How high is your horse? What is the average horse height anyways? execute they tower over you, or stand simply as tall as you? What walk this mean, in horse-terms? the is precisely what I will certainly be discussing in this article. In this article, I will be discussing average horse heights, what this means, and how to talk around horse heights.Horse measurements are different from any kind of other dimensions we may be accustomed to using. To know average horse heights, and how lock can impact our horses and horsemanship, the is necessary to know all things in regards to steed measurement.

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How are equines Measured? What is the Average horse Height?

Horses space not measured in inches and also feet the same means that world are. Instead, they are measured in a unit called the “hand.” The idea behind measuring in hand is the a human being should be able to stack their hands upwards to identify a horse’s height.A “hand” is a measure up of 4 inches. Because of this, any kind of decimal the comes ~ a whole number in measuring hand cannot exceed 0.3 noþeles bigger than 0.3 would simply become an additional hand, or an additional whole number.|Horses additionally are not measured from head come toe like world are. Instead, they room measured from the top of your withers to the bottom of your hooves. This is because horses will hold their necks and heads differently during various activities. Also, part horses have actually longer or much shorter necks than others, and also this go not change how “tall” castle are.Though equines aren’t measured in inches, centimeters, meters, or any kind of other standard unit of measurement, their height in hands is relatively simple to calculate using an easy math. If you’re not mathematically lean (such as myself), you can use the adhering to conversion device to transform your horse’s height from inches come hands:

Different steed Types: Characteristics and also Heights

Different horse types are separated into various “height” categories. These extensively include miniature horses, ponies, and also horses. In some books and also informative resources, draft steeds are given their own category too, but I have actually not given them their own category, because they are frequently as high as continuous light talk horses, just heavier.


Miniature horses are truly horses with dwarfism. Steed breeders have actually been may be to separate this gene and use it to produce the desirable miniature horse, commonly used as a pet and also for dare driving. As the surname suggests, miniature steeds are the shortest classification of horses. Any type of horse much shorter than 38” qualifies as a miniature horse. Any type of taller 보다 that, the steed would be taken into consideration a pony.38” translates right into 9.2 hands. So, any kind of horse shorter equal come or much shorter than 9.2 hand is qualified as a miniature horse. Any kind of horse taller than 9.2 hands would be qualified together a pony.


Ponies space the following step increase in horse height from miniature horses. They measure up from 9.2 hand to 14.2 hands, so a variety of 5 whole hands, i beg your pardon is 20 inches. Ponies are additionally sub-categorized into “small,” “medium,” and “large” ponies. No all breeds of ponies acquire as brief as 9.2 hands, and also not every breeds of ponies acquire as tall as 14.2 hands. It merely depends ~ above the pony and also its breeding.


Horses are any kind of steed that stands over 14.2 hands. Similar to the height space in ponies, this can variety almost a full 5 hands, going up to 19.2 hands, or 20 inches. Not countless horses have actually been stuck (horse slang because that measured) at any type of taller 보다 19.2Of course, this likewise depends on the certain horse and also its breeding. Equine breeds like the Quarter steed tend to be shorter, around 15 hands. This is because of their breeding and the functions they room intended come serve. That is less complicated for them to be much shorter and lower to the ground for them to execute their jobs.In contrast, for horses like the Thoroughbred, the is far better for lock to was standing taller. Thoroughbreds regularly stand 16 hand at a minimum. That is far better for Thoroughbreds to stand taller for racing and also for other English self-controls they are involved in.Draft horses commonly fall in the greater end of this range, native 17-19 hands. Periodically they have the right to stand shorter than that. The greatest difference between draft horses and also their irradiate counterparts isn’t so much their elevation as that is their mass. Draft equines are big-boned and also wide, perfect for farm work and also pulling. But, they typically aren’t considerably taller than tall-riding horses.Check these supplements for a healthy and balanced horse.

Average horse Height

If you wanted to pin down an average steed height, that would rely on how you wanted to measure up it. Do you desire to measure it in terms of all horse varieties in presence (miniatures, ponies, and also horses)? Or, carry out you want to measure up it in state of just the steed type? i am going to give examples of both.

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All horse Groups

Say you desire to derive an average elevation from all horse groups in existence. Let’s say the the smallest height of a full-grown miniature equine is 8 hands. Obviously, this excludes outliers that might be shorter.On the opposite finish of the spectrum, stop say the the tallest horse height is 19.2 hands, again not included the few outliers that may have been grounding taller. The average between those is 13.6, which areas us toward the middle to upper finish of pony heights.
If you think around it, this no surprising. The “pony” team is in the middle of all 3 groups, and mid-to-high again locations the measurement approximately in the middle. If you want a true average, friend would also need to element in the volume of equines that exist at each height. 

Average horse Height, just the “Horse” Type

This measure up is slightly much easier to calculate. Horses variety from heights 14.2-19.2 hands, again excluding any outliers that might be taller than this. The mean of this height expectancy is 17.3 hands. This seems like a high average, however keep in mind it is consisting of draft horses, who generally stand in between 18 and 19 hands. Again, if we are talking about volumes, I would certainly estimate the the majority of riding horses stand between 15.3-16.3 hand tall. 


Horses differ in height much more than civilization do, and also they are measured lot differently! i hope this article helped you far better understand the average equine heights and how steeds are measured. If the did, you re welcome share it, and share v us your experiences measure up horses!