The Bloomfield Township resident, who spent nine seasons on the well-known reality TV show, is currently hawking jewelry v her very own website at, i beg your pardon she defines as digital shopping destination for men and also women.

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And yes, she’s prepared to do a deal.

“It’s true, i left the pawn shop,” Gold stated in a phone interview Wednesday. “This is my thing now — i’m the pawn chick. I was born and also raised in a pawn shop, i know how to buy jewelry and I know just how to pair jewelry. Everyone has always seen the rough and also tumble next of me, but now civilization will view a brand-new side of me.”

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She currently has one online collection of 300 piece of jewelry from 12 different designers, with prices ranging from $20 come $3,000. Gold stated the new venture will permit her come spend an ext time v her husband and their two young children.

“This offers me flexibility to be with them and also do what i love, i m sorry is quiet to it is in in the jewel industry,” she said.

The "Hardcore Pawn" display ran five years and produced 150 illustration that focused on the gold family and their pawn shop turn off 8 Mile roadway in Detroit. In ~ the moment, Ashley Gold said she doesn’t recognize if the display is gift renewed for one more season.

Contrary to what part viewers could think, Gold claimed the situations and customers ~ above the display were real and also not scripted.

“These to be real people who were down-and-out on their luck in most cases,” she said. “We met a many of interesting people and also enjoyed a many adventures ... The shop itself ended up being a tourist destination. But those instances were real.”

Gold, who prospered up in the area, is a 1996 Andover High college graduate. She graduated from Michigan State University’s Eli vast College of service and additionally has her certification in diamonds from the Gemological institute of America.

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“There’s not a the majority of women in the pawn shop industry, for this reason I’m sure I constantly stood out in that sense,” she said. “But people constantly turn come me because that style and also fashion advice. I know what i’m doing — I have the right to dress everyone in basically under 2 minutes.”

She handles her very own social media and also blogs around fashion on her own website in ~ She still reaches the end to she fans and is grateful for just how the show opened doors for her, such as guest appearances on an excellent Morning America, where she talked around the art of buying and selling.

One the her favourite moments in ~ the save was when Hollywood star Aaron Paul walked v the door. Paul played a meth dealer by the surname of Jesse Pinkman top top the hit series, break Bad. More than anything, he was known for his colorful vernacular and also trademark slogans.

“He came right into the shop one day and said he wanted a gold bar that claimed ‘Yeah, B-tch!’ i’m able to accommodate a lot of human being at the shop, however that one no happen,” she said.

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As because that the dealing and also wheeling that goes hand-in-hand with working at a pawn shop, Gold claimed she’s much more than willing to bargain through her digital customers.

“I operation deals every the time,” she said. “People space afraid to ask because that a deal, and also you can’t ever be bashful around asking for a deal. I’m constantly open come a tiny negotiating.”