Like most people, i remember my an initial kiss. Yet I just take place remember the an initial time I shave my legs better. I remained in seventh grade, and also my mom had forbidden me to do it until I to be “older,” which was password for “more coordinated.” She was worried ns couldn’t take care of a razor.

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Needless come say, ns didn’t listen. I assumed hairless legs would finally make me beautiful. Besides, how bad could a nick be? therefore one day, residence alone after ~ school, i went because that it. Initially, ns rubbed my calves through the handle end of the razor—a really bad sign, in hindsight. And also soon after, I cut myself badly sufficient that I nearly fainted. To include insult come (literal) injury, I called the guy I had actually a to like on because that comfort afterward—one of countless reasons we never ever dated.

This is every to say that leg hair can be a an effective motivator, and also that removing foot hair, whether you’re shaving or waxing, deserve to be painful (emotionally and physically). So exactly how do you understand when to start shaving her legs? Below, we gathered perspectives from ladies of all ages, consisting of a teen, a indict counselor, and a mom.

Is Your son Ready?

Some concerns to consider before you hand end the razor.

Does your child feel awkward around her leg hair?

Some kids may desire to start shaving your legs to feel much more grown up, yet others might be emotion self-conscious around their transforming bodies. “If your legs are super, super hairy and you"re really self-conscious around it, then perhaps you need to ,” stated guidance counselor and also mom Lora Alexander-Flaherty.

Lauren Pedecone, a middle-school English teacher and also mom, agreed. In fact, most of our interviewees agreed that while it’s necessary for youngsters to love your bodies, lock don’t have to love your leg hair, especially during middle school, which deserve to be a an especially awkward time.

Is she leg hair often on display?

Lifestyle can be critical factor to take into consideration when deciding if the time to start shaving. “If she plays sporting activities or regularly has ceiling legs, then may be much more noticeable,” Lauren said. Kids who live in heat climates may uncover it handy to begin earlier, as will certainly those who are into tasks like cheerleading or gymnastics.

Is shaving the best option for she needs?

Nataliya Dilay, the waxing specialist at shop Envy in Chicago, proposal waxing rather of shaving for vacations and also other quick periods the bare-leg time. Waxing might be much more expensive 보다 shaving, but it requires less upkeep, which might be appropriate for a young mrs who’s not all set to commit to cut every work or every other day.


Does your child know just how to cut properly?

Regardless of age, most youngsters will must be presented how to usage a razor safely, but they may additionally need some advice on choosing the ideal razor. editor Lisa Farver started shaving her legs at 14 due to the fact that her classmates to be teasing her “all the time.” and for a while, she shaved on the sly with her dad’s razor. “He was no happy around that,” she said.

It’s additionally important that children know the right products to usage for skincare, both during and also after shaving. Nataliya prefers shaving cream end soap and recommends “exfoliation once your hair starts growing ago to protect against ingrown hair.”

Does she know that not shaving she legs is an option, too?

When Lisa thinks back to her very first time shaving, she desire she had construed “how small shaving her legs has to do with becoming a ‘grownup’ or ending up being a ‘woman’ or feeling ‘beautiful.’”

“Maybe share with your son that there are plenty the women who don"t shave their legs and also armpits,” she said. “ ns have an ext leg hair and also armpit hair than a lot of the guys I know, and also I feeling much an ext secure in myself 보다 I did once I was 14.”

So what’s the Right period to start Shaving?

Lauren recommends beginning in center school—ages 12, 13, or 14. “Kids begin to worry and also pay attention to the social aspects of their lives much an ext at this age.”

High-school senior Lily Binkus think between 12 and 14 is ideal. “But if it can be placed off, i would put it off for as long as possible.”

Lora proposal 15 or 16, while obtaining ready because that a distinct occasion, prefer a dance. Return she notes that another good time to begin is “never!”

Nataliya’s daughter start shaving around 14. It’s an er when other youngsters are awkward sufficient to point out her hair. “Someone deserve to be like, ‘Oh, her legs are hairy,’” she said.

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