Cedric Bixler-Zavala of in ~ The drive In Is Unsure when the tape Will do Live Again ~ Reunion tourism Ends


Fans of at the Drive-In just can’t seem to record a break. Simply after reuniting because that their first album in 16 years Cedric Bixler-Zavala sent out a tweet saying the tape doesn’t understand when they will certainly play again. The cryptic article left pan wondering what the band’s future watch like.

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I apologize because that the hefty emotions tonight. Perhaps it’s a sign of weakness to several of you however I had actually to provide a large thank friend to mine ATDI family. This was our 2nd to last show. Morning is the last. Don’t recognize when we’ll play again. Thank you Rio. Just how do I even sleep now?

— LaVar te El Culo (
cedricbixler_) November 18, 2018

A story from the PRP states that tweet came after a live present in Rio de Janiero. The band is finishing up their 2018 tour and also had got to their second-to-last show. According to Brooklyn Vegan, at the end of the last display on Sunday (November 18) Bixler-Zavala addressed the group saying, “you tell your friends you observed the last fucking time we gained together, cause I don’t recognize when we’re walking to do this again, okay?”

After the show, the band released a statement v their Instagram official announcing their break. In it they described how they satellite in a hotel room before deciding to reunite, finishing the short article by thanking your fans and the crew. A range of fan videos were later posted the the shows, which have the right to be regarded below.

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In October of 2015 us sat in a hotel room and decided to really do this again. No reunion, just tour, write a record while ~ above tour, record it, and tour again. Three years and a month later right here we are. We finished multiple human being tours and got to release our full length Interalia and also our EP Diamanté in the process. Last night we played our last display on this cycle in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Come say we are emotional, humbled and also proud would be one understatement. With the help of
rawpowermanagement ,
riserecords , our good agents at WME and also CAA, and all our day come day hard work of keeping this unit running, we got here v a laugh on our face and also a couple of tears in ours eyes. We want to thank all the crew, fans, promoters, and also anyone rather that got it going daily on tour. We room looking front to taking a rest and taking in all that we had actually the privilege to do. Thank you for everything. View you next time. With love- Tony, Omar, Paul, Cedric, and also Keeley.

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PUTA Q PARIU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #atthedrivein

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The news of the band’s hiatus is particularly disappointing considering the band newly reformed in 2016 after break up in 2001. In ~ the Drive-in was one of the driving pressures of the post-hardcore scene and had finally gotten in the mainstream through their 3rd studio album partnership of Command (2000).

Unfortunately, one internal dispute started come brew, which caused the tape to break up. Command singer Bixler-Zavala and guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez left and also eventually developed the steady rock band, the Mars Volta. Vocalist and guitarist, Jim Ward, drummer, Tony Hajjar and also bassist Paul Hinojos left to kind the tape Sparta.

The break-up continued because that years till the band had a short reunion in 2012 before breaking up again quickly after. The band reconnected in 2015, once they eventually made decision to start recording again. ATDI later released their brand-new single “Incurably Innocent,” i beg your pardon was later on featured on your 2017 album, In•ter a•li•a. They also released a three-song EP title, Diamante.

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While the new breakup may be disappointing because that fans that the band they do have some hope. Contrasted to your past split the band appears to it is in in a far better place, which method fans of the band have the right to be positive for your future.

A full setlist of the band’s power is detailed below:

At The drive In

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