An increasing variety of people in France, specifically teenagers, room driving voitures sans permis – tiny cars that can be thrust without a licence indigenous the period of 14.

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To drive one, you only need an “AM licence”, which calls for eight hrs of maintain – together for a scooter. This has a concept test which can be taken in ~ school, aged 14, to add a few hours in a control school.

No cultivate is needed for anyone born prior to 1988.

The cars have the right to be propelled by anyone banned from common cars for motoring offences, consisting of drink-driving, after ~ extra training. Several firms have launched models, including Renault with its Twizy, but the europe leader is Aixam, followed by Ligier – both French. Prices room €7,000 and €20,000.

Aixam spokeswoman Alison Whitaker said: “Ten year ago, two-thirds that customers to be elderly people living in the countryside.

“We now have actually working people and especially young human being who are an arising clientele.”

Young civilization represent most customers on the Riviera roughly Cannes, Nice and also Saint-Tropez, she said. “Not everyone takes a test yet there come a time when human being see they need a auto to go whereby they want.”

“People that have had actually their licence withdrawn after committing an offence stand for 5% of ours customers. For people who have actually lost your licence and also especially drink-drivers, over there are much more conditions, and also they have to follow a class.”

Sans permis cars are not allowed on motorways and also are restricted to 45km/h. They cannot exceed 450kgs and have been restricted to 3m in length and also 1.5m in width because 2018. Insurance prices vary according to the car, the profile of the driver, and the insurance company.

The cars are also an different to mopeds, which frequently seem an ext dangerous come a lot of parents. Grandm Whitaker said: “It is more secure than a moped, the is also an ext comfortable. The is automatic and easy to drive.

“There are plenty of advantages. You have the right to have a passenger. It enables young civilization to be autonomous and mobile. It likewise prepares them very well because that the driving test together they obtain used to the road and also the website traffic regulations.”

For the combination 40 millions d’automobilistes, young world should be encouraged to journey this type of cars. Representative of the association, Pierre Chasseray said: “If young people can drive a moped, they deserve to drive these cars too and it is much an ext secure because that them. There room less crashes with this cars than through mopeds because that example. And also it renders them more responsible.”

Sara Larsson, 44, bought one of these small cars for herself, as soon as she moved to France before passing her driving test here. Her 17-year-old boy started to use it as shortly as he to be 14 to walk to his boarding school, 40 minutes away from his home, close to Bordeaux.

She said: “It is more reassuring to have actually him in this vehicle than top top a scooter. Everyone can see the on the road. The is yes, really secure. The made him an ext responsible and also next year the will obtain his driving licence. However, when I journey it everybody suspect that i am a drink-driver. There are numerous misconceptions and also people tend to think the you have the right to just journey it without gift trained.”

Sophie-Ann Bull, 49, was living in London and never needed a automobile before moving to France. Now living in a town in Normandy, she has actually bought her second sans permis auto after 10 year of steering her first one. She said: “I bought my an initial one in 2009 as soon as I moved to France. I essential one since my father was at the hospital i was 12 miles away from the town and I had actually no means of obtaining to the shops or to do anything. This is ideal, specifically for people like me who carry out not have actually a licence.

“My an initial little car could be spotted a mile away. It had manual windows, no heating however my current vehicle has electrical windows, automatic boot opening, central alarm, main locking, main heating, radio… These small cars space fantastic. Together I live on mine own, it would be a an obstacle to live without it. Civilization who to speak they are dangerous are civilization who have actually not make the efforts them.”

Vicky Boundy, 48, who lives in Callac (Brittany) drive a sans permis automobile for 2 years prior to having one accident. She said: “I don’t have a driving licence therefore I gained this car and also it was an extremely useful. The is an extremely cheap come run and also it is an extremely good. I might take mine husband come ferry port and also pick the up.

“Unfortunately, I had actually an accident. A car hit me and also because the vehicle is so small it acquired beaten up. Ns think a lot of old people who space not confident in a normal auto use them and there are an ext and more young civilization who usage them.

“For civilization like me who perform not have a licence, that is perfect. It is very expensive come buy but once you have it, it’s cheap to run they perform not use a lot of petrol. Ns loved mine and I wish i had an additional one.”

Phyllis Weitl, 72, living near Saint-Brieuc (Brittany) had actually an American steering licence i m sorry expired in France. She said: “It is very difficult to gain the French control licence together you have a check in French and only have a few seconds come reply.

“It to be too tough as I necessary time to translate the questions and also answers so i couldn’t do it. So i bought a sans permis. The is much more restrictive because you cannot go rapid or drive on every the roads but it is useful. Sometimes people think that ns am one alcoholic yet I am not. I can drive.”

Irene Babinet, 84, who resides in La Rochelle said: “When ns hit the age of 70, mine licence had actually to be renewed and also I had to take it a driving licence in England and also I go not desire to execute that.

“My husband does not drive. That is a musician and he required to it is in driven, so ns bought a sans permis.

“They are known as the boozer cars together they are usually bought by people who shed their driving licence. Castle are very expensive come buy new or second-hand. You cannot drive really fast yet they are useful.

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“I haven’t acquired one now due to the fact that I don’t want to drive anymore. Castle are valuable but not for lengthy journeys. They are great for civilization who do not have actually a licence. I had three various cars, two second-hands and also then ns bought a brand-new one i m sorry I maintained for 3 years before selling it earlier to a garage.

“They are all appropriate for older world who carry out not want to drive an extremely far. And they are good for doing her shopping. The boots is typically of a good size. They space comfortable. They have the right to be managed easily. The steering is fairly light for this reason you need to careful. The takes a little bit to obtain used to them however they serve a purpose.”