"t."

Father. "His girls mean whatever to him," states Harris. "I average his girls mean every little thing to him. The would quickly take Stuart Scott, dad, end Stuart Scott, "SportsCenter" anchor."

"He"s a great, great dad," claims Ramsey. "He just takes so lot pride in the girls, and you can"t watch him there is no him acquisition out his phone and showing friend a video of Taelor or Sydni singing or dance or playing soccer."

Occasionally, Stuart would offer a shout-out to Sydni"s football team, yet that was easy contrasted to one more commitment he made come his daughters. "His daughters and also my daughters danced in ~ the exact same studio," claims Anderson. "One year we went to their power of "The Nutcracker." and also here come Uncle Drosselmeyer, and I thought, "That male looks a lot like Stuart Scott," and also it to be -- he was there because that his girls. I"ll never forget that coming the end in this big cape, swooping in through his nutcracker, and he to be great. I"m not sure the dance procedures were as much as Baryshnikov, but certainly the intentions were."

Charmer. Stuart"s role in "The Nutcracker" was no unlike one of the functions he played at For those not up on your Tchaikovsky, Uncle Drosselmeyer is the toymaker who brings the tableau come life in ~ midnight -- type of what Stuart go in Bristol.

Anderson calls it "magic." Harris calls that his "Stuartness." It"s this ineffable way Stuart had of welcome you come the party, pass you right into his confidence, making sure you were having actually a an excellent time. A standard talent favor Vin Scully could ask girlfriend to traction up a chair. Stuart would lug you a beer and introduce you to Tiger or Michael or Peyton.

Warrior. Stuart and also Steve Levy re-superstructure one personal career highlight: taking "SportsCenter" come Camp Arifjan in Kuwait in 2004. "The soldiers retained coming up to say thanks to us, and we"re like, "No, we"re below to give thanks to you." Stuart and I were both patriotic, yet this took it to a whole brand-new level of respect for what ours men and women in uniform walk through."

Ten year later, raise watched a various kind the warrior walk to work. "He was so tired. We"d be waiting for a game to end, and also he"d nearby his eyes. ... The wasn"t the Stuart Scott that I operated with for so many years. And also yet, as soon as the red light came on, when he to be on camera, you had actually no idea. He never slipped. His ability never slipped, and also the audience at residence couldn"t tell what Stuart was dealing with."

In a telling piece in The new York times in March, Richard Sandomir spent the day with Stuart as he cleared up at a martial art studio in West Hartford, Conn. In ~ one point, he lifted increase his everyday I struggle shirt to reveal the scar native his abdominal muscle surgeries. "I never ask what phase I"m in," Stuart called Sandomir. "I haven"t wanted to know. ... I"m trying to fight the the best I can."

Champion. on June 15, 2014, Stuart flawlessly handled the trophy presentation come the spurs -- after doing 300 push-ups the day. "We stand on the floor," says Williamson, "and there"s every these points going around -- and immediately we snapped earlier to two decades ago ... And I just ... Said him ns was proud that him, and I love him."

A month later, together Steele watched Stuart climb the steps to the stage at the ESPYS, she worried about whether he could deliver his speech.

"But then i reminded myself, "Hello, who are you talking about here? This is Stuart and also he"s no going to let this moment get away." ... Raw and also honest, an effective and indelible. ... He owned it, just like he own every sportscast, every "SportsCenter," every "Monday Night Football" display he did. He own it."

Since the night, "You to win cancer by how you live" has end up being a rallying cry for millions of patients and also their families.

Stuart won.

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